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Building My Ultimate $9000 PC - Episode 2

it's been days it's been weeks hell it's even been months since I've worked on my personal PC personal piece personal personal computer so yeah if you guys catch my first video on building my own personal rig we ran into some issues I'll leave a link below but this is basically episode two the continuation of building my very own custom water-cooled PC as you guys can see we started off doing an air-cooled version well somewhat air-cooled because we are using an AI air cooler obviously but the GPUs are air cooled so now what we're gonna do is take apart this entire PC build the case that I'm gonna be putting it in and basically swap all the parts in here with the ek parts as well so there's gonna be a full custom loop PC and if you guys are new to the channel you've gotta subscribe because it's gonna be an epic build and I will promise you guys that much the weight is definitely gonna be worth it so anyways I'm not gonna bore you guys by putting together this case because I think I'll take me about an hour there's so many freakin pieces it's like assembling IKEA furniture but once I put together the hex gear r40 I will come right back and we will officially begin a bit this video is sponsored by Dollar Shave Club I'm sure you guys are sick of overpaying for razors or having to wait for someone to open up the razor section and even then there are so many options to choose from it's ridiculous well this stops now thanks to Dollar Shave Club for a limited time they are basically giving away their starter set to new members for only $5 the starter set features an executive razor and three trial size versions of their most popular products that help you stay fresh and clean in the first box you will receive their shea butter body wash and butt wipes which smell incredible by the way I know the words smelling incredible and but shouldn't be in the same sentence however this is an exception you also get their executive razor which includes their premium handle and a full cassette of cartridges after the first box replacement cartridges are sent for only a few bucks a month this sounds like an awesome deal that's because it's available for a limited time exclusively at and I'll job a link below so make sure you guys go and check them out slash Texas if putting together Legos is a1 and building a rocket ship is a ten I would say assembling this case is a nine point five the only reason it's not a ten it's because it's not an actual rocket guys there's a reason why it's not available in the US and I don't see a lot of people building inside it it is a pain in the ass to put this together there are so many things that aren't designed well I guess it's not seeing see machine perfectly there are some holes that just don't align perfectly even some parts of the acrylic pieces I had to drill my own hole just to make it big enough to screw in the bolts so yeah very very difficult case to work with every wasn't so damn sexy and clean I would have tossed this out the window already and went back to the H 700 I believe it or not but anyways it is what it is I finally finally put it together and now let's continue on with the actual build so but with that said it is going to be a multi-part series so if you're new to the channel make sure to hit that subscribe button because you're gonna see me fail continuously already it's like the second episode and I would have troubles with the case so it's gonna be an interesting ride to say the least as you guys can see we took apart the motherboard and as well as the two GPUs from the previous case all the other components are taken out now we're gonna basically convert this into a water-cooled build and we are doing hardline as well so it's gonna be very very interesting build so anyways it's going to take off the CPU and clean it real quick because it's got the previous I almost forgot the name of it thermal paste so this is the 79 80 XC guys is an 18 core processor and this is actually the lidded thanks to Steven from gamers Nexus so it's gonna perform a lot better temps are gonna be better which means I can push the overclock on it further than a stock 79 ATX see if that makes any sense so yeah very excited to see how much I can push on this once it's water-cooled but anyways oh yeah let me clean this thing actually it's mofo you know what I've noticed this thermal paste is so harder to clean this is from thermal grizzly by the way guys I guess that's why it works better than other thermal paste all right beautiful I guess the next step would be to put on the CPU block so let's start off with that I really wish I was able to use a model block for this because I really do want to cool the VRMs which is gonna help it overclocking obviously and thermals but there is no available model block for the x2 99 from msi unfortunately so I'm gonna have to use a basic CPU block from ek it sucks but you know there's nothing I can do if I were to use a different X 299 motherboard I think I think ek those have available model blocks but I don't want to use any of those on motherboards this is the one I want to use for my build because of the features that it comes with this one was actually RGB as well so it's gonna light up I don't know I think the inside area we're just gonna look really cool you guys know me I like to spread my thermal paste I do not like doing the P dot method I was loving when people in the comments I liked do you're putting way too much thermal paste in your on your CPU and I'm like welcome to the channel first of all have you not seen my other previous builds I've built like a hundred computers and I've never well I've stopped doing the P dot method so you guys can relax in the comments section alright I think I know at this point I think I know what I'm kind of doing these aren't even spinning keep spinning in place I don't know why I keep spinning in place is this did they send me the wrong water block AMD why did it not say that on the actual box just as waterblock they sent me an AMD one guys okay it makes sense now the way the screws on going in because it's for the mother AMD motherboard you might have to go with the original original cpu block that they sent me in the first package at this point there's no going back guys I don't want to have to go and order and wait again I'm already doing my build so I'm just gonna use whatever I have yep it's going in alright so that definitely fit so unfortunate we're gonna have to go with the non RGB version which I'm ok with long as it works that's only really that's honestly the only difference between that one and this one is one lights up and the other one doesn't and one fits and the other one doesn't so yeah I don't care let's just move on so ladies and gentlemen upon further investigation I realized I don't have any fans for the build the only thing I have is this beautiful commander Pro and a few 140 millimeter fans which don't even fit in this case so I'm gonna have to request some from course sir which means which means I won't be able to do a lot for this episode so if you're watching this video that means I somehow mustered enough content to upload it on the channel but anyways I think I'll probably just hook up the power supply I'll hook up the reservoir and see what else I can do oh oh yeah and put on the GPU block so I think that will be enough for part 1 or I should say episode what episode is episode 2 episode 2 so yeah ladies and gentlemen let's go ahead and put together the GPU blocks whereas my babies yeah the twins right over here you guys three from EVGA of course unfortunately we'll take these precious aparts and put on the GPU blocks which must