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Building a Batman Themed Gaming PC (Subscriber Build)

what you guys it's a from tax artists and welcome back to another PC build here on the channel today we're actually gonna be doing a high end gaming PC for a subscriber of mine he reached out he's like hey ed can you build me a sexy-looking gaming PC I'm like he came to the right place of course so today actually we're gonna be doing a black-and-gray slash silver build and he's a huge fan of Batman so when do a batman-themed build let's go over some parts here but before that a quick message from our sponsor this video was sponsored by udemy it's a website that offers over 50,000 courses and pretty much anything you can think of you can learn about drawing editing videos in Premiere or even learning about investing into cryptocurrency one of the courses I've been checking out is the strategy design and development created by Joe Natali and in this course he talks a lot about UX and goes over a design content and coding budda me is not only a great place to learn new skills but it's also a great place to educate yourself on a new profession that makes money for example cryptocurrency investing in stocks real estate and more right now everything on the website is on sale for a limited time so be sure to check it out by clicking on the link below alright so let's take a look at a few of the parts let's start off with the CPU this is the 7800 X this is a six core processor he's gonna be using the PC mostly for gaming and if he ever needs to do any productivity stuff later down the line out of videos or stream then this processor will cover it because it does have 6 cores 12 threads and it's unlocked so we're gonna overclock the crap out of it and this is a very solid process so the motherboard we're going with is the asus strix X $2.99 XE we also got a bunch of parts from Corsair we got the H X 850 power supply and their new H 150 eye cooler this is actually the 360 millimetre radiator which I've never used before so this is actually the first time and I'm pretty excited we do have a buttload of fans we got some 120 s we got some 140 s they are RGB of course and we're gonna be hooking them up with the commander bro and lastly at least we're gonna top it off where is it with some RGB strips from them as well for storage we're gonna be hooking up to 960 proem tattoos in raid 0 I honestly told him this was overkill but he didn't listen to me he picked up two terabytes each so 4 terabytes total in raid 0 and he has you can see there's no hard drive there's no other SSD so those are pretty much the main storage device for the PC some accessories we picked up we got the a IO sleeping kits we're getting wrapping this around the ugly black cable from the cooler and this is the backplate we're gonna be using I completely forgot about the GPU guys we're using the Titan XP this is their new version it's the fastest XP out there and it's this the newest version but yeah I think a look at this backplate it's sick it's black with a mirrored finish in the center and the same style goes for all the fan grills I got some 120 and I got some 140 millimeter fan grills again it's all black with the nice mirrored accent in the center so it's gonna look really nice and that's gonna be reflecting off some of the parts inside the build which I think it's gonna look really really sick and I didn't pick up some paint also I don't know if I'm gonna be custom painting some parts of the case maybe but I think that I'm just in case and of course the case we're gonna be using is the fantex eclipse p400 I pretty much fits the color scheme of the build it's got a nice tempered glass side panel and it's all black with some silver accents and last but not least I did print out some custom text or stickers which I might put in the build obviously I'm going to try and put it in a place where it's not gonna affect the color scheme and he said that he wants me to sign the PC once I'm done building it so yeah those would be the final absolute final touches but anyways with that said let's start building the PC it's gonna take out the motherboard first pop in the CPU and the RAM sticks alright let's get cracking again guys I do want to emphasize that all these parts were picked up by him and sent to me for some reason when I was announcing that I do subscriber builds people were assuming I was doing it for free or I was buying the parts that is not the case guys you have to unfortunately buy the parts and send it over or in this case give me the money and I purchased the parts and haven't delivered here and inhabit built there is one part that he is actually using from his old PC and those are the RAM sticks we got 32 gigs I think these are thirty four hundred megahertz corsair dominator platinum so yeah these are pretty expensive so I'm glad he's actually using some parts of his old PC for the new one let's pop this beast in the sockets that is the wrong way mr. tech source there we go number one lever to this is not popping off sometimes it does not do that alright CPU is in place let us do RAM sticks next this dude has eight freakin sticks so we're gonna occupy all eight RAM slots which honestly looks a lot better than just putting in