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Building With A Subscriber! - Episode 2 (Part 1)

was a guy from Texas and welcome to another episode of a building with a subscriber it's been a while since I've been one of these and other you guys enjoy the first one so here we are again and this time I'm joined with Isaiah say there's a so tell me about yourself man what are you coming from a small town called Lompoc Lompoc come on man it is about three and a half hours what was a Christian I thought was Christian from us I think I got you of others like only two hours away so you're technically the longest drive so far but he actually stayed at a hotel he was actually smart instead of hotel so he's all refreshed and ready to go this morning so tell you man what are we building exactly here is that PC is this it's gonna be for gaming and streaming gamey and screaming oh cool so I guess we'll go over some parts real quick looks like you picked up the Asus GTX 1080 solid choice I'm a big fan of issues we add 16 gigs of ram this is the Corsair Vengeance 3,000 megahertz the processor we're going with is the 7700 K not a bad choice obviously can overclock that bad boy even show you a few tips on how to lock it for cooling about the h100 v2 power supply a 50 g2 from EVGA and the motherboard msi env2 70 now the case we're gonna be using is the s340 elite I see there's so many times even the first person that was building with went with the s340 elite is there a specific reason why the glass you like that like that's a little glass rather than the non elite because it's cut off okay nice nice so tell me why I'm guessing this in all black bill honestly I the parts I like just kind of happened uh I wasn't going with colors when I was picking on okay I just realized that it wasn't gonna be very colorful but just some she's had a 500gb so just as long as it like performs and you don't care about the clothes yeah I can respect that it's on top but I don't know I can respect that I can respect that cool cool yeah under RGB hypetrain yeah I just noticed through there's no ygb strips or anything like that so I got the basic black up like that's cool that's cool all right so tell me I gotta ask you this man when did you subscribe detectors probably about two years ago when I first actually learned about building computer oh no way yeah all your tutorials is everything I know oh nice speaking of that actually have you even watched any of my tutorials no I would say rating on a scale one through 10 10 being you can build a PC with your eyes closed and one being you don't know what a GPU is what is your yeah probably about a seven I think a it's a little tricky with the wiring for me okay so you doesn't have a lot more experience than the previous guy so it's gonna help a lot myself okay let's march now I'm sorry but you know the deal though building me I'm not gonna say anything yeah if you need help I'll jump in recess new skills on how you can build PC without any help cool and one final question I gotta ask you is what is your favorite series on the channel if you have to pick I probably go with set up set up or yeah set up morons because you just gotta see what everyone's is so different right inside you see some pretty crazy stuff on there alright also must miss that's always like no more in choice I would say instead of words yeah but what a video made you subscribe to my channel Oh what video discovered tutorials cuz I was just searching like had it had a build one oh really Oh interesting okay alright man let's do this the next over here if you want yep we can unbox some things the first pieces of items we'll need is obviously the motherboard CPU and RAM I think everything else we can just put this side well for now alright we have one SSD one hard drive selling into theta right yeah we'll get this just in case I'm curious why did you go with the MSI board this good old black aesthetic that it just looked good it looked good the price was decent okay Andy and I don't want to under pay for things and then I like getting what I pay for it which yeah kind of hurts me sometimes because well you can't really cheap out on the motherboard especially when you're going with an unlocked processor because we're gonna be overclocking it so you definitely need to solve it border and the Z 270 you gave me from MSI is definitely a solid choice so be gentle on their planks and it kind of fits with the whole color scheme - we got the whole black carbon fibre and everything so nice dude good choice so what PC haven't been using this entire time have you been my zero I know my universe computer personal computer how do you see yes not even a light top I use my girls oh yeah you're officially joining the PC massive today exactly why that's also dude all right wow you have a lot more weight so tell me how do you figure out what position is the correct position when putting the CPU on the corner the corner nice nice you did watch my videos good stuff Morris all right dope man yeah hi man so what is the next step I am Bram all right beautiful there you go man cool let's see if he knows what slots to put these in all right looks like Tim a 2 and a 2 and beat you why do you figure that says right this table right on the motherboard beautiful on the board yeah good job so he's basically making sure to align the notch from the ramp to the notch on the RAM slot beautiful pressure nice