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Cool Tech Deals Of The Week - 12-1-15

welcome to cool tech deals of the week where I go over the cool tech deals of the week every Tuesday here on the channel we still have cyber monday deals throughout this entire week so if you guys are watching us a week later then the deals might not exist but anyways everything you guys find in this video be linked down below in the order that they appear so let's start the show first of all unless we have a name the fx-8350 processor that's going for 150 bucks on newegg wheels have a really solid asus laptop a 2.5 gigahertz 8 gigabytes of ram one terabyte of hard drive space and a radeon r 6 series graphics card on Windows 10 this is going for 429 bucks which is a decent laptop for light gaming for those that have to work with a budget the lenovo thinkpad 11.6 inch notebook is going for only 195 bucks down from the original 500 and as you can see it has sold quite a few units already we have a WD passport 3 terabyte external hard drive going for only a hundred bucks on ebay and if you're not comfortable ebay there's a same one you can find on amazon for 114 bucks with free shipping as well we also have an msi gtx 960 going for 225 bucks with a twenty-dollar mail-in rebate also from MSI gaming 970 AMD motherboard for 80 bucks not a bad deal there for USB flash drives we have a 128 gigabyte USB 3.0 that's going for only 25 bucks on amazon with free shipping through a prime member of course a nicer 24 inch widescreen monitor for only 109 bucks for ms response time and 60 Hertz refresh rate it's not the best for gaming but if you're looking for a widescreen monitor that is a pretty damn good price for TVs we have a 50 inch 4k smart TV from hisense for only five hundred forty eight bucks seriously though 4k 50 inch TV for that cheap not bad at all we also have a 50 inch vizio 4k TV for around six hundred and thirty bucks a headphone Stan going for around ten bucks for you guys out there that need to spiff up your setup and last but not least we have the HyperX cloud gaming headset for around seventy eight bucks so that's it for this week's cool tech deals if you guys want to see this every tuesday make sure to hit that like button and i will do these every tuesday thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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