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Building A Gaming PC With A Fan - The Finale! (PART 2)

this video was sponsored by mass drop right now they're taking requests on their new 35 inch curved gaming monitor that features a 2 millisecond response time 100 Hertz refresh rate and a 34 40 by 1440p VA panel with free sync the monitor is rocking a VA panel which is known for their high contrast ratio deeper blacks and virtually zero light bleed it's also great for productivity with srgb coverage of a hundred percent I'm surprised they're able to pack in all these awesome features in an ultra wide gaming monitor for only five hundred and fifty dollars so if you guys want to grab one at this price make sure to visit the link below to reserve one because if it comes back in the future it's gonna cost a bit more so okay guys we have another problem so the H 110 I by the way I've never put that radiator in this case in an NZXT s340 before it's a 2 80 millimeter radiator it is too long it does not fit in this case it doesn't align with the fans or the holes so we're going back to the original H 100 IV - we're gonna put that in there and then have to reapply the thermal paste the third time so how's your experience so far building with building with TechStars ok so this one has thermal paste we're gonna have to wipe this off again it's for CPU that's really clean I'm sorry I'm sorry the real the real thing is if the PC will boot if that doesn't happen that's a different issue right there I have confidence that I've confidence so even despite all the things going on going wrong we're gonna get a post it's the last thing I do if not I might throw this red camera out the window and you guys you guys he'll see that all right let's mount this babe sneaked it alright you ready to go okay stop okay say I think you're in keep going yeah that's it okay good good yeah to drink the isopropyl losing my mind you know what it is I haven't had a proper breakfast at a freakin Smuckers I think I can fish Elysees we're halfway done what the PC build I don't know how long this video is gonna be and I apologize it's like if it's like a 50-minute video but I will try and edit it and make it as short as possible maybe 30 minutes 30 minutes you said it not me and with that said would you do the honors of applying that thermal paste at third time it right here right we did just pre play throw facex oh there is oh my god all right put throw this thing away so we don't like touch it ever again so I know we're in zst is like to make sure you line it with the holes so everything's good what is the next step unlock the next step is to screw in the stuff screwing the motherboard by the way if you guys are wondering why there's more lighting now the sun's kind of setting down so we brought in studio lighting some of that is wise image is different so now we're gonna hook up his 964 m dot - this is a 512 gigabyte and that to SSD inside the motherboard and I think I'm gonna hook up the rest of the storage yep next and then pop on the cooler and move on to the other stuff so here we go you can do the honors your assumption is correct there we go very delicate operation right here you gotta lower this down make sure you have the angle correct however you want to position it technically if you really want you can twist it more and make it right side up but it's up to you you can keep it that way yeah solid perfect okay now actually let's do this let's connect the fans first so do you know what he's connect to right here so let's let's take a look at the connectors there's two of these what is perfect but which fans are we connecting are you sure because this is this is from because it's coming from the cooler right yeah that's right here two fans on it perfect so let's grab those now here's another one that's coming straight from the pump all right over the bracket so where does this one connect to this is gonna make Unit two like right here on the motherboard okay what is it labeled usually I'll give you some options there is the CPU fan chassis spam or the pump CPU fan CPU fan but it's just a fan know it's nice to be your fan there it's gonna be the pump because this is what's gonna wear this was running the radiator this is gonna be a CPU fan because these are the fans that's technically holiness CPU some motherboards don't have a label pump so we can just technically plug it into the the CP now what is the next step alright the next step is to install the hard drives and the SSDs beautiful that's exactly what I was thinking so grab yes is deep we have two hard drives over here you know what's funny guys look the two terabyte hard drive is thicker than the four terabyte hard drives well this was the Barracuda Pro technically so I'm guessing because of the brand line that's interesting leave that thickness of it before we slide in actually let's connect the connectors because it's gonna be hard to reach oh did you put in the front we're nearing the end guys I'm hoping you enjoying the video so far this is a hell of an experience for me too this is the first time all right this is never been open so edit since you're the master of like a box things I think you should unbox it I'm the master of unboxings alright I'll take it up take it let's do it yeah love that feeling get out of here alright first thing you want to do is pop open that and you're gonna smell it it's sweet smell of PSU we have also three power supplies so what tables do we need for that I mean three power supplies okay we have three hard drives oh I can't I can't even I'm losing my mind we have two hard drives and one SSD so what cables do we need for that okay so we need some SATA cables and we need okay so for the power how many what do we need for the power to power the two drives and the ones data so one SSD oh we just need like three so so beating this is enough yeah that's enough but I don't think this is not gonna reach it like it's an overreach right there so this will reach both the hard drives but that says these not gonna make you right yep so we'll need we need sadly we're gonna have to use two of these which is gonna be a lot of cables to work with so which ones that for VGA what does that mean like what is that for that's for the work try again what is the V stand for video beautiful good job actually you can always tell by just plugging it in if it doesn't fit in it doesn't belong there so what is that for that is for like the molex okay like what is that plug-in you can always use another tip you can always read what's located what's written on the actual connector what does it say / if this is / if on here and it says / if on the connector so that's one of the easy ways to figure out where to connect it so we're having an issue with the red scarlet they'll believe you keep getting this message pop up on the screen where it says that it cannot mount the media in the SSD and it's annoying the crap out of me I've literally started this thing like three