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Building With A Subscriber! - Episode 2 (Part 2)

hey guys before I start the finale I'm gonna give huge things to super evil Megacorp for sponsoring this video vainglory is a popular mobile game that recently released their new mode where you can go up against five opponents in a true 5v5 MOBA game essentially get the PC experience on mobile this game is designed so well from the graphics to the hero animations and the mechanics this is a skill based game however it's easy to learn and it's easy to unlock new heroes and skins that support up 220 FPS so it's recommended to play on the new razor phone or iPad pro but if you guys don't have either then it's not a big deal because you still get at least 60 FPS vainglory is free-to-play and it's available on the App Store Google Play and the Amazon App Store and just my subscribers out there I'll be giving away three $20 gift cards of your choice and all you have to do is download the game using my link below and send me a screenshot of your most epic kill in game by dropping that in the comment section down below I'll be announcing the winner at the end of February on my Twitter account so make sure you guys are following me there now back to the episode so we need eight so that's eight over here and six so basically we need two cables because this one comes at a total of eight and this other one comes at also another eight but you can remove two for a total of six now what do we do slide it well I guess we should hook up everything first correct the back from the back beautiful cool you led my mind yeah well I've actually got the cables hooked up what is the next step fan goes down faces down so what do we do we take off this can Harry yeah good stuff actually uh before we put it in you can do it now but it'd be a good idea to put the bracket back on on the faster play okay oh wait I took this this one yeah except to the actual person god okay the screws I gave you and then we could stop it back in okay the best thing to do is obviously test the components before but we're doing the tech source way we're just plugging everything in we're praying for the best yeah all right every component is connected except the graphics card so what did you want to do next I guess is the question the graphics we ended up but I think will be easier to reach some of the plugs on the motherboard without it without the graphics card because we have to still plug in the SATA cable and stuff like that what do you want to hook up the cables yeah I want to test your knowledge you see where each cable connects to so let's start off with the easy ones how about that the 24 pin cable yeah not in that perfect table number two it's gonna be a USB three this is to plug in the USB three header in the front so what goes yes the J USB 3 perfect the only cable that looks just like it the only port that looks just like it so see point at CPU one is usually like I'm where on the motherboard below is it below the 24 no that's the USB good job so top right or left of the motherboard right no if I'm wrong I'm not listen it was 5050 5050 this is the top left top left okay so remember you were even telling me that to wrap the cable at the top and hold the motherboard okay alright so everything is hooked up I'll be working on the cable and right afterwards we've got to make sure the computer actually turns on so this is pretty much what it looks like so far very gothic I would probably all I'll call it a batman-themed PC for sure not a single light source in there but yeah I think the last thing is to plug in the Bevers card hold on do the honours plug that bad boy oh there it is I have it you know we keep you at office actually oh yes good call the top one we gotta take out the second or third second is already offensive and then we have to take on another one for my wife oh yes I almost forgot about that he picked up a wireless adapter because I'm guessing you're gonna hook this PC up via Wi-Fi yes is it because your Ethernet cable is too short the router is just yeah it's it's with a lock on your house make sense so this is a so ii x board connection yes it is so we can plug that in I don't want to plug that in the bottom as far away from the GPU as possible so he doesn't get to it alright that's uh this plug this in first actually if you want unbox stuff we can plug that in at the end as long as we just plug that first alright baby beautiful yeah back in alright let's put those back in the box with the finale guys the GPU and we're gonna see if our hard work paid off or not if it doesn't post there may be a part three in this video I don't know obviously Z wants to play I want to start gaming as soon as possible so let's see if you can get this done first try also you told me you wanted to scream right yes this is also streaming pieces yes so what kind of games do you want ice cream pop geo somos yeah pop G for sure the most all FPS is Frankie from overwatch fortnight pub G ok anything like that I might throwing some smite for MOBA fans but nice okay nice you already have a twitch channel setup and everything I have one set up but I haven't started obviously cuz inaudible computer yeah I do have a page and everything yeah cool yeah you guys want to check him out I'll drop a link to his stream down below maybe you can show them some love oh yeah no way dude this Gordon plug this baby in let's do it dude your