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Buying a 2013 Scion FR-S

what's going on guys today I decided to film my day because it's another happy day indeed I am selling my cyan oh seven grade car by the way I'm beginning a new 2013 FRS black color oh man I can't wait to get it I'm actually on my way to Carmack's to sell this get a check i'ma go straight to the scion dealer and pick it up that have a new addition to the family it's gonna be amazing they this car has not given me a single problem at all it's been perfect for me the only thing I the change was the brakes once and because of normal wear and tear and just an oil change every 5,000 miles I put the best in in synthetic oil change I always take care of all my vehicles and honestly I think it's time to give it away I had it since oh 6 November 2 2007 scion tc and I just couldn't resist the new look of the FRS so oh let me get to my car max I'll go ahead and film again and I'll see you guys soon all right guys I'm here at Carmack's there it is ladies and gentlemen and see what kind of a deal that can give me on my car I have a number in my mind 10200 they put any number greater than that I'll take it otherwise I'm selling it it's a good credit my car and so expect a lot more I'll see you guys soon good hey guys I'm here to sign either they give me a shitty lap car max they see what they gave me he's speaking here you so I'm here hopefully at least and off the car and purchased a new Horace I'll see ya soon so this is f RS 2013 model Scion I'm not really interested in the silver one either black or white but this is what it looks like it's pretty badass car actually they introduced this I think June of 2012 this year Oh Punk three years think I look pretty badass in here huh oh I definitely feel that the sporty look for sure feels like I'm in a Lamborghini not that I know where Lamborghini feels like we're still here it's been about an hour most thing you lose like 9,000 for trading but I know I can get 95 carmack so they can't match the price I'm probably going back there and get that instead but the long-ass process and I hope it's over soon all right guys come again for us come on upgrade huh oh oh yes good I'll with this one I got a pretty good deal on it Oh mommy said I trained for two years oh yeah the circuit that's the key they still kept the same design I guess I loved it I just bespoke Bobby's book spot for I am I'm so happy right now this is ridiculous okay so I went to got my FRS tinted yesterday I think you can agree that it looks even more badass a few things you'll notice is one the camera quality I went and bought a GoPro Silver Edition drop 300 bucks on let's go and get better quality pics and videos I guess I'm really doing this for the viewers not me I don't care but I keep getting messages saying Amen you should get a freaking helmet camera or a better quality video camera so you can shoot better pics and videos like okay so that's that I got the limo tint of course for the passenger driver's side and the rear and I cannot see at night so I don't know the bad decision or not but it looks pretty badass though I mean I'm not gonna be driving them most of the time anyways I have my bike over there to drive I would say maybe 25% I'll be driving the bike the car but just have a better camera let me show you guys inside the only thing bad about the GoPro is I can't really see what I'm filming that's the big negative but modern I'm still trying to get used to if I don't like it I'll probably end up returning it the only bad thing I noticed about this car is the rear seats the seats in the back that's barely any room for passengers see that it's literally touching the back seat so it's kind of suck ass I have to literally pull the seat all the way forward for someone to sit in the back but make sure just made us a two-seat car and why they made a four-seater no reason on the back plenty of room actually they should with the trunk smaller and have some for the back seats in my opinion that's what I think I don't know but yeah this is it and this is my forest a new addition to my family this is my CBR 600 2012 Honda I ordered so many mods on this bike it's going to be coming in the next few weeks our two brothers exhaust I ordered crg levers with colours I ordered a rear seat Cowell I ordered rear and front tire huggers what a side order I think that's about it I know the one thing else but I forgot what it was but ok too soon I'll do either installation video on it or before-and-after pic on how it looks like but yeah if you notice also the new roads almost I installed pretty cool I think that's about it though yeah this is it if you guys like the like that forest I just leave a comment I guess like this like do what you want I just want to show you guys a few other things before I head out was the engine it's got a Subaru boxer engine this car has 200 horsepower at 150 150 twork it's also we will drive most of the Toyotas if not all of them have front-wheel drive but this one specifically designed it to have wheel drive which means better control at the wheel and you can actually feel bad but this is it I'm gonna do a quick test drive actually and you guys can see how it I guess I don't know feels like them inside in close this so yeah let's go take this alright all right here we go sucks I can't pull the windows down cuz these tins are fresh so that's hopeful cop doesn't pull me over if he does I'll be interesting with you I want to switch the Tiptronic actually control my own views which is pretty awesome control if the RPMs drop a bit too low the car actually automatically down shifts for you for safety reasons I'm missing very nice very smooth I love the handling on this it's amazing Toyota finally did something right I just wish there was more legroom - honestly I just that's a bummer but you know I'm not complaining or anything it's definitely fun yeah they want to be driving to China mom send a lot of medic so the base price of this is actually 22,000 out the door including the peaceful audio that I got at a total grand price of 29,000 out the door the thing about the Scion cars is that the price cannot be changed no matter what they do the cells we can add or the order price for you is a set price that's the key is is a step slider you can really bargain the price when you're purchasing it so but doesn't bother me at all I'm okay Kingdom which for a nice car living a lot of pensioners though is bad fairly new car there's not me English beats right now so when people do see it at first they wondering what the hell is that kind of a car is that first glimpse looks like an Aston Martin from the side after they look at the sign logos all the cool size tells you they're far as that came out I guess well that's it you guys I hope you enjoyed the video feel free to share your comments button below now you guys know where I live but yeah if you guys want to see more reviews and mic mods on installation and stuff you feel free to subscribe I try to upload a video once a week on it so you guys can definitely see what's going on but yeah thanks for watching I'll see you guys soon
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