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Building A Venom Gaming PC - Setup Makeover Season 2 (EP 1)

what's happening guys from Texas I am so excited and I am proud to finally announce setup makeover season 2 however this time we're gonna be doing something a little different this season of setup makeover we're gonna be focusing on a specific theme ladies and gentlemen I present to you the venom gaming room project so just like the name says I'm gonna be completely redoing someone's room not just the setup guys but the PC desk and also some parts of the room as well and obviously if you guys haven't noticed already the theme is gonna be venom so the person's room I'm gonna be doing a complete makeover on is actually a friend of mine his name is Harry he is a high school buddy of mine he's a really close friend and because of the way things played out on season one I kind of wanted to completely reduce someone's gaming room that's close to me it's just for the season guys we're gonna resume season three by picking another contest in which that person has already been selected his name is Heath by the way and he knows because I've been talking with him but yeah guys these are the parts I'm gonna be using for the PC build there's gonna be three episodes for season two episode one is gonna be the PC build for episode two I'm gonna give his room the complete makeover obviously an episode 3 which is the finale I'm gonna reveal it to him even till today guys he does not know anything about this so he has no idea that I'm gonna give his room a complete makeover it's gonna be really awesome it's I'm very excited to do this and a huge huge huge thanks to MSI for reaching out to me and sponsoring this series so I'm very excited to be a part of this all right so before we go over the parts I do want to talk about this awesome venom gift box from MSI so check this out guys so for a limited time MSI is giving out these awesome venom gift boxes to anyone who purchases select items from MSI and if you want to find out which items qualify to get the gift box then I'll drop a link to that down below so inside the gift box get this nice looking medium venom themed fabric mousepad and you even get an aluminum water bottle it even has some really cool venom artwork right on the bottle itself and on the top there's even a carabiner clip so if you guys want to clip it to your backpack or whatever you can do so well yeah really cool stuff it's only for a limited amount of time obviously so check out the link below if you guys want to snag one for yourself alright now let's go over some parts in case you guys haven't noticed already it's gonna be a water-cooled PC originally it was supposed to be air-cooled but I told MSI you know what make this PC special so I'm gonna do a custom loop with soft tubing so to CP we're going with is the rise ins second generation 2700 x8 core processor which is a nice upgrade from his current 4790k unfortunately he is still stuck on the ddr3 platform so not only are we gonna refresh him and bring him up to date with current parts but we're gonna give him a really nice upgrade and performance as well as in the aesthetics department of course also later than the line let's say he wants to stream games or maybe he's using programs that eat up more CPU power well the 2700 X has them covered for RAM we're going with to 8 gigabytes sticks so 16 gigabytes total 3,000 megahertz these are the Vengeance lpx all black RAM sticks from Corsair which obviously blend in perfectly with the color scheme and also it's a nice upgrade from his current Ram I think he's rocking eight gigs of ddr3 at like mm something megahertz so definitely a nice upgrade there so for the motherboard I'm using the B 450 tomahawk once again this is the same board I used in my streaming PC it's just a solid mainstream well balanced motherboard that offers a lot of performance for the money it's got four dimm slots and that to support I think over seven power phases overclocking on this board is really easy I was actually able to push my 2600 X to 4.2 gigahertz using the B 450 tomahawk so yeah overall very satisfied with this board hence why I'm using it again for Harry's PC now for the GPU I picked the RX Vega 56 for several reasons first of all it's a nice upgrade from his current GPU which is the GTX 980 but 980 is good for 1080p gaming but I'm giving them a Vega 56 because I wanted to start gaming in 2k resolution the monitors are quad HD resolution so the Vega 56 will definitely help on game in that resolution obviously there's a bunch of water cooling parts in here both the CPU and GPU block are actually RGB but I'm gonna leave the lighting on there white speaking of lighting I'm not gonna be doing RGB in this bill obviously it's mostly black with very subtle white accents but I did go with these white LED fans of course are just so we can light up the inside of the PC so it's not just pitch black inside they're gonna be some really cool custom mods done to the see which I'm not gonna show you just yet it's gonna be surprised at the end of this video my buddy actually Gary's coming over and he's gonna bring the parts with them and we're gonna mod the PC together he's actually doing a venom gaming room setup on his channel as well so if you guys want to check that out I'll jumbling below alright guys so I would say we're about halfway done with the build right now and I'm loving the way it's shutting out everything is going according to plan so far everything is smooth knock on wood this actually never happens to me when doing a water-cooled wheel believe it or not something always goes wrong but so far everything's good I also told you guys that we're gonna be doing some slide modding to the PC itself who can be adding some pretty cool custom work to it at the end of the video but I decided to do that now because Gary's on his way and he's gonna bring this stuff with him so I'm excited to see what he's got but I just wanted to get this done now that way when I'm playing a loop and putting the reservoir on pump I don't want any of that to interfere with the custom work inside the PC but anyways Gary should be here in a few minutes let's check out and see what he's bringing hi guys so Gary finally made it to the office why don't you come over here introduce yourself man nice to meet you that's why we do hey guys my name is Gary also known as rage elixir on YouTube I make gaming videos and stuff like that and I just have a lot of fun so today what do you have for me today cuz I got it bring this stuff over there let's let's see what you got so we've been working together with v1 Tech actually and they sent over some custom parts for the PC and it's with him right now so I'm excited to check it out guys so the first thing that we have right here is a PSU cover it actually has RGB lighting so also this P which goes over here and covers