honor let's go ahead and peel this off they'll bring it up closer to the mic so we can hear that glorious peeling we're long eautiful he's got we got one more for the case guys yeah that's for the finale cool let's pop it open I mean to pull off the plastic yeah yeah don't want to plug in the GP with that on yeah you do want to do most take up to almost grabs cards yeah yeah mostly to stick up to very few take three the triple slot ones which are like those really yeah the ones from gigabyte alright guys so here it is the Gotham bill I'm calling the hash tag off that hash tag hash tag Batman yeah the GPU does have RGB on here of course and the light so you can turn that off obviously any light in here would completely mess with the color scheme the old black color scheme or you can just leave it on the white just got some nice you know some lighting in there but overall man what do you think looks good as what you expected is what you envisioned when you were yeah building the pieces yeah definitely really yeah it looks pretty good nice dude very nice oh yes power distinct up let's see if it boots up and then if it does we can work on the heel management I'm gonna show you how to overclock this bad boy and we'll install the drivers to set you up awesome job ladies and gentlemen the moment I've been waiting for everything is hooked up we're together let's see if it indeed boots up you want to do a countdown yeah we are three two one why smiling Bob that looks good you jinxed it dude PC shut off that's normal sometimes it does that sometimes so wait the power strip is unplugged yeah let's restart it see what happens congratulations man congratulations oh I do not want to go through troubleshooting yeah not at all at all I was like wasting a little yeah look hey I was gonna little nervous the first time when we booted the episode 1 we didn't plug in the power supply I think right or something something went along there but this time it was a freaking power outlet the switch on yes exactly - oh streak hex or sybilla's guys I'm good at that see if you knew three in a row for his booboo eye man so next step is we're gonna plug in Windows 10 assist the pro or just a sound okay cool so I'm gonna get you loaded on Windows once I have all the drivers are offloaded ready to go I'm gonna cut some cable management go do some sexy b-roll show off the inside of the PC even though there's no RGB that will show off the cable management of course cuz you do get that with the text source experience you get the pristine cable manager work as well and I got a little something for you at the end all this a little gift whoo cuz I cuz the first episode I gave something to you know the person I was helping build so it'd only be nice to give something to you at the end so we'll see you guys soon look at this up top so the pcs done everything is updated all the drivers are downloaded you're pretty much good to go the only thing we're gonna do is overclock your 77 1 gk because it's a shame to leave it at speeds definitely so we're gonna push that when a tram push the least 5 you can hurts because it is possible if not I'll settle for point eight or even four point nine so basically when you restart when you turn on your PC the first time you hit delete to get into the BIOS school and over here is where it's gonna give you the options to overclock your processor awesome what I like to do over here is hit the f7 always that turns into the Advanced Mode and I just like the lad layout of the the menu better definitely gives you more options so down here when you go to overclock settings and over here it says overclock Explorer mode we're gonna switch that to experts because we're experts obviously okay so over here now you have the option to set the clock speed for each specific core now typically these can go up to five gigahertz based on my previous experience and if you just search up on our you know articles and forums people can push it to five you guys but what I gotta go with that high okay as at first we're gonna start low and gradually increase so let's just do something very simple do 45 now next in you want to do scroll down you guys make sure you always enable extreme memory poor file the XMP this is basically we're gonna overclock your RAM by the way nĂºmero what the megahertz is on around 3,000 to 8,000 good memory the amount of frequency you want you want to take it off auto and set up to the 3000 now ideally what you can do is once you have a find the stable overclock to the processor you can come back and you can increase that slowly but surely so the next one would be what 3066 you click that option and you go your do your benchmarking and stuff if there's a crash go back input increase it you can be sitting tall keep putting spot that you know what's up so okay without that we scroll down we got to set the voltage now for both the processor and the ram the ram is easy we always set it to one point three five volts so stock it's one point two so we hit 155 make sure we're applying enough juice to the to the ramp and then the processor stock 1.14 i looked it up on the forums people are getting around one point three five to one point three seven five so then this stuff no it's more 1.30 it's more because we're gonna be overclocking alright it needs more juice so we're gonna set it to one point three hoops one point three five just to start off that's a very baseline very basic voltage