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Casemachine Prisma 5 Aluminum Case - Review

hey guys add here from Texas and today I'm going to review a pretty cool case that I just discovered normally I don't upload a lot of case reviews because there's really nothing interesting about most of them however once in a while something really cool comes along and grabs my attention and I feel that I should share it with the world this here is the prisma 5 aluminum case from case machine it's made with aircraft-grade aluminum it weighs 22 grams and it's available in five different colors that you see here since the prisma 5 is an aluminum case it does come with foam shock absorbers on the inner walls to protect your phone from getting scratched from the inside most of the quality aluminum cases are expensive which is why I was surprised that this case costs only 50 bucks which is pretty insane the installation is also really simple there are a total of two screws holding the case together with one being on each side the case comes with this handy tool which you can attach to your keychain so we don't lose it and if you twist the cap off you gain access to the mini torx wrench which is needed to remove the screws off the case and what's cool about this is that they provide you with two spare screws which are inserted right here in the cap in case you end up losing the originals so you use the tool and remove both screws and the case just comes apart like so if you purchase the prisma 5 you also receive a very cool backplate like this one here as you can see I already install it on my phone it's made out of high-impact polycarbonate material and it's super thin with a slightly raised Center making it easier to grab on a flat surface the polycarbonate material feels really nice in my hand and it makes super easy for me to slide in and out of my pocket and it doesn't attract dust or dirt so that's a huge plus as well so to install the case you just have to put both of the rails back on the phone like so and insert and tighten each screw one at a time usually aluminum cases feel a bit loose no matter how much you tighten it but amazingly the prisma 5 feels very snug and tight so usually good looking cases have to sacrifice accessibility in order to achieve really nice aesthetics however the prisma 5 is not one of those cases the cutouts not only look great but they are larger to easily access whatever it is that you need for those of you that don't know I'm a huge fan of skin that I always add colored carbon fiber skins to my phone before installing a case on so having a lot of open ports on each side of the case allows me or anyone else really to show off those cool colors there are open ports on the left side of the case for maximum signal strength and easy access to the SIM tray you can also access the volume rockers with ease while holding down the phone with one hand I know there are a lot of bumper cases out there that make this a very difficult task so that was one of the things I was actually worried about however accessing the sounds which will take some getting used to just like all the other cases for a lock button there is an aluminum cap on it and despite how it looks in the video it's actually really easy to press down on it so I have no problem there on the bottom of the case you have cutouts for the speaker's charger and audio jack once again a lot of case companies underestimate the size for the audio and charging ports they make it just enough for Apple products but fail to take into account that people you start party devices as well case machine made them large enough to fit even third-party docking stations as well as headstones overall I'm really impressed at this case I'm a huge aluminum case fan and this one is by far the best one that I have seen so far if you guys are in the market for an awesome new case for your iPhone or Samsung s3 then you should definitely check out case machine calm they have a bunch of cool designs that will surely grab your attention so that wraps up the video if you guys had an iphone is this something you guys might install on your phone let me know in the comments down below I do have a bunch of cool videos coming up with you guys so make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss out and I'll see you guys next time me
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