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Bose QC20 Earphones Unboxing/Overview + Giveaway!

what's up guys Tech source here with another unboxing and giveaway today we're looking at the bose qc25 own so let's get started so these are the Bose QuietComfort 20s and they go for $2.99 there's also a QC 25 version specifically made for iPhone and iPad users for the same price now $300 does seem a little steep for just a pair of earphones so it definitely can unbox these and see if they are really worth 300 bucks as I mentioned earlier in my beats video that I am more of an earphone guy rather than headphones so I'm pretty anxious to test these out but you know being this expensive there definitely has to be a WOW factor in order to impress me this is a giveaway as well so if you guys want to win just simply like the video leave a comment down below I also included some links in the description below on where to find them if you are interested and don't end up winning alright so on with the unboxing it does come in a small box as you can see here as always it's going to put these aside and we'll take a closer look at them later but first let's see what else is inside the box this looks like a piece of paper with some bows information that's going to toss that aside here is the carrying case that comes with the earphones and in here you will find some warranty information they also included a USB cable needed to charge your noise isolation device which I will go over in detail and lastly they included two pouches with some spare earbuds going back to the box you will find more useless paperwork nothing special here so let's just skip straight to the earphone since there is nothing else in here worth mentioning so these aren't just regular earphones in addition to having noise isolation they also have an aware mode button that quiets your music and uses the noise isolation microphone to let you hear what's happening in your environment without pulling out your earphones and pausing your music so with that being said I'm going to show you guys this clip will quick where they break it down for you and you can really see the design from within the QC 20 year phones electronically sends the sounds at your ears in any environment the sounds are measured in tiny microphones inside and outside each year but so their processing unit is located down here and it compares those sounds to what you're actually listening to like music movies or even a little peace and quiet and it reacts instant by instant to produce an opposite signal that reduces the sound you don't want to hear they also have these specially designed ear tips that create a secure seal that physically blocks sound before it even enters your ear that's how their noise isolation is that effective and a lot of reviews actually claim that these are the best noise isolation earphones currently available and I can see why it has a price tag of 300 bucks so this is the processing unit that you see here and that USB cable that I mentioned earlier is used to charge this device if you want to use the noise isolation feature or aware mode but if you don't care and just want to listen to your music then you do not have to charge this unit just plug it into your mp3 player and you are ready to go moving down the wire you will find a small clip hanging from the cable nothing special going on here so let's just keep moving down here is the control tach mechanism this version is for non Apple devices for the Apple devices it is the QC 20s I mentioned before you have your basic functions here the black one is used for answering or ending calls and the white button is used to activate a wear mode the black button can also be used for skipping pausing or even playing tracks as well moving on to the ear tips it looks like they provide you with two different sized earbuds which also come in two different colors you have the white ones that are small and the black ones that are large the last thing that I want to look at is the case not much to talk about here really its soft its small just like a case is supposed to be and above all inside it has a small pouch where you can store your spare earbuds if you choose to which I find pretty useful so that pretty much wraps up on unboxing and overview of the new bose qc25 phones are amazing and I think that the noise cancellation or wear mode are great features to add to earphones I'm sure a lot of people on this planet can definitely put them to good use but I think that dropping 300 bucks on these are pretty steep even for me so with that being said if you guys want to win these amazing earphones simply subscribe leave a comment and most importantly like the video to qualify I will announce the winners on my Facebook page on August 31st along with my other giveaways for this month this is the text source and we'll see you guys next time
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