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Cancelling 'Best Tech Deals of the Week'

what's up guys is that from Texas and I'm making this quick video to let you guys know that I will no longer continue my best tech deals of the week video every single Tuesday and the main reason for this is because all those deals are now moving to my website deal source tech I'm doing this because it just doesn't make sense spending my entire Tuesday researching for deals for all of us you can Canada edit the video and upload it just for the deals to expire midweek I think it's a complete waste of time and also it's a kind of wasting your time as well watching a 23 minute video and then find out there's nothing in there that interests you so this way it kind of makes sense to just upload all those deals on the website and you guys can glance through it see if there's anything you're interested in if not you can move on with your day if you guys are need to channel or somehow miss my announcement last week I did open up a new website deal source Tech where basically i upload daily tech deals for us UK in canada all these deals are updated frequently throughout the day to bring you guys the most fresh pack deals but yeah it's basically all wanted to say ever since we launched the website last week I beginning tons of positive feedback and I just want to say thank you guys so much for sending those emails in sending those tweets in we've been adjusting the website accordingly but that's basically it i'll drop a link to the website below if you guys want to check it out maybe book market maybe check back once a week or something chances are you will find something you are interested in so basically thank you guys again so much for your support and i will see you in the next video
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