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what's up guys is that from Texas and I have with me one of the very first here active listening systems from Doppler labs before we get into the review let's go ahead and unbox this real quick the packaging is really simple and straightforward lifting up top portion we are greeted by the charging case and right below that you can find a quick installation guide as well as a micro USB cable needed to charge the earbuds and two additional sized ear tips the charging case is awesome and not only does it protect and store the earbuds but the charging process is simple just drop them in there and they will automatically start charging there's also an LED indicator that will display how much battery is left charging the actual case is done by using a micro USB cable which is provided so at first glance I thought that these were wireless earbuds that you can use to listen to music and make calls with but no these aren't for that instead these are for live audio augmentation instead it basically allows the user full control over that audio environments in real time here's how it works you download the free app on iOS or Android and sync the earbuds together then you have access to a bunch of controls within the app like using the volume control to give your ears a rest and turn down the world around you or adjusting the EQ to personalize live music at a concert or festival you're basically in control of the sound around you the here active listening system earbuds are especially effective for anyone that attends concerts or festivals that play loud music the fact that you can control the level of the outside volume that's going in your ears is awesome not only does it protect your ears from potential hearing loss over the course of your life but it also makes the experience much more enjoyable the earbuds are comfortable and have a very nice snug fit that virtually blocks out most of the outside noise I'm gonna give you guys a quick demonstration of what it feels like if you were to use the volume control yourself and this is extremely accurate you I think one of the coolest features is the tune out tab which is still in beta but it basically allows you to tune out everything around you whether you're in an airplane bus subway or other environments overall I think that this is a pretty cool tech product and if you guys are interested in checking these out you can sign up for the wait list and I'll go and drop a link down below for you I'm also going to be giving away a pair of these two one lucky person and you can find the details to that in the description section as well thanks as always for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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