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Building My 2nd Water Cooled Gaming PC

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to another build right here on the channel and as you guys can see the format is slightly different so we're gonna be building a custom black and blue gaming and productivity PC with water cooling parts and I know I haven't done a water-cooled build in such a long time so I figured now's the time to bring those back on tech source and I'm actually gonna start doing more of these in the next few months so stick around this is also a very special project for me because once I'm done building it we're gonna be auctioning this through ebay for one of the charities that I picked which is I have a Dream Foundation the charity provides support to young people from low-income communities from kindergarten all the way through college so all the proceeds that I make from the auction will go directly to them and to help with this I have teamed up with Intel and Seagate so huge thanks to them for partnering with me and making this video possible so let's take a look at the parts real quick that I picked up just for this build starting out with the processor we're gonna be going with the i7 8700 k it's a six core processor which is great for CPU intensive tasks whether they're screaming games or doing graphic design or editing video and stuff like that so a very solid pick for that over here we got the case that we're gonna be using this is the courser 740 courser err 740 case it's a full ATX chassis zand one of things I really like about the case is not only is it large enough especially for a water-cooled build but also the airflow is amazing and it's split into two parts so I can hide the power supply extra cables and even the hard drives behind the actual case usually when I do these types of builds I don't put too much focus on the actual storage device so we're gonna change that up this time around because we're gonna be doing something a little different we're gonna be using the Intel obtained memory and we're gonna combine it with the Seagate 4 terabyte barracuda hard drive but those of you that are familiar with Intel obtain memory it essentially gives you the ability to achieve as as these speeds but at a cost of a hard drive this is really great for people who are on a tight budget people who can't necessarily afford high storage as says these because essentially you're paying for a hard drive and you're combining it with the OP tape memory stick which doesn't cost that much more and you're getting SSD speeds and more storage at the same time since we are using a coffee like CPU I went with the MS z3 70 gaming pro motherboard ok so a few other parts I picked up they pick up some blue paint because I'll be custom painting some parts of the case I feel like there's just way too much black in there and this is a black and blue build so I want to add some blue contrast in there to kind of blend nicely with the overall color scheme a few other things I picked up of course I have to have my custom cables these are from cable mod and each of these cables already come sleeved with their brand-new aluminum cable comb and then we got some fittings of course we got some in blue and some black fully soft tubing and program I want the tried and Zeo RGB sticks of course these are 32 gigs and I went with 4 sticks because I wanted to occupy all 4 slots on the motherboard I almost forgot about the GPU and a lot of you guys know I love doing overkill builds with SLI which is unnecessary it's the text sort of style but I decided to change things up a bit and go with a single GPU and we're going with none other than a single Titan X P ladies and gentlemen I'm not too concerned about the green GeForce logo on the side here because we are going to be taking this apart and I'm gonna be adding a GPU block on here so it can't even see that and finally we have to stop the show guys this is e Ches fluid gaming kit this is the Olin one water cooling solution perfect for beginners who want to get into water cooling and also it doesn't break the bank they have several different kits to choose from I think it starts at $150 and it goes up to 240 for the high end fluid gaming kit which is actually the one I'm using right here this is the a 240 G this kit comes with everything you need to do a fully custom water cold bill that comes with a CPU block GPU block it's got soft tubing and of course you get a pump and reservoir combo with a 240 millimeter radiator now because this kit comes at only a single 240 millimeter radiator you guys do have the option of adding more on the side UK does sell these separately these are expansion packs for the fluid gaming kit you have options to add a 120 millimeter radiator as well as a 240 millimeter meter as well these come with their fans already included which is pretty cool one thing I do want to mention is that the entire fluid gaming kit is May out of aluminum parts which is why they're lighter and they're more affordable there's a lot of people out there that are paranoid about galvanic corrosion by mixing metals but the thing about the fluid gaming kit is that it's all made out of aluminum even the expansion packs so you guys don't have to worry about mixing metals and that way galvanic corrosion does not even occur in fact the performance difference is not that much when you compare eks gaming fluid kit to a high-end custom loo PC featuring brass or even copper parts but anyways with that said let's finally take these apart and put together the PC I'm also going to show you guys the installation process of the Intel octane memory let's begin so the fan configuration is going to be slightly different in this case because it's so big and there's so many places to mount radiators and fans basically what I've decided is I want the top radiator to be an exhaust and everything else will be essentially intake so cold air coming in from the side over here cold air coming in from the bottom and cold air coming in from the side over here I'll be mounting one radiator on the top here and the other 240 will go on the side and that is the