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if you're looking for a gift for the holidays or even just a birthday present then these items on my list are definitely worth checking out what's up guys it's ed from tech source and this is cool tech gift Edition let's begin not too long ago I featured Wally the smart wallet and today I have the actual wallet in my hands and I gotta say it's pretty damn nice while he is a smart wallet that connects to your phone and will notify you if you leave it behind what's even better than that is that Wally has a pocket sensor that is smart enough to detect if you're missing a card from a specific pocket using the Wally app which is available on iOS and Android you can adjust the settings to send yourself a notification if your card is out of your wallet pocket for too long the wallet itself is made out of genuine leather and it's by far the coolest looking wallet I have ever used you can even find your phone if it's missing by double tapping on it twice the phone will play a melody which you can use to find it even if it's on silent you can pre-order Wally on IndieGoGo right now and for those of you that are interested I'll go and drop a link down below for you next up we have the signal game clutch which is a smartphone grip great for playing motion sensitive games it fits perfectly on any smartphone even giant ones like my iPhone 6s plus with a case on this provides console great ergonomics and quality when playing racing or other gyroscopic based games on your smartphone and number three we have the native Union jump cable which is a super compact and portable power bank that you can wrap up and take with you anywhere it comes equipped with a USB and lightning cable which means that you never need to bring extra cables with you just pull out the cable whenever you need a quick charge and wrap it up when you are done it doesn't reveal how many milliamps the charger has but it's expected to give you a 30% boost for your smartphone there's even a micro USB cable version available which I will link below you know what else makes a great gift skins but not just any skins the best quality out there from carbon fiber to match and even leather style skins with the most precise fit in the world they cover a wide range of devices so be sure to check out the brands by clicking on the first link below next up on the list is this microphone from Road this is the videomic me and it's a directional microphone for the iPhone and iPad the mic reduces surrounding noises to focus on what you are filming which greatly increases the quality of your mobile videos whether you are vlogging shooting a video for youtube or even filming for a special event it sports an all-metal body and comes with a headphone jack for audio play through you just simply snap the mic into the audio jack of your iPhone or iPad lock it in place using the included adjustable mount and you are ready to go you also get a windscreen for shooting outside which greatly reduces wind noise all right so I have the microphone hooked up to the iPhone 6s plus and I am recording with the front-facing camera alright so I removed the microphone and this is how the iPhone 6s sounds like without the videomic me attached to the iPhone next up on the list we have an iPhone 6s plus case and there are versions available for the regular 6 and 6s as well this is the vessel wood series frozen titanium gray and walnut bumper case made out of high quality aluminum and wood the bumper case provides protection from drops and gives your phone a stunning look with a perfect blend of wood and aluminum the bumper doesn't interfere with the signal which means you won't get any drop calls and each case comes with a certificate and serial number once it's hand finished in Slovenia you also get a small hex screw to install the bumper a branded microfiber cloth and some spare screws the cutouts are precise and the volume buttons have an aluminum finish which are extremely easy to press the vibrates which however is extremely easy to use and I can switch it on and off by using just one finger what I like most about this case is that it provides an alternate solution to the camera protruding problem on the iPhones which means that you can actually rest it flat on any surface without worrying about scratching the lens overall this is a really good looking case and an excellent gift to anyone that has an iphone the last item on my list is this the jacket I'm pointing at the jacket yes indeed what a better gift for this cold season than a warm vest or clothes but this is a tech channel so why the hell am i featuring this in my cool tech episode well I'm glad you asked Timmy this is no ordinary clothing line this vest is from Scottie vest and they are a clothing company known for innovative designs that keep your belongings organized and secure they have everything from jackets and vests two hoodies pants and even shorts I'm wearing the quest vest that has 42 pockets which means that I can practically take my entire house with me yes that is an iPad air 2 that I just pulled out of the vest some pockets are even made for specific items like this one here is made for sunglasses because it comes with a microfiber cloth attached inside in case you ever need to clean the lens there are also slots for pens and larger pockets to store your water bottle with scraps inside to make sure that it's always upright when you pull it out these clothes are more than just storage they are comfortable to wear and do a great job in keeping you warm on cold days for a limited time you guys can get 20% off your order with the coupon code Texas by visiting Scottevest comm slash Texas and I'll go and drop a link down below to their website for anyone that's interested so that's it for this episode of cool tech if you guys want to keep this series alive and going make sure to go ham on that like button to show your support and I'll see you guys in the next video
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