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Building A $1000 Streaming PC - Stream Test

it's no secret that I do a lot of high-end builds on the channel which I'm sure a lot of you guys are familiar with and then I do the occasional budget builds but I've never actually built a streaming PC before until today so this is gonna be a mid-range streaming PC that's gonna cost you around a thousand dollars and if you're lucky enough you might take this home that's why guys there's gonna be a giveaway on this exact same PC all the parts that you see on this table are gonna be given away to one lucky subscriber and it's actually worldwide so if you want to find out how to enter stick around all right so let's take a look at the parts starting with the CPU this is a screamin PC so we do need extra pours in here the 2700 X is perfect for the job with its six cores and twelve threads this is M the second generation CPU and it offers more optimization and performance than last gen when you're screaming you're also encoding and doing multiple things at once so a higher core count will help you in that right now the 2600 X offers a lot of performance for the money pairing it with the right motherboard is also very important you can't cheap out so that's why we're going with the MSI B 450 tomahawk this board supports second generation rising chips and it's great for for clocking because of the extended heatsink design and seven power phases it also has four RAM slots and m-dot to support the cool thing about the v4 50 boards is that they now come with AMD store mi which is equivalent to Intel's obtain memory so check this out guys this is what I mean we're gonna be combining the 2 terabyte drive from Seagate with the 240 gigabyte SSD from HyperX into one single drive with SSD speeds this way you're gonna have high-capacity storage space of a hard drive with SSD speeds and this is gonna boot your PC faster it's gonna transfer files faster and more importantly your games are gonna load faster so when you're streaming you're not gonna be experiencing any long load times and also no stuttering or lagging because your games I'm gonna be running off of a drive with SSD speeds we're gonna try and squeeze as much performance as we can out of the CPU so that is why we're going with an a IO time around he Coolermaster ml 240 will get the job done and it's gonna look pretty doing it program we're going with 16 gigs which is plenty for gaming but it's also gonna help out when streaming now if you guys are just building yourself a gaming PC then a gigs is more than enough but however we are building a streaming pc hence why the additional ram is gonna help out multitasking will be a lot smoother and quicker thus screaming will benefit from it as well the extra gigs of ram will also benefit anyone using programs like editing software or even graphic design so this is a 1080p streaming PC in order to get at least 60 FPS while streaming we do need an Oryx 580 the msi rx 580 mech Edition has one of the highest clock speeds out of the box 1.3 4 gigahertz core and 1.3 840 boost clock plus it looks really cool I think it's gonna fit really well with the black and red color scheme that we are going with I really like the red accents on the backplate powering all the components is a 550 watt power supply from Coolermaster and it is fully modular so we're only gonna be using the cables that we need to minimize the cable clutter and keep the PC looking very clean I mean the power supply and most of the cables are gonna be hidden anyway is underneath the PSU shroud from the case so overall it's gonna look really clean inside so I'm gonna be using the TD 500 from coolermaster because it's such a good-looking case it also comes with three RGB fans already installed and an extra 120 millimeter fan in the back you get all this for less than $100 that's a really good deal so yeah these are all the parts I'm gonna be using in my streaming build let's put it all together and see what it can do hey guys welcome back to my stream today we are playing csgo we have a total viewer count of 0 I'm streaming to myself obviously but the sake hit the video so let's just play csgo and see how I do actually I'm gonna start off with practicing with bots you know I really like the the ow Oh see that clutch anyways guys I'm screaming in 1920 by 1080p at 60fps do you recommended okay Wow I am so bad at this game Jesus Oh even the OBS recommends around 3,500 for the bitrate but I decided to update to 6000 just because 3500 doesn't look that good it looks very pixelated so the higher the bitrate is the sharper your video is or your stream is so instead of keep it at 6,000 oh damn nobody has touched me I look at I have 100 HP and a hundred armor I thought medium BOTS would be a little challenging oh oh I'm really excited killing BOTS so hey guys this is max settings 2560 by 1440 P I'm getting well over 200 FPS in-game but I'm actually