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Bose Bluetooth Sound Link II Speaker Quick Review

what's up guys text doors back came with the review of the bose soundlink to bluetooth speaker this is a portable powerful bluetooth speaker from bose that retails for 299 US dollars the Soundlink to has a clean and elegant design and is also equipped with the magnetic bifold nylon cover that protects the speakers from damage and also automatically turns the speakers off when it is closed the cover also gives the speakers more stability the bose soundlink towards a compact design that is ergonomic and is easy to hold in one hand it's nylon material gives a speaker a nice feel it makes a speaker grippy and let's likely fall in your hands the speaker compact design allows for easy travel as you can place it in bags large purses and more the speaker has a total six buttons on top of the device starting with power button on the left now it's very important if your device is not support Bluetooth the bluetooth toggle itself a mute button and volume up and down buttons on the back of the device there are three ports sorry from left facing auxiliary port which is another way to get sound to the speakers if bluetooth is not available on the connected device a service pro used for the software updates to the actual system and the last port is where the power cord is attached to charge the Soundlink system the battery got me through six hours audio playback when modern valves are used when I cranked it up all the way I can only get three hours from it which is pretty bad seeing that similar devices like the big jambox gets around 12 hours audio playback before needs to be recharged which takes about three hours it is very easy to pair the speaker with the Bluetooth enabled device power up the speaker and talk of the bluetooth on then pull out your device and navigate to bluetooth settings once your day you will find the bose system in the list available devices then just type on it and you're connected the speaker outputs very loud and balanced audio has deep bass and good mids while still giving the lowes their proper respect and highs on this device are amazing here's a sample audio clip overall I give this advice a saw seven out of 10 because it is a little low price and the battery isn't that great but thank you guys for watching and be sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more contests you guys want to win this speaker just be sure to check our unboxing video has all the details link will be down below you
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