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Can You Lick A GPU? - #AskEd 11

I'm looking for someone who can provide me with a variety of quality skins for numerous devices do you happen to know anybody well I like so sinc I legit just broke my glasses taking it off like that they ask you how your you say that you're fine you're not really fine you just can't get into it because they would never what's up guys is that from tech source and it's that time with a month again and no it's not that time of the month you perverted perverted people actually I can't even say that because usually I do these every month but I kind of went AWOL and I completely forgot about the series to be honest but anyways I reached out to Twitter and asked you guys to send in your questions and Here I am answering them in a video if you guys want to participate make sure to follow me on twatter let's begin could you give me a PC well since you asked so nicely No can you get the NZXT s340 elite and do a build with it I actually had the case since last week and it's sitting in a storage but I do have a few other builds to get to before I jump into the s340 elite sit tight any tips on starting youtube looking to start and give it a go very soon the only tip I can tell you is just start go with it and do not give up momentum consistency is very important focus on your content and just focus on the consistency of the uploads not so much quality I mean obviously shoot in at least 1080p but you don't have to spend $15,000 on a camera to shoot youtube videos just focus on content and consistency and you can watch your channel grow if people like your content they will subscribe if not well there's always monster calm at what age did you start YouTube and what were you always planning on doing for a job parenthesis what was your dream job so I mentioned this a bunch of times but I worked for a bank before I started YouTube and I was actually working at a bank full time and doing YouTube part-time for a good year before I quit and started pursuing this full-time actually February 2015 is when I quit my bank job and doing YouTube even before YouTube came into the picture I always pictured myself having an IT job or just something to do with programming or something to do with computers in general and to answer your other question I started doing YouTube and May 2013 so I was 25 when I started YouTube what a convenient follow-up how old are you I am now 28 my birthday is on April 8th 1988 by the way here's my p.o box in case you guys want to send me some stuff how big will your giveaway be when you hit 1 million subs on YouTube Jason you beautiful beautiful boy this giveaway is gonna be massive I'm gonna have at least 10 prizes to give away maybe more so yeah I can't wait for it it's gonna be exciting hopefully by the end of November what does iPhone do that you can't find in a comparable Android phone pumpkin spice latte thank you for asking that question I think the best analogy I can use is iPhone is like Sony Vegas Pro 13 and then Android is like Adobe Premiere you can do so much more with Adobe Premiere then you can with iPhone but I like Sony Vegas just because of the simplicity I love how easy it is to use and how easy it is to learn can you come to New Hampshire so we can climb Mount Monadnock Monadnock so we can climb mount Madonna together why not Scott why not where did you learn everything you know about tech from so that's actually a funny question I learn everything that I know now all from YouTube actually 90% of the stuff I know is from YouTube the rest of the stuff I just googled online I knew a lot about tech but I didn't know too much about tech if that kind of makes sense so even before learning about building pcs I learned by watching youtube videos out of all your PC builds which is your favorite hands-down I have to say Trigon because it was just an interesting build overall and it was really fun to build will you lick a graphics card guys I appreciate the random like questions like these buzz try and stay on topic and something to do with tech hey I almost got you guys how successful have your gains been in the gym thank you so much for asking those of you I don't know I started working out again two weeks ago about depending on when you're watching this video and I've been bulking because I'm extremely skinny and I lost I went down from 194 pounds to 152 so I lost a lot of weight and so far I've gained 5 pounds back so it's a slow progress here's some of the gains preview as you can see it's not it's not that big but I'm getting there will you ever make a draw my life video I actually had this question asked many times and I think the best time to do this is when I hit a million subscribers so definitely sometime November maybe you in December if I have the time so but yeah I am definitely planning on doing one of these thank you for asking will you ever make a set of words episode as Deadpool I haven't even thought about this for a long time but those of you who are new to the channel I did a very special episode of setup wars episode 50 I will never forget that in case you guys missed it check it out it's an interesting episode but um yeah I don't know I I feel like if I do tadpole Deadpool if I do that pool that I would make a joke out of myself I don't think I can ever do a exact copy of Deadpool so I think will be a complete disaster so probably not maybe a different person I don't know we'll see are you ever going to do a black and blue gaming PC bills I've actually never done one I don't think I've ever done a black and blue bill then this actually always comes up so it's long overdue so it's definitely on my list guys I will definitely do one on the channel can you make a video on your current setup I actually did one on the channel I'll drop a link to it down below and you can also click on the link on the top left what's your favorite game that has to go to Kingdom Hearts 2 hands down nothing comes close dude what is your favorite food my favorite food um it's always constantly changing honestly but I just love pasta I would say spaghetti and meatballs it's my go-to food what do you do on your spare time there's actually a lot of things I do on my spare time I love going to the movies I'm a huge movie buff there's actually a hiking trail over here that I like once a week at least and there's also a canyon near how tall are you your username seriously a dot I don't even do that I'm six too by the way what I'm going to do a review on the iPhone 7 and 7 plus the video is actually been done already I'll drop a link to it down below or you can click on the link up here will you do a product review shirtless why wait for a review what was your major in college which college did you go to and are you a dropout whoa whoa whoa three questions what is this so my major was information technology I went to college for about two years I would say which college that I go to I went to La Vie C in North Hollywood or Valley Village whatever you want to call it and are you a dropout yes yes I am they ask you how you're you say that you're fine are you going to stay with your current camera or will you be upgrading to a red or a black magic greetings from Mexico hello there Edgar all your names I'm good to look at that yes I will be upgrading and no I will not be spending five figures on a camera anytime soon to do YouTube videos I mean I'm almost at a million subscribers just from using a gh4 and a sigma lens so that kind of tells you a lot about the camera gear it's not that important when it comes to YouTube videos but I will be upgrading to a GH five sometime mid next year because that is when they're announcing the GH five so I'm very excited for that hopefully it's a lot better than the gh4 so I can make that jump here's a follow up question hey ed I just wanted to ask what camera and mic are you using and what would you recommend for a beginning youtube begin digging beginning youtuber the camera and mic I'm using is actually all on my gear list I'll drop a link to them down below check out my entire gear that I use to record my videos and also to recommend the mic that for beginning youtubers there's actually a top-five budget mic video I did also drop a link to it down below Jennifer Lawrence or Jennifer Aniston supposed to use hashtag ask ed Thank You Timo thank you very much but to answer your question Romeo Aniston definitely I would tear that out you
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