perfect beautiful all right man step2 done very simple what is next I guess normally two people go for the i/o shield but the case when do the honors of peeling the plastic now right the way wait till the Anglin is done oh yeah all right get the accessories from there okay down here I don't think I've ever built in an s3 40 elite case really this is actually the first time wait no the first guy he had an s3 40 only did I think as well did it but his oh no no no he's a 440 razor addition not right that's why I was like wait a minute I knew his NZXT though but yeah this is the first time officially the circle go to the bottom if you have exactly that's always a good memory man yeah where's last time you watched my build a video I was probably I watched your in detail tutorial like last night just to refresh oh nice yeah the most recent one that I yeah their full beginner's guide Oh all right let's uh let's move on so what did you uh we want to next you've got your we got dial polka dot IO show put in so I guess we check stand offs beautiful guessing now let me ask you this first do you want to because I know you why you want to put the IO cooler on there you want to put that after we put the case motherboard inside do you want to put the hook up the brackets on there first brackets on first why because I okay there yup that's I just feel like you probably I didn't realize overlooking a cooler because it was an air cooler probably okay it's gonna be a lot easier yeah now because we're gonna have to flip the motherboard over cuz II notice holes on there have to hook up the bracket on there cool and if you put it in the case it's gonna be kind of annoying into it why did you go with a 200 IV - I was just looking on PC part picker to be honest with you and it is the most popular probably right it was it is the most popular yeah and the price isn't bad the price is pretty good this one you might need this okay the manual to tell you because there are different sockets so we gotta figure out which standoffs to use on these right because there's eight of them yeah so four for one type of socket and four for the other okay we need to know what type of socket your CPU is using the best way to figure that out in case you don't know is looking at the box oh so figure out what socket type your CPU is you look on the bottom of the box it says LGA 1151 and once you figure that out you look at the manual and it'll tell you what standoffs to use so I'll tell you basically which screw type to use them off which ones to say like 51 so since this one is 1151 we're gonna be using the 1151 smooth that which looks like this shorter ones yeah yeah and one of the things you have to do is you have to align the bracket in the back correctly so if you look closely there's a chart here that tells you what position to put the knob on so it's nice and snug good yeah now the tricky part is keeping this there exactly so what I normally do that's where the box comes in like it comes in handy because usually flat like this and you said now it's time for this standoffs cool so I got to ask you man yeah since you have been away from PC game in such a long time what is the first game you're gonna pop open on your PC stop playing first game pup G well gee I knew it's guys it's gotta be pug deer I got it that's what a hype set right now is just because it's like so popular your friends I play and we just want to try it I just want to stir I want to stream it I want to get good at it on the PC side okay the Xbox side is just irrelevant all right that's right it released on flex asks I heard I think it's really sad frame rates are really crap right oh my god if you don't have the X don't buy it you order from home guys not me yeah so next step man you got those hooked up do much it huh oh we need the throne we got thermal paste on the cooler itself so would you want to use it or do you want to yeah okay so we're gonna use the stock thermal paste cuz I got some bad ass don't know face in the other room got some throne blow grizzly and then if you really want some it's up to you stick that one well now you got me thinking I mean is it is it worth the switch oh if I if I didn't have any thermal diversity I would say no but the fact I have a bunch left over I mean for my water because I don't mind that's the one I'll be using on my 79 80 XE by the way it's one of the best thermal paste you can buy and I don't know how good the coarser one is I just feel like it's okay you want to put the cooler on now what do you want to put the put it in the case first and then put the cool put it in the case cool make sure the standoffs are aligned cool and you just start screwing them in and who's very simple all right laptop ready to go as you guys can see possible fresh and I picked up my thermal Grizz they're like four of these in the other room ready to go high-performance thermal grease now guys I don't know if this is gonna be a lot better than the stock third wall pace from the cooler I think this will give you slightly better thermals even if there's 0.5 degrees or one degree but again you guys can check that for yourself but I mean what is uh what is the next step cool cooler okay beautiful so before you put the cooler on how do you want to put it this thing because there's two ways you can monitor this way you can minded this way oh man that way this way no the other way this way yeah okay do you want this