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Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing/Overview

what's up guys Texas back here with unboxing of the ball Soundlink mini bluetooth speaker so let's get started all sound like mini will run around 199 US dollars this is a Bluetooth speaker so connect wirelessly to any device that has Bluetooth capability the Soundlink mini is also the most compact mobile speaker that Bose offers to date sliding out the box we can see that there's actually two layers which is an interesting box design which you don't see that often once you open up the blue flap and remove the black foam we see the first layer houses the speaker itself which is covered by plastic wrap to protect the device from scratches waters in the box the first time you pick up the speaker you can feel how small that actually is putting that aside we get into the second layer of the box which we can see that Bose has included the usual standard array of paperwork like the manual warranty safety guide a catalogue of other products from balls as well as instructions on the speaker itself honestly who reads this stuff anyways under all the paperwork we have the charging accessory and right below that is the power connector and that's all that is included with the purchase moving on to the actual speaker we see that it is very small and easy to hold it features high efficiency transducers that have twice as much air than similarly sized transducers which produces a more powerful sound in a smaller package the Soundlink mini also has dual passive radiators that improve low notes all this technology is covered with a single piece aluminum casing which gives the device a nice feel and a cold touch making our way to the bottom of the device we see contact points to where the charging cradle connects as well as a USB port that allows for software updates to the actual system moving up to the top of the device to our six buttons starting from the left there is a power button a mute button volume down and up buttons a Bluetooth toggle and an auxiliary button on the right side of the speaker we can see an auxilary input and an input for the wall charger if you do not want to use the included charging cradle now that we've made our way around the device let's take a look at the accessories starting with the charging cradle which is made out of a matte plastic on the right side we have the prongs that connect to the speakers and supply power and on the bottom of the cradle is where the anti slip plastic that ensures your device won't be moving left and right the same materials also found at the top on both the left and right side moving on to the wall charger we see a bose logo right in the middle and on the back we see a pretty cool feature here which is the prongs fold so that when traveling they don't get in the way or get damaged we plug this right into the cradle to supply power attaching the speakers to the cradle is pretty self-explanatory you just align the bottom prongs to the ones on the cradle and you place the speaker down when all charged up Bose claims that the speakers will last up to seven hours of audio playback this wraps up the unboxing in the overview the Bose Soundlink mini bluetooth speaker be sure to subscribe and like this video for future content thank you
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