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Channel Update | The Future of TechSource

what's up guys is that from tech source it's been a while since I've done any video where I can just sit in front of the camera and talk about what's on my mind without any scripting or editing and stuff like that so it's a nice change first and foremost though I just want to say I'm closing in on almost six hundred thousand which is which is crazy I mean I'm so excited I'm so happy I am so grateful to be in this in this position right now you guys are awesome thank you so much for your support your feedback your comments your likes your dislikes sharing my videos and all that really you really make tech source what it is today and I can't do any of this without you guys so thank you so much for that really like I won't just give you guys an update on text source what's going on and what you guys can expect in a few months even years and that's about setup Wars and the other content on my channel so I've been reading your tweets and your comments and your emails and you guys are bringing because I concern that there are a few individuals out there that are kind of copying my content set up words specifically and they're basically doing what I'm doing and I just want you guys to know I'm well aware of that thank you but you guys don't have to worry about that I'm not too worried about that I mean they can copy the format's they can do basically whatever I'm doing the same style if they want to and you know I'm okay with that because there's one thing they can't replicate you know they can't replicate the host they can't replicate the personality of the channel or the personality of the video and I feel like that's the beauty of YouTube is that anyone can do whatever they want so and everyone has their own unique twist to it you know their own personality if you will so that's why I'm not really bothered with all of these I just copycats if you will so you know it's I look at it as inspiration I don't look at it as you know being copied from so if you guys are sending me comments and stuff like that you don't have to do it anymore I'm well about what's going on and I'm completely fine with that so but thank you again for bringing that to my attention you guys are awesome I also want to talk about the future of setup wars because as you know that is the main reason why tech source is what it is today I think I've gained over 200,000 subscribers just from my set up or series I was looking at the analytics a few days ago which is crazy that's like 1/3 almost 1/3 of my subscribers and that's crazy because of you guys setup Wars is becoming or probably is one of the most popular tech shows on YouTube and that's just that's crazy to even say you know I came so far from the first episode but I was watching a first episode like a few weeks ago and I was like it's so crap like who subscribes to this and who liked the video if you guys have a chance go check it out it's it's horrible it's like the worst episode ever anyways I've grown so much from that and I've learned so much and I feel like I've evolved from the very first episode if the episodes almost 50 episodes later it's crazy and I feel like I've progressed with the channel so I was pretty cool so I kinda wanna talk about the future of setup wars right now I have three additions in case you guys are not familiar with it youtuber edition you got the regular setup Wars that I do every Monday and then you got the worst setup addition which is every 10 episodes I'm gonna be adding two more additions and the reason why I'm doing this is so I can have the show more balanced I've been putting high-end setups with regular budget setups and it just doesn't make any sense the high-end setups always in the winning because they are like 50 monitors and like a $50,000 PC and just it's just not fair so I'm gonna be doing a budget edition of setup Wars and also a Ultimate Edition of setup ORS that way I can separate the submissions more I think it'll be way more fair that way so yeah you basically have one episode that are high in setups and one episode that I've budget setups and I feel like that just makes more sense and it's more fair so yeah look out for that in the next few weeks maybe in a few months definitely be adding that to the setup Wars collection if you will you know guys I always try and make each episode as fun as possible I try to make it entertaining and I always try and add like this twist to it so I kind of what makes people want to come and watch setup or is it I've been waiting you guys comments and tweets about saying that set up Wars is like the best thing on Monday for you guys and you can't wait to go home from school to watch it or what's the highlight of your day and that really makes me happy to read and that's I really appreciate that guys I'm glad that you're enjoying the series I will try and always improve it every time of course and spend more time with it but overall I'm really happy with the way it's going I'm really excited for the next 50 episodes and held even the next few years I don't even though there's no telling where set of boards is going but it's going up and it's going really fast because of you guys so thank you so much for the feedback you leave me for the comments the likes and dislikes all that thing you guys so much for that and finally I just want to give you guys an update on the future of tech source if you guys have been following me on social media you guys would know that tech source is officially incorporated since February of this year so I think like three months ago and Texas is officially a corporation I am the CEO I am the president of Texas official which is the name of the companies and someone to go to Texas or someone to Texas for some reason so at the name a tech source official but the channels name is still gonna be Texas that has nothing to do with it but any who's have been a one-man team I've been doing videos for myself I've been editing recording all that nonsense by myself 99% of the work is meat is done by me and that's a lot of work especially putting out a video a day it's a lot of work it really is a lot of work so as you guys can tell I basically have no life YouTube is my life so that's gonna change that's gonna change 2017 early 2017 I've announced this on Twitter I'm gonna be hiring one maybe two people persons people I'm gonna be hiring two humans to help me out with the channel early 2017 even February March whatever January maybe even and I want to hire through YouTube because I know that whoever's watching my videos know my style of videos know the content I produce and they are into tech which is three things I'm looking for more info for that and requirements and you know experience all that will be covered later this year so maybe like in December I'll be talking about a job opening for tech stores because I'm looking to hire to help push out videos the future of this company of this channel I eventually want to upload one to two videos a day that's my goal and I can't do it by myself so that's kind of what I'm aiming for but anyways think I so much for watching Susie thank you for your support I can't believe I made him 600,000 subscribers I just this progress is bollocks it's mental we're get out my British accent it's phenomenal thank you guys so much for your support I love you you guys are the best I can't say that enough and I will see you in the next video
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