to be intake you want fans blowing hair blue fans blowing or this way Cola from the outside into the case or do you want the opposite way because there's a there's two different ways you can mount this radiator well this is gonna be it's gonna be blocked well there is a cutout over here on the top so that's basically what has are you coming in it's not there now it best airflow yeah but yeah I still getting in cold I'll take up to the intake beautiful what's what I've done - so we got two exhaust fans stock that are installed by NZXT these are gonna be exhaust and I'm gonna be using this as intake so now how do you wanna do first do you want to put the fans on here first or you want to install the radiator how do you wanna do this I say we put the fans on there beautiful this guy knows his stuff man very very good stuff man here you have two one two that cool here are the fans let's see if you can figure out the orientation a lot of people get this wrong normally for Corsair fans you could see on the side here the orientation of where the air is being blown in from okay so for example if the arrow is pointing this way air is going in this way so air is being sucked in from here out from here cool so it's not that you can make it this area right here now another thing before you install that a lot of people actually forget I've actually made this mistake many times is let's see if you're gonna be putting at this orientation right we rotate this around oh you got a lucky this time can see where the cable is coming out of yeah you want the cable face on the opposite end so it's better for cable management cool sometimes I would do this way I got a plate was sticking exactly so without accident or no yeah 100 sent back yeah yeah good stuff bag is that cool I'll hold this if you want to screw it in oh we got to put the throne good job I was with that so let's pop this open that's good well I would naturally have done a little bit more but you can cover it and know their own face if you want alright seems good P dot yeah people are being triggered right now in the pen what are you doing to this process Superman butchered it man let me do my job we'll check the thermals after yeah next up is that the correct orientation because the coarser okay as long as the stop something just don't apply super pressure okay like as long as it spins like that keep going okay so you want to make sure the the cooler is a good contact with the processor I think there's some spinning going on like I gets to the point where it gets a little tight and then it just really yeah okay I was like looking I was like I've never seen black thumb screws for these yeah and then I realized this thing the freakiest dumb screws for the bracket is for the side paddle of the case oh my god I wanted to do one build without any mistakes just run it's not happening that's last one that's officially one for the record but we're good it wasn't like a the wrong cooler Christian if you guys haven't seen the first episode it was an entertaining one let's just put it out that I'll leave the link below if you guys want to check it out it really there's no wrong answer if you literally be anything at this point okay yeah you asked to always be last okay cuz this is the last last component that sits on the motherboard but literally anything else to be getting who he can put in there you start doing some drives okay beautiful my next choice so he's going with one terabyte hard drive and even SSD right yeah is that reason he didn't go with an MDOT to drive the place right next up is to install hard drive he doesn't know where it goes in the case so I'm gonna see if he can figure it out so spy just by looking at it this would be interesting do you see anything in the front no slip it in the back no but now oh yeah sorry there it is it's hidden nice meetin ya so this way yeah good job all right so our drapes then we want to hook up next SSD beautiful let's do that and I know you say you want to hook that up in the fun right thank you okay let's do that why did you go with Samsung I'm curious out of the popularity and reliability yeah yeah prize and they have a good reputation Samsung so can't go wrong there yeah - so what is the trade you'd wait okay got your hard drives installed what is up next you've got the power supply and the Wi-Fi adapter I'd go power supply power supply good choice Wow so let's see if you know which cables we need we're a computer computer computer computer sir your computer you see what cables again so what does that people for this is power power for my for my home tech can put the motherboard perfect alright so far so good what else do we need obviously need is to power I don't know I don't know these ones is usually labeled on their it even tells you if you can case you want they call it VGA but it's what does it usually stand for video video all right beautiful now how many of these do you need do you know how many pins your keep us I do not have we can figure it out let's open this up pop this open opening up the Beast GTA X 1080 from ACS guys now I gotta ask you did you pick this grab this card off after the whole cryptocurrency fiasco did you not end up overpaying for it did you pick it up before I picked it up I think a little before I the price went up to about nine dollars yeah that is like at the 1080i territory right there
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