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Building a $10,000+ Water Cooled PC - Episode 1

what's a grass after taxes and welcome to another unboxing episode here on the channel based on the title the video you guys already know what we're gonna be doing so I'm gonna be starting on my next epic water-cooled PC featuring the corsair 1000d case which sticks honestly the box is so big I can't even fit it on this table so that's actually gonna be the last thing we're gonna be unboxing everything on the table over here is pretty much all the parts that are going in the build plus the water cooled parts which are on the way I think they'll be here next week from alpha cool so I want to give you huge things to aces courser and alpha cool for sponsoring this build and it's going to be epic but anyways guys it's gonna dive into these boxes and take a look and see what parts I'm gonna be using let's start off the unboxing with this one actually now that I'm thinking about it I don't know if this is an actual PC part I know everything else is a PC part except I think this one and I was right we got a couple of gaming headsets from doesn't say it was from but they sent in two for some reason so he's off from hunter spider and it's a pro gaming headset for the ps4 pro the Xbox one asks the switch and of course your PC or laptop why not let's just unbox it you know what let me see how much these are in Amazon before I even talk about it cuz it's like 100 bucks I'm not gonna even show it in the video okay not bad so they're going forward 26 bucks it's got 427 reviews four-star ratings so not bad so pretty flexible actually a quality feels very flimsy and cheap but I mean it's pretty flexible oh yeah these are even lights it's like you can barely feel anything comforts there and the ear cups I know that's not very large so it kind of goes over your ears so it feels like the noise isolation is really terrible because it kind of just hovers over your ear doesn't really sit flush on it that makes any sense does have a remote control here you can control the volume using the knob over here and you can also mute your microphone so that's pretty cool does have a 3.5 millimeter jack or USB but it also comes with a microphone and audio Al's for your PC if you wanna plug it directly in the back so anyways guys I'll drop a link below if you want to check it out 26 bucks seems like a pretty good deal especially with the reviews on Amazon but anyways moving on to the good stuff I'm guessing this is either the RAM sticks or the processor the processor so coarse are actually sent in the eye 77020 X which is an eighth core but this is tech source we don't we don't a core is too low for us so I think we're gonna do with 10 core actually and I bought the spare processor somewhere here it is it's in a plastic bag actually don't have a case for this because I think I use it in a build so this is the 7900 X this is a 10 core processor using the X $2.99 platform so we kind of give ourselves a a 2 core upgrade yeah we might have to use this in a different build though what's the next smallest box that's right here actually this one is from coarser I think I mean 90% of the boxes off from coarser so it's gotta be see the course our new egg okay so this is we got the RAM and we've got one SSD so we are putting in 64 gigs I know we're not putting hundred 28 that's interesting we're putting 64 gigs of their new vengeance LED this is abby black with the RGB lights I think these are rated at 3200 megahertz which obviously we can overclock and we do have a 960 gigabyte SSD as well I think we're also I think that's gonna be an end out too in here as well but it's a continuing boxing this I think this has to be like my biggest record between water-cooled builds usually when I do it water-cooled bills I wait like six to eight months so it's interesting that I'm already starting on my next one holy commander Pro Batman ladies and gentleman we have not one or two or three but four I'm just kidding we have six commander pros because let's face it one or two or three or five aren't enough and we have a set of ML 140 RGB lights RGB lights that's redundant RGB I just keep people eyes RGB fans the ml 1/4 is I guess we're not using the ll series this time around like my previous build so but yeah for now I'm sorry 6 commander pros and I think the case comes with a commander Pro installed so we have seven up to seven I don't think I'm gonna use all of them but we'll see all right let's keep the trend going I think this is the next biggest box yeah also from coarser let's dive right in aha of course we need all the juice we can get so we went with the ax 1600 I think this is titanium rated I'm sorry platinum rated not the same thing Platinum or titanium oh yeah ax 1600 is gonna give us enough juice to do whatever the hell we want inside the case you know hook up as many GPUs as we want overclock connect a bunch of fans and water cooling stuff so yeah this is this is definitely a must alright we got a box from new egg you like deja vu I just unbox one we have 2a x16 edge knife actually we might even use this one because the case is very special I'm going to talk about it in a way but basically the plan is to build two pcs inside the case so I'll talk more about that at the end when I unbox it alright this one is obviously from coarser judging by the coarser sale logo oh my god I have never seen so many fans we have an interesting combination of fans actually we have 4:1 20s and 4:1 40s and we also have a set of RGB lights of course we're sending all this commander pro's and fans why not send an RGB strip to top it all off I think the case can hold up to 24 28 fans it's it's ridiculous guys it really is this is like I would say the most overkill build on the channel so far you thought my last bill was overkill you guys have seen nothing yet I promise you all right guys you have two more boxes let's get this one open okay I don't know I don't know why they