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Building a $4700 PC Inside the DeepCool Quadstellar Case!

what's up guys MTAC Saurus welcome back to another build on the channel this one's gonna be an interesting one because we're gonna be building inside this massive case from deep cool this is the quad stellar and you guys might have seen it on our CES coverage 2018 but we're gonna be building inside here the parts are honestly not that important really building this to showcase the case it's time this star I really if I'm building this to show off the case and what it can do because it got some really dope features and even has movable parts which you can control using your smartphone so that is what I'm gonna be focusing on for this episode and you want to take this time and talk about Armada modern tanks who is also sponsoring this video I've had the opportunity to play this game and I've been hooked on it ever since it's a cross-platform 5v5 pvp game featuring tanks I mean what can be more cool than that you get to control tanks and use them to fight over realistic environments with actual physics built in the game almost everything can be destroyed in game from trees falling down all the way to breaking through walls combine that with the excellent graphics and sound you get that immersive experience my favorite part about this game is that you can choose from up to 25 different tanks from the hangar and you can even upgrade them as you progress throughout the game not only is each tank unique but it also has its very own unique play style and attributes not only is Armada modern tanks free-to-play but it's also a multi-platform game and it's available all the platforms listed on the screen and just my subscribers when you download the game using the link in the description section you'll not only get a VIP account but also a hundred gold and a hundred thousand silver which is a really nice bonus to give you guys a head start on your game as always this is a tech source build so we're gonna be throwing in high-end overkill parts we're gonna with the 78 20 X 8 core processor this is actually a 128 gig kit from Corsair I don't think gonna be using all hundred 20 gigs we might just throw in 64 gigs or something we're also obviously using these tricks 1080 Ti and we're gonna be cooling the cpu with the h1 the i-pro from coarser powering the build is the EVGA 1000 g3 for the motherboard we're going with the asus rampage 6 which is actually the motherboard we're gonna be using for the two and one ultimate gaming PC which is what we're gonna be building after this guys I know you've been asking for it and for storage we are only using 400 80 gigabytes this is the coarser and P 500 m2 SSD again we're not putting emphasis on storage or the parts we really just want to show off the case and what it can do so with that said I think it's time we can start to build alright guys well let's begin it there's always something about opening up a fresh new processor that gets me excited you know what I mean but if you guys remember by a trigon build I did in the Tri stellar case last year it turned out great but there was one thing I didn't really like about the case and that was the tempered glass panel was held together with thumb screws which was kind of annoying but people actually had a solution to that for their Kwas dollar case they actually done magnetically which is awesome alright so we've got the CPU out Oh welcome to the Republic ladies and gentlemen and the ROG rampage six extreme a little fun fact about this motherboard this is actually the board were going to be using for the two-in-one gaming PC and also my rebuild of big red which is coming up guys I'm not happy with my current PC some whenever we build it completely new motherboard you see few new bands still it's gonna be awesome make sure you guys stick around for that it's pop open the cover I mean the board does have a trap slot so we might even just use all 128 gigs of this why the hell not it's there might as well use it right so yeah seven eight twenty X so I mean if there was a purpose for this PC it would be for pretty much anything right gaming streaming productivity this processor can pretty much handle all of that and it's unlocked overclock it as well so all-purpose gaming and productivity PC that's kind of what the purpose of this build is now the tricky part is finding out where the hell the m dot 2 slides in you've got this massive cover over here I'm guessing it's gonna be underneath it so there must be a way that I can pop this off the first time I've actually build using this on the ball there as I can see already there's one down here I'm guessing there's one more over here underneath the first PCI slot so it's gonna pop this cover off whoa okay well there's MDOT to slot down here it's got to put the end back to you in there first take him cover it up we're gonna keep this PC as clean as possible guys only one storage device and that's gonna be an EM about two so all right boom put this cover back on all right easy all right now let's put on the RAM fresh 128 gigs straight from the factory guys oh and by the way guys these are rated at thirty hundred megahertz so not only are we putting 128 gigs but we're putting in some really fast related RAM sticks oh-ho-ho man that's insane I've never used this much where I mean any of my builds before I think the most I've used was 64 gigs so this is pretty much double that guys check it out look at those beauties alright so got that out of the way I think it's time to put inside the case so let's bring that up here shall we there we go alright so the center over here is pretty much where the motherboard sits and it can support up to an e ATX board and it actually sits upside down because the i/o shield is down here it also supports water cooling so you can fit up to 240 millimeter radiator near the bottom and up to three hundred sixty millimeter radiator which is what we're going to be putting in this one over here on this side kind of vertically in the front of the case the back over here is where the power supply sits and on the top over here is pretty much the storage unit so the guys this thing has up to nine so you can fit up to nine hard drives or SSDs and there's even extra SSD tray right here in the front as far as SLI you can actually support up to four-way SLI or 3-way crossfire whatever your motherboard can support you can fit that many GPUs inside this case because there's plenty of clearance on the bottom now if you guys are going with a single GPU configuration you can also mount your GPU vertically on this side because it does come with an extension built a PCIe build whatever you guys want to call it so yeah for this build guys obviously we're going with a single 1080i so I'm just gonna mount it over here on the top which I think will look cooler all right so before we install the motherboard we gotta remove this entire plate here so that nothing gets in the way and we make sure that we do tighten all the screws inside the case so I think it's really easy to remove this there's just some thumb screws holding it up on this side and then two more over here alright so once those four thumb screws are out I think you just slide this off just like that okay alright guys so that pretty much just gives us easy access for the entire motherboard tray so if we need to do any cable management we route any cables through the grommets or installing the motherboard it's gonna be a lot easier without that plate in the way I just noticed that this fan is in the way so if we're gonna be using the three hundred sixty millimeter radiator from courser we're gonna need this entire plate open so we're going to remove the stock fan and I think it was an easier way to doing this maybe