four all right looking sexy already by the way if you guys haven't noticed we're actually officially filming in our office so that's probably why you can see colorful walls in the background that's the kind of the points of our recording studio but let me know what you guys think in the comment section I don't know about an about a new about our new recording studio but yeah we're still waiting on carpet actually because as you guys can probably hear we still have some echo going on some reverb but once we do have the rug set up its gonna sound crisp alright this is the H 150 I Pro from a coarser I've actually never used this before so boom 360 millimeter of goodness let's pop this thing out alright so we're not gonna be using the stock fans of course we do have amazing RGB fans from Corsair this is the triple pack so we're gonna be popping in these three fans in here alright so there is a minor complication so it's gonna require some effort to put in the three sixty millimeter radiator in the case because for starters there's this plate over here which actually acts as an extension for the radiators so when I went ahead and removed this we come in contact with the hard drive cage as you guys can see so if I were to put in the radiator in this way it's pretty much being blocked so it's kind of weird how they have this in the first place because if the hard drives is gonna be here blocking the radiator then what's the point of putting this in here so luckily he's not going to be using an SSD or any hard drives so what I can do is I can take this out as well so let's pop these screws out let's get this one out of here too and I think we should be good after this keyword I think I think there's something holding it for the bottom yep there is there are two extra screws down here let's get these out of here so much work just to take off this freaking it rack are you serious right now but at least it's out now we can continue putting on the radiator all right so I mean at least now we have clearance that's that's definitely a good start all right so ladies and germs we have installed the three sixty millimeter radiator it actually fit perfectly I think there's about about an like half an inch of clearance from the top so perfect fit I'm glad that the Atlantic's included an expansion Bay for the radiator so otherwise I wouldn't have fit so awesome job you guys great to work there what's next I guess we can put in the motherboard so let's go to slide that in here what I'm thinking about doing is since courser sent us three extra fans I think we can just put these in the back of the radiator and just do a push and pull configuration so that way I'll have an excuse to use these bad boys and then we still have two other boxes of 140 millimeter radiators from radiators what am I even smoking arms must be smoking out something good two more boxes or two boxes of the 140 millimeter bands Jesus Christ okay so yeah so two 140 s will go on the top here unfortunately I don't have an extra 120 for the back here so I'm not sure what I'm gonna be doing for debts all right all the fans are inside so I think what I'm gonna do now is hook up the fan grills and there's two ways you guys can do that in case you're wondering how I how you install these all right so option number one is you can actually use fan screws and screw them inside a fan from the outside that's only if there is no fan screw sticking out now if you look on this one over here as you guys can see obviously I used the radiator mounting screws and you cannot obviously mount the fan roll this way because the screw hole is already occupied so in this case what you can do you can use the included magnets that come with your fan grilles so they include a bunch of them and basically this is what it looks like for each individual one it's got a piece of 3m tape hooked up on it so all you have to do is peel it off and stick the sticky side against the fan grill so I just put it over like this and just pretty much tap on it until it sticks on so there you have it now because these are all magnets obviously it's gonna hook up straight to the screws when you bring it close so as you guys can hear that pretty much it snaps in place so that's the beauty of these fan girls now easy it is to install them so I'm go ahead and just basically put the finger rolls on the rest of the fans and I'll be right back okay so before we install the motherboard inside the case let's hook up both of these bad boys two terabytes each guys a 960 Perl m dot 2 SSDs totaling 4 terabytes of just pure goodness so okay so this asu's motherboard actually has this shield over here it's kind of like an armored thing so I'm gonna have to actually pop this open first I think it's just a layer of protection I don't know I don't know if actually does anything for cooling to be honest but those look pretty cool and it covers those the nasty you know label on the end dot - there is only one m dot two slots what the heck where are we gonna put the second one there that out look into this I mean this is a pretty high-end board from Asus I would imagine it has two m dot two slots okay this might be a problem no there is no extra slide on the back sometimes motherboards have that ok oh ok so obviously one