times and I pop this in and out like 20 times already and it's driving me crazy I've never ran into so many problems on a camera before so here it is attempt well of course of course we just start recording it it works out I'm like what the hell all right so now we're gonna be installing we're gonna hook up the SSD I'm gonna hook up all the cables and I'm gonna pop in the power supply but before that actually I have a little surprise for you which is gonna make this build pop a little bit more so I was looking upstairs and I got a few extra tubes for the cables leaving because I feel like there's a little too much black in here and we need some read some green accents to really pop the build yeah just 200 black yeah so I think that's gonna look really sick and it's gonna make it pop unless you want a golf build a cop build yeah so let's put those just put those on first before you move on that looks that looks clean let's get that on the cat right there very nice super clean super nice and everything so I'm gonna feed the feet of power supply through just hold onto the cables all right I'll pull the cables from inside oh my gosh my cables pull them out slowly its lightest and all right beautiful now comes the fun part connecting all the cables together and then the final thing is the GPU but before you put that interview got to make sure all the cables are connected to the right spot what do you think it will cabl this is this is admit for the HDMI I believe so HDMI and then this is meant for like the USBs USB what hubs actually you must be number on three three there it is that's the magic number alright let's do this ladies and gentlemen we are finally at the last step we are gonna be plugging in the EVGA GTX 1080 into the PC and the big climax of the build will it turn on has the question here all our hard work literally we've been building this thing for like three four hours I think so it better freakin turn on otherwise I told you guys I'm putting the red camera out the window so do the honor please and open up the 1080 just don't rip the box all right remove the foam there it is ooh very nice the seal is still on this GPU it's been sitting in his room for a month guys waiting to be opens Wow let's let's do the honors of peeling the plastic music to my ears the best one goes in the back a backplate beautiful all right okay now for the moment of truth yeah nice I heard a snap in okay now let's pop it in the screws yeah laughs screw you guys there it is nice so it has given me this oh well he was gone upstairs so thank you so much ed for everything this really means so much to me and the final piece is the back plate I think this is I think this is like your big is it yeah that yeah that was for the Titan X yeah because res ox is using to you oh well okay they ask you how you say that you're fine you're not really so moment of truth guys everything's finally hooked up Slytherin which is the name of the PC is calling it is looking beautiful than ever the only thing left to do is turn it on and see if it works so we were praying to the PC gods after all the trouble you went through applying federal page three damn time swap in the cooler three damn times I think it's time to pop it in do the honors count down one two three count up Oh does it post take a look at the monogram pray oh my god motherboard baby yeah oh no I'm dying I'm just kidding that's some crumpled screen very nice dude where congratulations with you that's the shot again there we go there we go there you nicely beautiful very quiet come closer is you can hear this we're gonna change those colors to green obviously right yeah I'm gonna change the courser logo we're gonna get those static green and it's gonna look like a beast PC wait oh so this is like our TV right here yeah that's RGB I didn't know that until I had to deal with that forever no no aw I think don't quote me you can change the colors I better video on it all right on the stick we have Windows 10 we're gonna be hooking this up cuz doesn't have a CD drive we're gonna install Windows do we have the windows CD key yes Oh even comes with the USB stick on here so we don't even need this this is awesome so yeah it's gonna load up guys we're gonna fast-forward through the setup process we're gonna get to Windows desktop and then from there we're gonna install drivers and all that good stuff but am I gonna show you guys all that stuff anyways fast forwarding to the end I'll see you guys soon so I found an RGB strip upstairs and I noticed that has an RGB header on the motherboard so I'm gonna plug this in and see if it actually works because I'll be the icing on the cake so I'll plug this thing oh this thing is also magnetic so it's perfect doesn't have any Dehesa if it doesn't have any you won't have any residue when you peel it off so it was perfect someone plug this in up oh we got a baby I'm gonna pop this in the top that is gorgeous right there that's beautiful they don't work on the cable of course but that looks really nice so I think that pretty much wraps up the bill guys all my rather the video with some nice montage shots close up shots cinematic shots of the build huge thanks to my good friends we're coming back I stood up again I'm sorry for making you wait a month hopefully this experience is worth it how would you rate this whole experience of building a PC out of 10 ten I think it's worth it for the weight considering how much he has done for me and it wasn't that much to be honest I just can't thank you and again appreciate it enjoy any PC it's a beast I'm gonna love gaming on it again just destroy some noobs and yeah thank you guys for coming out by the way he's gonna enjoy his new monitor to 4k this is if we can do Sonic 28-inch I don't know your password okay there's your monitor right there pretty awesome black and green setup Oh oh yeah so you wanted me to sign the case yep what where did you understand this is a green this is a green sharpie yeah oh this is interesting all right Oh down here oh I'm gonna be in the front look at that that is awesome all right let me see let me see so there's that and then just TSU there you go man that you enjoy thank you so much you're welcome man this is fun I had a lot of fun guys maybe I'll do another episode let me know what you guys think in the comments down below if you guys want to see another episode maybe with different subscriber different color scheme that'll be pretty sick but thank you guys so much for watching again thank you so much for coming by man and I'll see you guys in the next video oh you're his man take it around the block man Jerry see me watch the cable your cables okay I don't want to cut it badass man looking good you could tap on the gas pedal a little bit yeah more like tapa to let go stopping to let go there we go nice right straight into the Shannon to the wall sick nice very low huh it's like it's a nice workout yeah you gotta get used to it
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