configuration I'm going with and I'm going to be using the new coarser RGB fans that way I can just sync them all together with the commander Pro and control the RGB lights so the build is finally complete and I'm calling it glacier it's powerful yet silent and I think I did a great job putting it together the custom paint job combined with the custom cables from cable mod as well as the blue coolant really makes the entire build pop the backplate on the GPU was looking a bit too bland and I don't like showing off those silver screws so I reached out to v1 tech and they sent over one of their custom-made back plates for the Titan XP and it's looking a lot better I also wanted to cover up the backside of the fans that are facing down because the cables are visible so I decided to throw in some fan grilles again from v1 tech alright so before you dive into the temps and performance I do want to talk a little bit more about the octane memory since that is what this PC is running on to set it up it's very simple just insert the opt in memory module into your supported motherboards m dot 2 slot and screw it in place afterwards you will need to get into your BIOS and change up a few settings you will need to switch the SATA mode to obtain mode as well as changing the following settings as well whichever options are available to you next step is to download and install the optin memory software which i will link below and once you are done with those just open up the application enable update memory and restart your PC it's as easy as that so as you begin using your PC the optin memory module will learn what data you need to access frequently and cache it on its memory to speed things up basically what this means is that if you constantly use the same applications over and over again your PC will take note of those applications and open up them faster this affects a lot of things like boot I'm launching games loading saved games and everyday tasks like transferring data using email applications and even window search in fact I tested this out by comparing the loading speeds to my SSD and it's actually shocking to see that even in some tests the optin memory combined with the Seagate hard drive proved to be faster than the traditional SSD the only downside is that you won't be able to fully optimize the obtained memory for applications that you don't use often as well as large file transfers those will be transferred from the hard drive normally overall I do think the investment is worth it because you save a lot of money in the process you get crazy high-capacity I think up to 12 terabytes and you get SSD speeds imagine having a 10 terabyte SSD right in your PC - the premium price you would have paid for it but anyways because want to check out the obtain memory and the Seagate Barracuda hard drive I'll leave a link to them below now let's get into the good stuff the performance this all in one fluid gaming kit from ek is amazing I don't know if you guys are ready for this but check this out I was able to push my 87 under K to 5 gigahertz and just for reference this comes stocked with a base clock of 3.7 gigahertz so that is a 1.3 gigahertz overclock I had to push the voltage all the way up to one point four volts in order to achieve this but the system is stable with great temps thanks to the fluid gaming kit the GPU temps are also very impressive 31 degrees on idle and only 55 degrees on full load that is with an overclock by the way an extra 200 megahertz on the core clock and 600 megahertz on the memory pushing the Titan XP to a stable boost clock of 2012 megahertz needless to say gaming was a joke in 4k resolution over 60fps and high settings for pop G well over 100 for GTA 5 on very high settings and over 60 FPS on destiny - on the highest settings there is nothing this PC can do and the best part about all this is how quiet it remains I lower the fan speed on all the fans to 60% which is around a thousand rpm per fan and the entire PC is dead silent I can say without a doubt the fluid gaming kit from ek is hands-down one of the best investments you can make for your PC if you want to get into water cooling but aren't experienced enough or maybe you just want a silent PC with cool temps and better performance I mean this is the kit for you no need to stress over what parts are compatible with your PC what size fittings you'll need with reservoir pump combo spending hours of your life bending tubes I mean everything is already included in this kit like I said earlier they do have different tiers starting at just 150 dollars depending on what parts you want water-cooled in your PC if you ever want to expand your loop ek does offer expansion packs which are sold separately whether you want a larger radiator different colored fittings a larger reservoir different colored coolant I mean there is a bunch of options to fully customize the gaming kit to fit your color scheme but please keep in mind that if you end up using the fluid gaming kit you have to stick to aluminum parts because mixing metals will damage your PC from my time using the ek fluid gaming kit I have to say I am very impressed not only because of how easy it was to put together but also the performance you get by spending just a little bit more anyways I hope you guys enjoy this video if you did tossing a like would be awesome but if you guys didn't I encourage you to leave a dislike that's completely fine too again a huge thanks to Intel and CJ for sponsoring this video if you guys want to boost the speeds of your PC make sure to check out the Intel update memory with the Barracuda hard drive from Seagate I'll drop everything mention this video down below as I said earlier in this video this build is being auctioned off for charity and the organization that I chose is the I have a dream foundation where they provide support to young people from low-income communities from kindergarten all the way through college and you guys can find more information for the charity link below as well thank you again so much for watching I do appreciate it and I'll see you in the next one
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