goes here so the other one has to be so am i blind like it has to be somewhere on here right that looks familiar let me see what this looks stupid well okay that looks I'm sorry I look stupid is that how you connect em that ooze now surely a soos can figure out another place to put it that looks aesthetically pleasing that actually makes sense now what this stupid cover is for how does this even oh my god what what ladies and gentlemen a PC building in 2018 that is what your pc looks like what the heck this is this is the ugliest thing I've ever seen all right first one for sure is staying there so let's just put the cover back on because that is going nowhere yeah let's get the cables real quick of course you guys know me I got I got with the best of the best I've been using cable mod cables for the past I think like three or four bills now absolutely love them let's see which one the CPU cable is we definitely need a single four pin so far let's turn this out so I got the four pin hooked up let's do the eight pin next beautiful so that's their do you know the cables I need a hook up are the CPU fans there's a lot of fan cables Oh lower cable management is going to be a pain look at all these ki-- these are just from the fans guys we have six seven eight nine fans in this case look at this if this isn't give you nightmares I don't know what the hell does but you get cable management part of the tech source package so yeah it's gonna take a while alright so we got an update to the build the motherboard is finally inside the case unfortunately I had to swap out the 140 millimeter fans we had to put in a to 120 millimeter fans otherwise the cables there was no space for the cables to get routed towards the back we still don't have clearance for or enough clearance for the fan grills so unfortunately I don't leave those off but at least things are moving now so I think that's a lot of matters all right time to juice up the system ice actually hook up the cables first before plugging it speaking of building guys I need to ask you guys a question if you prefer this style of building pcs already preferred the og time-lapse style videos where I just basically build a PC with music in the background compared to the conversation type where I'm talking while building so let me know in the comments section your feet back and I'll be reading the comments guys just to see what your thoughts are and what you prefer watching all right time for the big boy honestly if I had the time if the person gave me like maybe two or three extra days to work on the PC I would have completely taken apart this GPU and painted it gray which i think would look really sick but I mean black still goes in with the color scheme so it's not a big deal personally I would have painted it alright slap this bad boy in here ooh that felt good ladies and gentlemen the climax of the build little e is this the backplate oh my god that looks sick he had the reflection of the RAM sticks on there dad likes it guys not gonna lie and that's pretty much what the build is gonna look like I'm gonna obviously hook up the cables later on I'm gonna work on some cable manager in the back but I'm loving the way it looks so far it's a very clean build black gray silver accents with some white on there but like I said guys it was up to me and not extra time I would take off this PSU cover and the PCI brackets in the back and paint those great which I think will look really really nice with the build but so far I'm very happy with the progress like I said we all got some cable management and I'll see you guys very soon to wrap it up ladies and gentlemen of the jury welcome it is late night around 1:40 9 a.m. cable management was Abe bees working on this PC but nonetheless everything's hooked up ready to go will it turn on that is the million dollar question I hope it doesn't fail like my first built in case you guys missed that one check it out so flipping over to switch guys here we go moment of truth oh god I hope it works so there are at least three fans head hard spinning ah why I mean looks like it's working sounds oh thank the Lord thank the Lord's thank the PC Lords so I want to show you guys how stupid I am come here Bob here so this hole commander pro unit is obviously all the fans are hooked up to it this is what powers the fans and what powers this whole unit is a SATA power cable well I hooked it up obviously as you can tell but this entire set of cables is connected to thin air normally at this time I would say that it's been a long day by this this is no excuse how did I now connect this to the power supply oh geez okay well you know what I'm just gonna fast-forward to the B you all I hope you guys enjoy this dommage but that's the bill guys let me know what you think in the comments section it is it's looking very clean I think that a pretty good job like I said I would custom paint a few things I've had more time but for what it is it's one hell of a bee species so I hope you guys enjoy the video congratulations on your PC if you're watching and if you guys enjoyed this type of content as always drop a like to show your support I'll love your faces and I will see you in the next one peace
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