outputting to the stream in 1080p at 60fps also one thing to know guys the stream that you're watching is not the same quality as what's being shown on my monitor obviously the quality is gonna look a lot less through the stream but so far no stuttering no lagging this is very smooth gameplay it's actually hovering between hundred sixty to 220 fps and 2k resolution that is not bad with these with these specs oh so I overclock the CPU to 4.2 gigahertz at one point three seven five volts alright so this is csgo obviously a less demanding title so let's go switch to something a little more demanding like fortnight alright ladies and gentlemen now it's time for some fortnight you get to see me failed miserably in here I'm actually a lot worse than fortnight than I am at csgo believe it or not so this time we change the settings a bit we are down to 1080p instead of 2k just because I want to hit well over 60 fps and 2k resolution I was getting anywhere from 40 to 45 FPS which isn't that good to me so that's why I lowered it to 1080p just so the game plays a lot more smoother and we're getting a lot higher frames yeah guys overall very smooth gameplay no stuttering no lagging some really nice frames anywhere from 60 to 80 fps I'm very impressed so far with this PC it's also right next to me I know if you guys can tell but there is no side panel as well so if you guys can't hear any fan noise then your viewers watching your scream won't be able to hear any fan noise as well it's gonna be a long run and I don't feel like running halfway across the map so I think it's time to move on to the next game let me just open up his chest actually real quick hi guys finally the last game we are testing is pop G we are 1920 by 1080 and we are high using high settings it was getting late at the office so I took the PC back at home and this is the next day which is why the background is a little different and I'm also wearing a different shirt so this game is the most demanding out of the three games that I've been playing and so far we're going - pretty good frames in the sky we're getting around 90 to 80 but let's see what we're getting when we actually land there's one thing I noticed while playing pop G is every time I open up the inventory window like you can see the frames dip so if I'm gonna be looting for example check this out see that dips down for like 50 60 it's interesting and it's like that no matter what PC I use only when the inventory is open not sure why otherwise indoors we're actually getting high 80s low 90s and on the outside we're getting also around 80 not bad oh god I'm dying here who the heck is shooting me well I can't kill with the shotgun so I'm gonna get the hell out of here I'm gonna die here there we go all right so I think I embarrassed myself enough times for today I think I'm just gonna stay away from a battle royale games and stick to RPG and mobile games because that is the only games unfortunately that I have good at but yeah overall I'm really happy with the way this turned out that's a really clean looking PC but the MVP here of course is the case itself I'm still surprised it's going for around 70 $80 when it comes to three pre-installed RGB fans in the front a single 120 millimeter fan in the back it's got a PSU shroud and a really dope looking acrylic side panel of course you're getting a lot of performance for the money as well if you're looking to spend around $1,000 for a solid gaming and streaming PC then this is the configuration I recommend going with the 2600 X is a beast CPU especially once you overclock it to 4.2 gigahertz it's gonna help you so much when it comes to encoding streaming or any multitasking really but yeah what do you guys think about the PC let me know your feedback in the comment section down below also let me know by dropping a like if you want to see more types of these videos where I build a PC and do a hands-on style benchmarking so instead of just running usual benchmarking video you guys see live gameplay of me testing out the games in front of you so if you guys do want to see more of that type of videos let me know in the comment section also by leaving a like if you don't want to see that type of content leave it this like so that I know alright guys now it's time for the giveaway if you want to enter for a chance to win a PC just like this they're actually sending out all the parts to whoever wins so you can build it yourself of course this is worldwide if you want to participate all you have to do is check out the gleam link down below the giveaway will be announced on my Twitter account on the day that it ends so make sure you guys check back on that exact same day to find out if you are indeed the winner all the parts used in this PC obviously will be linked down below as well thank you guys so much for watching I really do appreciate it and I'll see you in the next one you
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