the power supply oh it looks really nice we also have a GPU backplate also powered by RGB lighting last but not least we have the decal stickers so I think we're gonna put this on the outside of the PC this is actually a good idea I did not even think about this we can put this on the side panel because it is a tempered glass panel to the case and we can put this actually a smaller one we can put this somewhere in there so it's not really covering up the internals but also give it a nice Venom look at that too so let's go and put these together real quick and see you how the PC turns out either the PSU shroud first I'm gonna run this cable through the back if you want to grab real quick let's see how this looks there we go that looks so much leaner there we go it's gonna essentially sit on like this we're gonna put some adhesive obviously underneath it so it stays in place but that looks so nice with the PSU shot because it's got the same design on there yeah it looks like sick all right let's figure out the sticker situation so what are you thinking um what do you think about like the biggest sticker right here in the center yeah in the center like that the thing I'm worried about is the sticker covering like the internals inside they're like the loop and the parts and stuff like that that's right so I don't want it to be too obvious you have two more sizes this is like a medium size as large what about like what if we put this in the corner as like a logo good I like that logo idea alright so if you put it over here it's gonna cover up the shroud over here it's too obvious I think it will look nice in the bottom-right corner just to also cover up this gap over here between the PSU shroud and the radiator so I think think we have a winner let's peel off the plastic first all right I think we're ready to peel it off things looks good tall which is nice oh it is officially Venom eyes oh yeah so what do you think Gary the PC is halfway done what is your feedback so far on the build you know I think it looks great I think the extra changes in laws that we made to it spice things up a little bit I definitely agree that the back plate and the PSU should go well together because of the design on it so if the decal and a decal I think was the icing on the cake definitely but appreciate it thank you so much for coming over and went over the custom mods huge things to v1 tech for making these obviously for the build if you guys again when I check out his makeover for his gaming room check it out I'll drop a link to it down below Gary again thank you so much I think I'm gonna finish this bill today all right see you later all right so I finally ran into my first issue with the build and that is the clearance for the pump and reservoir combo so the original plan was to mount it against the radiator near the bottom over here but as you guys can see there is not enough clearance because of the graphics card option number two was mounting in horizontally near the top against the 120 millimeter fans there the top but as you guys can see it's covered up pretty much everything I look stupid if I were to do like this option number three was to do with this side which still doesn't look that good which leads me to option number four modding I'm gonna be drilling a few holes on the PSU shroud itself and mount it right on the cover itself near the bottom like this which actually looks way better because there's nothing going on down here and I can use that extra space for the pump and reservoir so yeah this is the current solution luckily ek provides there are templates for the pump so I'm just gonna basically figure out where exactly the pumps gonna go on the shroud and and mark those holes and of course drill right through them I need to position the pump in a way I need to position the pump in a way so that the holes are facing the side that way the tubes come out through the side and not go up and hit the bottle on the GPU so there's really only one way to do this the cool thing about the ek pump and rest combo is that you can actually rotate this entire piece over here so there's a clamp down here you just pull it out and then you rotate the entire thing to your desired angle so I'm gonna have a position this see you know the holes are facing to the side so it's gonna be a lot easier planning the loop the only downside to this method is it's gonna be very difficult pouring aim and the coolant so I'm gonna have to find a different port to pour in the coolant because it's no longer sitting vertically alright guys so that pretty much concludes episode one of the venom gaming room project the only thing left to do on the PC is finish up the cable management in the back hook everything else up and install the drivers and get the PC ready for Harry I'm not gonna show you guys what the PC looks like once it's 100% complete you're just gonna have to wait and find out for episode 3 which is the finale that's what I'll be revealing everything so yeah make sure you guys are subscribed and make sure you have notifications enabled because it's gonna be epic my overall impressions with the build I would say I feel like I'm always biased I always say it looks good I'm happy with the way turned out but I really at this time this is actually the only water-cooled build I've done which has been the smoothest so far other than that issue with the clearance with the pump and reservoir combo which really wasn't an issue I found another way around it overall the the rest of the build went very smooth so I'm really happy with that it boots I even ran a leak test for a couple hours there are no leaks right now there's distilled water in there I'm gonna leave it overnight so it couldn't clean the system inside and then tomorrow morning I'm gonna come flush the system and pour in the black coolant and it's gonna look even better with that now in terms of air flow we do have a three sixty millimeter rat in the front which has three 120 millimeter fans as intake we also have a 120 mil rat in the back as exhaust and two additional 120 millimeter fans on the top as exhaust as well so a total of six fans we have that about wraps up the video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you guys are excited for episode 2 and the finale of the venom gaming room project make sure to smack that like button and let me know what you guys think about PC by leaving your feedback down below I know it's not completely done yet but so far let me know what you guys think is there something you would have done differently do you not agree with some of the part choices whatever it is let me know in the comment section because I will be reading them all the parts used inside this build will also be linked below in case you guys want to check it out thanks again for watching as always I'll see you in the next one you
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