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Building The Ultimate Smart Home - Episode 1

what's up guys it's a from tech toys and welcome to the very first episode of the ultimate smart home now a lot of you guys know that I recently moved into my new home and I know you guys want to see house tour and I promise I'll bring one to you guys I'm just in the process of still setting up some things as you can see also while I am setting things up I thought this would be a pretty cool opportunity to show off some of the really cool smart home tech that I installed and by the way huge things to LG for not only sponsoring this episode but hooking me up with some of their appliances let's go downstairs alright so this is basically the hallway slash entrance to my kitchen and living room but before we go in there if you look over here on this side you can find the nest thermostat this is one of my favorite pieces of tech in fact this is the first piece of tech I installed when I moved in what I like about the nest is the simplicity and the clean look there aren't millions of buttons I mean it's just a simple giant button with a screen and all you have to do is rotate the shell to adjust the temperature it's very simple and it's also very satisfying hearing those clicks so basically if I push on the thermostat it gives me more options over here I can turn on the heater I can switch on the fan and set a schedule and even access the settings but I'm gonna be honest with you guys all this is pointless believe it or not I haven't even touched that thing since I've installed it and that's because I do everything on my smart phone it's so cool that I can control the AC from literally anywhere it's incredible highly recommended I'll drop links below if you want to check it out alright so now that we checked out the nest thermostat let's move on to my favorite appliance in my entire home so ladies and gentlemen this here is LG's instant view refrigerator and it's one of the best in its class now normally I don't get excited about refrigerators but this thing is packin some pretty cool tech one of my favorite features of this refrigerator is the knock twice feature where you basically knock twice and you're able to see right through the fridge that's pretty cool now I don't know about you guys but I'm one of those people that opened up the fridge and just stand there thinking about what I should eat most of the time I'm not even hungry and I end up walking away so with the interview knock twice technology you can reduce the amount of cold air loss which helps keep food fresh longer while that is a pretty convenient and really great feature to have I tend to use the door indoor feature a lot more so check this out guys there are actually two doors on the right side of this refrigerator I can open it up normally by just pulling on the handle or I can press the button on the handle and just open up the front door only that's pretty cool they say the average household opens the fridge door 15 to 20 times a day which makes sense to have something like this that not only gives you easy access to food but quicker access as well have a super busy schedule being a youtuber so I find myself going downstairs constantly grabbing stuff from the fridge so I make sure to put the important stuff in the front whether it's a bottle of water a quick snack something that's really easy to reach for those fly by visits LG is also coming out with a new smart insta view refrigerator with Alexa voice enabled and you guys can actually do some pretty cool stuff with it like play music or the groceries you can even check inside the fridge remotely using your smartphone that's pretty cool in terms of capacity I mean let's just say you got storage for days plenty of space up top and you even get to slidable trays for this freezer section on the left side you get a touch panel with the usual stuff the water and ice dispenser temperature control and there's even a filter indicator that will let you know when it's time to swap the water filter inside right now you guys can find over a dozen LG refrigerators with the award-winning interview feature starting at 20 199 based on your configurations I also want to give it props to LG for having the most extensive range of smart appliances available today but as always I drop a link to everything mentioned in the video down below social secret that I have a lot of tech here at the headquarters that I want to protect and some other valuables of course I mean I do have one form of protection already but it's also nice to have protection while you're away from home and that is where the blink camera system comes in I don't know if you guys remember but over a year ago they actually sponsored a video of mine on tech stores and ever since then I've been actually using it in my home believe it or not absolutely love it I keep recommending it to my friends my family I even bought a pair for my mom over two weeks ago I think what I love about the bling cameras is that it's simple there are no wires involved no drilling no stupid subscription that you have to pay for everything is done straight on your smartphone the cameras have night vision flash motion detection there's even a live video feed I mean it has all the features you would expect from any security camera it even sends you notifications once it detects motion it's amazing I have one set up in the living room one in the backyard and one especially in my garage since that is where all of my goodies are located and I'm planning on picking up two more come here bro I'm gonna show you something all right guys so this is a laundry room of my new home obviously it's right next to the loft and this year is LG's twin wash that's a good question I did not tell you to ask me that at all if you look down here you will see a mini washer built inside the pedestal I can use the front washer for larger loads while I watch custom loads down here at the same time the side pick is perfect for those delicate clothes that you don't want to mix with your main load or let's say you have some really smelly gym clothes and you want to wash those separately well the sidekick is perfect for that so not only is the pedestal an extra mini washer but it also helps lift the entire washer so that way it's waist tight that way I'm not constantly bending down to throw in loads I can simply pop this open little close in and then close the door it's very convenient another thing absolutely love about the washer and dryer is that they are extremely quiet I'm gonna start a quick load and I want to show you guys so you guys can actually listen how quiet this is and it's really important to me because my studio guys has literally crossed the hallway which I'll show you in a minute so when I'm recording videos absolute silence is a must for me so I'm just gonna set it to a normal cycle and then I'm gonna hold the start so as it's warming up guys I'm gonna stand here the entire time and you can actually hear it working and you can tell how quiet it is all right so that's cool and all but why is it featured in my smart home series well here's a smart part about it there's actually an app where you can download called smart think and not only can you remotely start the washer using the app but you can also monitor it at the same time which is pretty cool I can also set up push alerts and download Custom Cycles for let's say sweat stains baby clothes beach wear and stuff like that both of the LG dryer and washer have every possible option listed on here to get you the perfect wash and dry every single time it's all surprised that I own a lot of LG products in my home from the LG monitor that I use to edit my YouTube videos to the LG gram laptop that I always take with me on the go and the 55 inch nano cell TV I have in my bedroom and my absolute favorite of all the 65 inch OLED 4k TV the simple truth is I like quality and LG makes quality products their appliances are no exception and being able to control the appliances remotely using the smart think app on your smart phone is one of the reasons why I use LG in my home it doesn't matter if it's sponsored or not guys if the quality of the product is bad I'm not gonna end up using it in my home but the pretty much wraps up the video and the first episode of the ultimate smart home if you guys enjoyed it feel free to toss ain't like you guys didn't feel free to dislike as well as long as you leave some sort of feedback again I want to give a huge thing so LG for sending up the appliances it's sponsoring this video everything I mentioned in this video will be linked below as always things again for watching and I'll see you in the next one you
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