and once we've done all that all we got to do is hit that tenth which saves all of your information it tells you you're looking changed well that's cool except in profile we sent it through four point five gigahertz and here's our voltages for you me and enter it's gonna do its thing and that's basically a waiting game it's okay we're at the program here are fifteen now we're gonna hit the cpu benchmark here we're gonna see so if I didn't crash usually crashes immediately so I think we're doing pretty good but so it's been more stable we're good to go remember how to score 1005 Cinebench that score should go up the more we clock it obviously so we'll go back we're gonna restart yeah providing the bias ideally you want to increase it by 100 megahertz but since we're on a time frame well I'm gonna jump straight to Simon ballpark yeah yeah oh yeah well I'll do four point eight hold on three to four point eight 48 I'll keep the same voltage because if it crashes then I can go back and increase the voltage so far so good let's open up the program ideal you want to check temperatures while you're running this - because I didn't download the HW monitor program okay but I don't think it's necessary but just for your reference if you're gonna be overclocking always have that open up next to it so you get one of many times if you gets too high he gets in the high 80s 90s then your frequency or voltage is set too high okay you want to lower voltage to get lower temps and if the crashes that means the frequencies to high you gotta know that as well okay so see 1064 so already that's like 60 something more points squadron alright so going straight to five we're using a stable same voltage see it's jumping into the high 80s actually admitted he doesn't know about that and we're still running down 1.35 both so that's pretty good it's it's stable I mean the only other a test I recommend is to run 595 or either 64 or a few hours and see how that goes but your system really isn't gonna be pushed that much you're not gonna be editing right young a mostly gaming is GPU intensive so honestly I think you're set look at the score 1000 I almost almost 100 1100 almost more than what we originally started with itself yeah I mean I mean just keep it the way it is no my 35 volts if anything I think maybe we can underclock the voltage I lowered it the voltage so we went from one point three five to one point three to five okay so point 25 voltage to be on the clock did okay low a yes it's barely capping at 85 wow that's I am impressed that's good I'm impressed I'm gonna bug you bite down yeah you don't need our DB right yes if you're going on RGB you guys are gonna get a faster processor oh there we go guys yeah I knew it Illuminati was not in here it was a freaking thermal grizzly I don't want to speak just yet I want to figure it out I'll get to the bottom of this but I have a strong suspicion that the thermal paste swapping has something to do with these clock speeds possibly 5.0 gigahertz at one point three volts is the sweet spot still very very impressed and happy with that I would say you have one civilization congratulation I'll do you that's Pete wants a man let me show you the cable management a little quake on the back we're gonna put on the panel and then you're good to get off cool yeah that's pretty much it what would you rate your experience over all buildings PC with me Adam Safi solid 10 easy yes and is this as easy as he thought PC building would be was a lot easier when you actually put in you know when you aren't you building yourself when I was watching the YouTube videos I think I should have more imagine myself doing it more so I could put myself in the situation because when I had the cables I was kind of lost trying to just imagine like you doing it okay rather than doing it myself so but it was pretty good though the experience was different then as opposed to watching and actually building not too much not too much just a little bit with the cables that's it yeah would you say it was a lot easier building in the idea I guess my question is are you more familiar now oh yeah for sure okay sweet sweet cool man amen before I let you go I do have one little gift for you I miss a kid I was like what am I gonna do I'm giving you this mouse I know you told me that you were gaming on a laptop or not yeah you game on your girlfriend's laptop yeah and even I have actual a laptop for yourself so I decided to give you something I haven't been using this is the Qi woo it's basically the MacBook for China wow it's a very sleek very clean laptops brand-new and you can use this for your streaming videos do we like work it doesn't have a gratis car intent but you know it's pretty powerful and it does Awesome's got a beautiful screen on there really nice keyboard a nice touchpad and I think you're doing wow thank you room noise thank you very much you're welcome dude that's where you that's pretty much it out wraps up this episode guys if you enjoyed it tossing a like would be awesome and if you guys want to check out today's twitch channel drop below check me though is if you shoot me really soon with this beast PC so yes I get home really does get home yeah that's crazy yeah but yeah I think I saw what you have for watching I hope you enjoyed it and subscribe for more content like this as always I will see you guys in the next video later
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