sent in an AI Oh cooler I mean it's obvious we're doing a water-cooled bill the custom water-cooled build so there is no literally no need for this I might have to use it in a different build but yeah oh thank you Corsair the last box is from a soos whoo all right let's see what they got they didn't tell me what they're sending they just said we want to participate in your insane overkill water cool build using the new 1000d case of course there so we're gonna send you some goodies so we're gonna check out and see what kind of goodies they sent me it's Christmas again Bob it's happening so soon oh my god can it be is it true this is real life all right ladies and gentlemen check this out we have the usual to 1080 T eyes I mean there's nothing you know crazy you guys have seen us on that channel many times but they also threw in my favorite motherboard of all time the mother of all motherboards ladies and gentlemen the rog rampage six extreme this thing is seriously packing everything you need for overclocking for water cooling I mean this this is it you want the best of the best from Asus you're looking right at it so yeah you might wonder why we're not going with a triple or maybe even a quad S the life of the build well that's because like I told you guys earlier we're gonna be doing two builds inside the case two separate pcs and we want to have enough space for another SLI build for the the other PC if that makes any sense so yeah that's kind of what we're going with - who knows maybe we'll add two more later on the line we'll see we'll see I'm not really saying anything now I'm not gonna make any promises but for this build we're just gonna go with the flow I think that's the best and safest way to do it I'll speak with that guys I want to ask you if you want to see multiple series of the build or you want to see just one entire video condensed maybe to like 20 minutes or something of the entire build in one video or you like the series like you saw in my last build so let me know by dropping your comments down below but anyways guys yeah these are pretty much all the parts plus the water cooling parts from alpha cool that are coming next week and of course the case which we're gonna unbox right now and take a closer look because this thing is a beast guys it's pretty much half my height and I'll show you what I mean how on earth are we gonna get that on the desk over here oh wait a minute we have one more box I thought I'd miss this just quickly open it ah I knew there was gonna be an MDOT - I spoke too soon so this is the MP 500 from course sir I think we're using 480 gigabytes so yeah it I mean it's not a terabyte or anything but it's still gonna contribute to the overall storage ooh we don't really put you guys have noticed this but we don't really focus on storage when it comes to high-end builds because we can always add storage later down the line we like to focus more on the aesthetics and the performance not so much storage anyways it's trying to get this thing on the desk okay yeah I'm gonna throw out my back when I lift this anymore Bob I need your help man all right there's this even fit it doesn't even fit in the camera frame wow this is actually literally the biggest unboxing I've ever done now that I think about it oh my god what was that Wow what I can sleep in here if the cooling is good obviously look how huge this thing is god damn why would you need something this big so hey guys this is the case we're gonna be building in the 1000 the from Corsair this is pretty much the wet dream of all PC enthusiasts out there you can do whatever he fantasized about in terms of modding water cooling I mean there's so much room for activities in here okay you can do all sorts of crazy bends but the thing that really separates this from the other giant cases is that it has space for two motherboards micro ATX on the bottom any full-size ATX maybe even an extended ATX on the side here so yeah and there's also space on the bottom here for two power supplies so yeah that is why I want to build two pcs in here one focused on the workstation side and one for pure gaming I think it's gonna be a very interesting project to say the least it's wrapped around with tinted tempered glass that's on a hinge making it really easy to get inside it can support up to four four hundred eighty millimeter radiators simultaneously and up to 20 fan mounts but what I love about the case is that it gives you the option of pulling out the trays for easy access the main feature of the case is of course the dual system layout you can mount up to an e ATX motherboard vertically and a mini ITX board horizontally this means you can combine them and have a gaming and streaming setup running simultaneously or you can combine your main PC with a file server I mean the choice is yours you also get a buttload of room in the back for cable management SSDs harddrive mounts and on the front panel it comes with 4 USB 3 ports and two USB C's which by the way are all RGB lit now it does come with a commander Pro already installed in the back however it does fans because course I wanted to provide the Builder with flexibility I mean let's face it if you're gonna spend $500 on this case you already know what parts you're gonna go with so yeah guys that pretty much wraps up this video I hope you enjoyed it let me know what your feedback is in the comment section down below what sort of color scheme I should do because that's kind of still undecided obviously it's mostly gonna be black so let me know what kind of color I should combine with the black whether it be black and white black and green let me know your comments or suggestions down below yeah it's pretty much it if you into the channel make sure to subscribe because you don't want to miss out on what I'm gonna be doing with this beast I love you guys so much anything you see in this video will be linked below I'll see you in the next one
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