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Building The Ultimate Gaming Setup | EP 1 (LG SUPER UHD Nano Cell TV)

what guys that contacts source and this is the loft at my new home it's a bit empty as you can see but I'm going to be putting together the ultimate gaming and entertainment center right here and I want to share the progress with you guys and maybe even give you some ideas in the process okay so the centerpiece of it all is LG's new LCD super UHD TV with nano cell technology now what separates this TV from the other TVs I reviewed on a channel is the Nano cell display there are a few different ways that LCD displays are made so first up we got the traditional LED backlight then we got the quantum dot display and finally LG's new nano cell display basically this technology offers a much wider color gamut so you get which and accurate colors but the most appealing difference is the viewing angles no matter which angle you look at the TV the color does not get distorted LG is claiming that 100% of the color gamut is preserved no matter the angle you are looking from this means you are getting the same experience watching from the side compared to sitting directly in front of the TV obviously the image is a bit skewed because of the angle but you don't see any distortion in color and just to prove this claim LG actually held a pretty cool contest between two football stars where they basically had to shoot the ball from a 60 degree angle to try and hit one of the numbers on a grid on one side is a conventional LCD screen and on the other side is LG's new nano cell display it's a pretty cool video I think you guys will like it I'll drop a link below so make sure you guys check it out when you have some time so the Nano cell display TV is perfect for large groups whether you watch TV with your family or constantly have friends over gaming on your xbox ps4 or even attendance which they can sit anywhere in the room and enjoy the same content without any color Distortion another pretty cool feature is active HDR with Dolby vision so basically it delivers intense highlights vivid colors and deep blacks on the screen and depending on the content that you're watching or even playing in my case it will automatically activate the speaker is on the SJ 85 are integrated with Harman Kardon and they are really nice and loud with clarity and the highs and a pretty solid bass here is a quick audio sample their OS has also been improved it comes equipped with their Web OS 3.5 which is a lot cleaner and snappier in my opinion I'm not a fan of the remote to be honest it's a bit too small and has an odd shape to it more of a straight rectangular remote person myself I actually prefer their OLED TV remote over these but everyone has their own taste however I do like the Amazon video and Netflix buttons on it but I would have preferred the YouTube app over the Amazon video since a lot of people use YouTube over Amazon video but that's just my two cents the accuracy of the magic remote sensor is spot-on I've actually never had any issues with their point-and-click remotes before so it's nice to see that they kept it consistent and they also kept that feature I really like how thin the bezels are and although it's not as thin as their oled tvs it still looks amazing right now I have it sitting on my TV stand that I picked up from Italy mm but I might end up mounting it on the wall later on since it does have mounting holes in the back and speaking of the back it does have three HDMI and three USB ports of course it can't be a gaming setup without gaming so I picked up the ps4 slim to keep me occupied in the meantime until I pick up the HTC vive and also a racing simulators set up I might even pick up a few extra displays to spice things up so the ps4 slim sets on a vertical stand that I picked up on Amazon and it comes with two built-in charging docks for the controllers we got three USB ports and also a cooling fan to keep the ps4 temps down it even has a storage unit on the side that can hold up to 14 games which is a pretty cool add-on the speakers on a TV are nice but I gotta have my privacy and I'm actually walking two pairs of headphones first up is my all-time personal favorite that I have been using for the past three years now the popular a THM 50 X's with the brand skins and custom ear cups that I picked up from brain waves the original cushions on the m50 X's are not comfortable at all for me after wearing them for about two hours they start to hurt my ears so that is why I replace them with the brainwaves ear cups if I feel like going Wireless I pick up these skull candy crushers instead which is clearly my favorite pair of Y headphones out there the sound on these are incredible and the bass is ridiculous if you guys remember I did an ad spot with these and one of my setup words episodes and since then I kept it and I've been using this as my main pair of wireless headphones these are amazing and in fact there's even a slider in the back over here which lets you adjust the amount of bass you can feel maximum is way too much for me you can literally feel the ear cups shaking and vibrating in your ear that is crazy so I usually keep mine like half way down which is these are perfect for bass heads by the way but yeah absolutely love them I'll double into below along with anything I mentioned in this video gaining on the meadow cell TV is awesome especially if you're playing with a group of people I say that because it doesn't matter where they sit in the room because they won't experience any color Distortion I've even tested this myself just for fun as you guys can see I literally set at the edge of the TV and I played an entire level of fury without even losing I can literally see everything on the screen as if I was sitting directly at front of it obviously the image is skewed depending on an angle you're sitting at but there is zero color Distortion the final piece to this gaming setup are the LED lights behind the TV so I hooked up to philips hue Blum RGB lamps in the back and synched it with my phone so that I can change the colors easily RGB lights is an easy way to spice up any setup but it's still missing a bunch of things I'm going to be picking up some wall shelves soundbar some more gaming gear and a bunch of other cool tech so make sure you guys are subscribed that way you don't miss out on episode 2 but that is it for the ultimate gaming loft setup I hope you guys enjoy the video if you did and are excited for episode 2 make sure to leave a like to show your support if you guys didn't like the series filthy to dislike as well that is cool too also huge things to LG for sending out their nano cell TV for me to check out and also making this video possible I'll drop a link to it below if you guys want to check it out along with everything I mentioned in this video thank you guys so much for watching again I will see you in the next one
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