if I just remove these two screws here I can remove this entire plate let's check it out Oh nope of course not nothing is that easy I think there's two more screws on the backside okay so there are actually three thumb screws there's one on the bottom one in the middle and then one on the top so let's go ahead and remove these real quick yep it looks like that was it god I love a see some other boards the i/o shield is already included already installed on the motherboard it's time to install the power supply again along with a 1000 g3 from EVGA and this actually the case has plenty of clearance for even like the super long extended power supplies so you have this entire space over here not only for the power supply but also to store up all the excess cables so I was thinking about going with custom cables but since they're gonna be covered anyways inside the tempered glass panel and we're really just showing off the case I said why the hell now let's skip at this time around because you guys know I pretty much use custom sleek cables and almost every single one of my builds sometimes it's okay to use the stock cables don't care they're not that hideous they're okay they're pretty bad but stuff all right see how this fits in here there you go just like that and that's up to scooter man all right power supply done it's time to hook up some cables 2,000 years later all right so now it's time to install the h1 50i cooler but there's actually something interesting about this and I'll tell you guys because we're not gonna be using the stock fans that come with this all right so instead of the stock fans are gonna be using the gamers storm mf1 20s now there is actually a major design flaw with these fans the way they're designed it's always gonna be used as intake I do I gotta say that the packaging on this is premium I've never seen packaging quite like this on any other fans so camera storm good job all right so these are the fans itself so this is what I was talking about guys the way it's designed so if you want airflow coming in the opposite direction you can't really switch it around because of the way the fans are designed so yeah that's why there was a design flaw with these fans as cool as they look and as great the cooling performances fortunately there's only one way to use them all right now it's time to install the fans on the radiator so fortunately there's only one way you could put them on all right Oh friends are installed the way they're hooked up to the control panel is by these microUSB cables which connect to the edge of the fans like this so when it hooks up to the edge here and then this end connects to the back of the control panel and to give power to the hub you have to hook up the SATA power cable that comes with it and then of course this end connects to the power supply alright let's screw the bracket back on the case so there are two ways you can mount the GPU guys the original way where you just sit it on top of the PCI slot on the motherboard and you can actually leave this off so you can see the entire motherboard in the GPU or option number two you can use the included vertical bracket with the extension belt and just to change things up a bit and to show you guys what it looks like inside the quad stellar case we're gonna use the actual bracket so I'm gonna put this back on alright guys the build is finally complete well now it's time to load up windows on it and stall some games overclock the CPU and the graphics card check out temps and bring you guys the benchmark portion my first impression is building inside the qua stellar guys very positive I love how ginormous the case is and because of that he gets so much space to pretty much do whatever you want inside right you got room for too long radiators there's nine harddrive base for SSDs and hard drives overall the case design is phenomenal so props to deep cool for that but yeah guys let's take this downstairs and see what it can do so here it is ladies and gentlemen the quad stellar build finally complete easily one of the coolest cases I have built in with that said it's not for everyone this case goes for 380 dollars guys and they be gonna be spending that kind of money on a case then you're obviously planning on doing something crazy with it the qua stellar is aimed mostly for PC enthusiasts modders and people who are planning on doing high-end builds however if you are gonna buy the case I strongly recommend going with the water cooler out because the temps in here weren't that great ok so I tested for night and 4k resolution high settings and pay attention to the temperatures not so much the CPU but the GPU which by the way is located near the top of the case with the front panel close on the case the GPU peaked at 81 degrees after playing for just about 15 minutes it did hover between 79 to 81 degrees now opening up the front panel didn't seem to do anything to the temperatures it may have dropped the temperature by one degree Celsius at most so nothing really impressive there same thing with the CPU no noticeable difference in temps but check this out guys once I remove the glass panel on top of the GPU you can see the temps drop drastically for both the CPU and GPU both of them starting at 80 degrees and dipping down to as low as 71 that's almost a 10-degree difference just by removing the glass panel now the testing was done on regular fan setting on both the croisé stellar fans as well as the MF 120 s and this is what it sounds like guys with the regular fan profile on here on Idol now if you want better cooling like a few degrees Celsius you can put it too powerful but this is how loud the fans get so yeah noticeable difference coming from regular and even on silent guys check this out on silent it's still audible so needless to say if you're gonna be gaming next to this thing make sure you have your headphones on so yeah guys that's why I recommend going the water-cooled route I feel like you get better temps air cooling just doesn't cut it in this case and I'm still using a single GPU guys imagine SLI or crossfire I mean you'll be pretty much baking in there like an oven also guys just to be clear there isn't any throttling present from my testing sure the CPU and GPU get nice and toasty in there but they don't affect performance I tested destiny 2 and GTA 5 in 4k resolution as well and the same exact temperature differences were found with and without the tempered glass panel so to conclude this video the quad stellar is a dope looking case made for PC mothers and enthusiasts I love the alien-like design and the enormous amount of space inside to do a custom loop or some creative stuff and of course the app you can not only control the RGB lights and the fan speed of the case but you can even control the flaps in the front obviously it doesn't really do much for performance but it looks cool and you can impress your friends when they come over I do wish however that the fan and the case controls were on one app instead of having to download two separate ones but it's not really a big deal anyways that's it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it thumbs up if you guys actually want to see a custom loop inside the quad stellar if this video gets 10,000 likes I'll start planning it right now so let me know your feedback as well as the color scheme you guys want to see for the quad stellar I'll also drop links below if you guys want to check it out thanks again for watching and I will see you in the next thanks again for watching guys don't forget to check out Armada modern tanks when you click on the link below and download the game you'll not only get a VIP account but also 100 gold and a hundred thousand silver to kickstart your game
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