be in this box over here alright so actually I think we have for GPU blocks there's only two that I'm gonna be using actually which i think is the nickel plexi what do you see which one that is I hope there's two plates in here because I'm missing nope there is one and that's to be in here somewhere let's figure out which keep you block I'm gonna be using let's pop this open one Matt one because there's an old black one and then there's a clear one I want to use the one that's clear because it looks the sexiest yes there you go this is what I'm talking about what I'm using two of these bad boys so just have to find the other one yep on the second one right over here so this was the original one that was sent to me what stuff does the same one okay I think they sent me two extra by accidents let me double check as that is not supposed to happen oh yeah I guess I guess they did they sent me two extra ones what what the heck is happening here okay I guess I'll be up doing away because I'm not gonna use them and I don't want to go through the hassle of selling them so if you guys want a GPU block for an EVGA 1080 TI FTW 3 card let me know by dropping a comment stating specifically that you want the GPU block and drop a like on the video because I'm only gonna select the people that want the GPU block please don't insert a giveaway if you guys aren't gonna use it and this is us only so please please please then again I might I might then again I'm sure there's people out there gonna enter to get it and sell it anyways there's a there's a lot of Phillips out there so whatever you guys want just let me know in the comments section because I do have two extra ones you can only request one you can't have both though so before I put on the back plate on the GPU I have to put the GPU bracket on there first but I do want a custom paint both of these to read and I picked up some paint from Home Depot so we'll go downstairs actually paint these and paint a few other things as well so yeah that's let's go so we're gonna do the reservoir mounting bracket red PCI brackets red a GPU bracket red and the m2 shields were actually gonna paint in white so apparently there's something going on with the pieces here that it's not letting me paint over it as you guys can see there's some white spots on the PCI brackets and even the reservoir mounting brackets so I don't know what that is exactly why it's preventing me from painting it's too late to go back yeah so I'll try and add in a few more coats maybe that solves the issue otherwise we might have to stand everything down and try again because I have no idea what these random white spots are like I would paint over it and then it would slowly come back up I don't know why it's just weird I've never actually experienced this before I don't know if it's a type of metal or maybe there was something on it but these are all clean I cleaned them before I brought them down here so I was gonna continue painting the other stuff and then we're gonna leave these to dry overnight and it'll come back tomorrow check on them all right so while we wait for the paint to dry we're gonna hook up the power supply and then probably come back tomorrow and continue the build but for you guys is gonna be only one video the power supply is actually in an interesting spot in this case it's in the front and the fat it's gonna be facing inside so it's gonna be popped right over here so there's our two things I can do to the power supply option number one is I can add a power supply cover that pretty much covers this entire side or option number two I can just skin the power supply or paint it so I can skin this side white or red and I can paint the grills and this side white or red the only reason why I'm aiming towards option one is because let me show you guys a side panel there's not that many bezels as you guys can see is only maybe about an inch and a half on each side so if I were to cover the front of the case you're still gonna see the power supply and the rest of the cables on here so that is why I really want to just build a power supply cover to cover this entire side over here probably in white just so it goes to the build and that way I can cover up the power supply and all the cables so I think that's what I will probably do so in the meantime I guess we can hook up the power supply hook up all the cables that way I can use that and then measure around it to see what exactly or how big the power supply cover is going to be you guys remember did an unboxing video I did receive a an acrylic bender so it's actually be the first time I'll be using that and yeah it should be very interesting and fun to see me actually been the acrylic for the first time but anyways let's go to hook up the power supply all right time to hook up the cables these are from kala mod got the sexy white and red pattern with the aluminum white kala comb this is gonna look really sick in this build these are actually the replacement cables they sent me because if you guys watched part one the cables were the reason why my computer wasn't running on it wasn't the power supply so yeah I'm hoping that these actually worked because I haven't tested them but I trust in the cable mod so yeah I should say I trust in cable mod now I know I told you guys I was gonna hook up to SSDs and raid0 for my storage but I think I'm just gonna do one two terabyte SSD from a WD because two of them is overkill because I already have two one terabyte MDOT twos from Samsung so I think that's gonna be plenty plus I can use this as storage and the main reason actually is because I have an 8 terabyte external storage device from Seagate that I'm using to store most of my files so that is why I don't to bombard this PC with that much storage space which I'm not gonna even use in the first place to be honest of course I got to go with a red SATA cable let's look at this up I don't know where exactly this is connected to it's probably somewhere in the back let me flip this over all right I think it hooks up to here or something I'm not really sure it goes in like that but the only issue is I would even stall them on the board how the hell am I gonna screw it in from the other side oh Jesus oh I guess I can take the support I didn't think these screws apart actually mount the SSD on here and then mount it back on so that's actually an easy fix all right let's mount those closer to the bottom because the SATA ports on the motherboard are closer on the bottom so they'll be easier to reach so somewhere like this you know what I'm just realizing look how much space I have to work with for cable management it's gonna be a pain in the ass there wasn't any cable grommets there wasn't any zip ties tie-downs I mean it's gonna be a challenge to say the least oh oh so what do you guys think about go cool trend stick mode let me know what your feedback is in the comment section I think looks like a pretty badass mural painting to have in the background of my videos but let me know what you guys think I feel like it's a little too distracting but halfway through the video I feel like you guys would get used to it all right here we go so that's there put this back on here all right so this is what the build currently is looking like we had a bumpy start but honestly I think we're finally back on track we're still waiting for the paint to dry for the graphics card and a few other parts of the case in the meantime I'm gonna order the fans so that will be here hopefully in the next few days and we can jump on that install a radiators a reservoir all that's good stuff so we're gonna go in and cut to the next day and take a look at our paint job so yeah
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