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Budget Gaming Gear Under $25 | May

what's up guys aside from tech stories and welcome to my new series on the channel another freakin series yay right basically go and find budget gaming gear under a certain dollar amount and I share my experience with you whether it's good or bad and I best part about this episode is that you guys can try these products out for free using the app called nice and I'm sure you guys have heard me talk about it in the past you guys can try the products up for free if you don't like it send it back for free and that's basically it I'll jump a link to the app down below if you guys want to check it out without wasting any more time let's begin so Before we jump into PC gaming gear I wanted to share this pretty cool charging dock for the ps4 that I found it features green blue and red LEDs that pulsate and they're only visible in low lights and even then they're actually not that bright so I think the room has to be completely dark in order for you guys to see it but what's cool about this dock is that it can charge both of your controllers at the same time using only one USB port which is located on the side if the light on the controller pulsates orange it means that it's still charging and if no light shows up then it means the controller is fully charged by the way if you guys want to pick up some dope skins for your consoles like I have then be sure to check out the first link below next up on the list is the red dragon central forest Gaming Mouse most of you guys have seen this featured before but I included it in this video simply because this is one of the best budget gaming mice for the money it features a 2,000 dpi sensor with a dedicated button up top to cycle through the different dpi modes and it also has two programmable buttons on the side even though this mouse is for both left and right-handed users due to the symmetrical design left-handed users would find it difficult to use since there are no back and four buttons on the right side of the mouse with that said the construction is solid and features red LEDs and no I did not choose this mouse because its red and black it's personally one of my favorite budget mice out there the mouse also comes with replaceable weights to give you the resistance you desire during gaming and speaking of gaming the responsiveness was OnPoint and they don't really notice any lag while playing the division and it slides really well on my mousepad and overall extremely comfortable to grip I do wish it was a bit larger though since my large hands completely devoured a mouse but it's not something that really bothers me next up on the list is the Ola gaming keyboard that features three backlit colors you get blue red and purple you can also adjust the brightness level by pressing a few buttons as well as give it a pulsating effect the entire construction the keyboard is made out of plastic and it feels a bit flimsy but they obviously have to cut costs somewhere in order to bring you guys something under $25 the key caps have this semi matte gloss finish whereas the faceplate of a keyboard has a glossy finish which easily picks up fingerprints so if you don't have a person who eats Doritos and uses a keyboard at the same time I would think twice before picking this up this keyboard kind of reminds me of the Microsoft x4 Sidewinder with the super short keys and comfortable yet silent feedback it also comes with a set of clear key caps in case you want to replace the WASD and arrow keys overall I don't really have any complaints other than the wrist pad being smaller than I would have liked for 25 bucks this is a really solid budget gaming keyboard last but not least we have the seeds as a 708 gaming headset that's compatible with the Xbox one and PC it features red LEDs and a mic which can be pulled out whenever you need the build quality isn't the best I mean everything is made out of plastic and feels like it would break if you don't take good care of them but for sixteen dollars what more can you expect the cushions on the other hand are made out of PU leather and are pretty soft I played the division for about an hour with these on and they didn't seem to bother me despite it being a bit small on my head the ear cups are also small so expect them to rest on your ears instead of completely surrounding them surprisingly there was a good amount of noise isolation but nothing too crazy the sound quality also wasn't bad either it's a bit heavy on the deep end with decent mids and highs something I noticed is that the volume doesn't go up that loud I maxed it out on the remote and achieve nothing near what I expected on gaming headset increasing the volume in game would be strongly recommended something to point out the USB is actually needed to power on the LEDs so if you want to use the mic and hear sound you will need to use the other two plugs here's what the mic sounds like the Bologna jumped on the trampoline and then fell off into the grass where the dog ate it overall this entire setup will cost you around 60 bucks so if you want to try all or even some of these out for free make sure to download the app by visiting the link below depending on how many likes this video gets I will either stop doing this series or I will continue them but that will depend all on you guys let me know what you think by dropping a comment down below and as always thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next video
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