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Buying A 2017 Lamborghini Huracan 580-2 (VLOG #16)

so I got the text about an hour ago my car has arrived at the dealership the uber is about a minute away that I shall Madras I'm blocked better facial Maja's we're gonna go pick up my car currently it's being washed and they're taking away the plastics and stuff so I'm excited guys this is definitely an awesome day can't wait to share this with you let's do this hi guys we're finally here at the Lambo dealer after an hour stuck in traffic from LA to Beverly Hills Beverly Hills Beverly Hills we are here I think my cars here I'm not sure it's go check it out though Oh what good is there it's dead dude oh my god hi - this is sick this is sick oh my god dude it's so real I sorta guy dude it's so surreal oh this is my car I'm buying it today yeah yeah I'm just trying to like absorb it like there's more inside oh I think he's that's my coat oh yeah thank you just came in today got a cute yet damn it's so big they clean it huh they just watched it oh you watched it oh nice oh nice nice I was actually like hesitant about the black and red inside but it looks really nice in person what do you think Bobby it's Bobby speechless Johnny what up what oh dude dude thank you so much for the Six Flags tickets friend I open the box yesterday yeah yeah do you thank you oh yeah this is it dude this is my baby not yet but officially but schedule 30 minutes just to come meet us up here right thirty minutes talking about yeah nice dude you gonna be the vlog by the way we're like we're vlogging this whole thing but and then fell sick what do you think yeah yeah dude oh do you we think might be on it so anything about the black and red with the white the white color did you oh yeah dude everyone's always saying dushasana chichi ID look dude why did you try with your eyes that is true here black black dude that was gonna be my first option but when you send me a picture of the black and red interior I was like give me that baby I made that look so it makes it pop like the accent colors they can mix popping inside hi Bob let's let's go dude let's go sign the papers and take this video you're so broke here dude surrounded with these like super expensive cars and Johnny over there is pulling right up but now he's gonna park here can you park here okay cool Rolls Royce you got Bentley freaking a Bugatti right over there to happening guys this happening what now ready for the camera yeah don't know me one in the red all right guys so I'm finally out of the dealer it's like 7:30 3 p.m. got my car it's good to go now I'm gonna go find a place to eat got Johnny boy over there Bob's filming right now and I'm pretty much I'm pretty hungry so I'm psyched but uh I think we wanted some Italian right let's uh still get some food Oh all right go bad eyes so badass super got us thank you get it out you come inside what's up guys so finally I'm back here at the headquarters it's been a very long day I'm exhausted and I'm so excited at the same time I can't even in the cup mix of emotions right now this is crazy I'm definitely to have some more videos on the car because I feel like I haven't really done too much coverage in this vlog I've not really been talking too much I was really enjoying my day but anyways it's honestly freaking unbelievable I don't think it's really hit me yet I think once I sleep and then wake up and then see that parked in the garage it's going to hit me but and I always say this none of this is possible without you guys so thank you so much for your support honestly I just it's amazing it really is I'm gonna go pass out thank you so much for watching if you do it this video be sure to leave a like and I love your faces I'll see you in the next video you
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