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Cool Tech Deals Of The Week - 12-8-15

what's up guys is that back again from Texas and welcome to another episode of cool tech deals of the week everything I go over in this video will be linked down below so without wasting anywhere time let's begin first up we have a corsair 750d going for 105 bucks which is a pretty damn good deal for a full tower pc case the popular hyperx gaming headset drop this price again from Black Friday all the way down to 60 bucks and we have a white msi gtx 970 that's going for three hundred dollars that also comes with a twenty-dollar melon rebate and a free game of your choice either Rainbow six siege or Assassin's Creed for my MD fanboys out there we have an XFX r9 380 going for 173 bucks also with a twenty-dollar mail-in rebate let's venture into other stuff will quake we have a canon t6 I that has a crazy offer of a $350 mail-in rebate which will knock the price down to 750 bucks a really solid DSLR for videos and photos we have an a susan pat down 270 bucks on amazon at sports an 8 inch IPS display 2 gigabytes of ram and an intel quad core atom chip running Android 5.0 lollipop back to newegg for a bit we have a 24 inch dell monitor that's going for two hundred sixty bucks it's currently thirty five percent off and you get a gorgeous IPS display with super thin bezels it features a six millisecond response time with a 60 Hertz refresh rate not the best for gamers but for productivity and a multi-monitor setup you can't go wrong if you're looking for a pillar this holiday season HP has the officejet pro 8320 right now for only two hundred bucks with a measly ten dollars off via mail in rebate you can copy print scan and fax the only bad news is that it's already on backorder because of the deal but you guys can still order it and it will ship it up once more come in if you're in the market for a great laptop this is the best deal I found for laptop so you can get that lanova y 704 only 700 bucks found from the original price of 1200 you have to use the code holiday Lenny 700 to get that discount though the laptop has a 14 inch IPS 1080p display an i7 processor and gigabytes of ram 500 gigabytes of harddrive space and a 2 gigabyte radeon r9 m3 75 graphics card it's great for productivity and light gaming we also have a black ops 3 edition controller for only 50 bucks to best buy and here are some really sweet deals on amazon for the holidays a logitech g502 gaming mouse for 64 bucks some charging docks for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox which are on sale right now and we also have a logitech g9 10 RGB mechanical keyboard for only 140 bucks which is like forty dollars off right now we also have a wireless gaming mouse from habit for only eighteen dollars and also came across this while shopping for external SSD you guys can get 500 gigabytes of space with Samsung's external SSD you see like 80 bucks and i went ahead and snag the terabyte version because that was on sale too it's time to ditch your external hard drive guys and upgrade to blazing fast SSD speeds we also have 50 bucks off the PlayStation 4 star wars battlefront bundle for those shopping for a curved Ultra y display LG has their famous you see 87 for only six hundred ninety bucks which is the monitor I'm using right now for the channel this is usually around a thousand dollars so if you're shopping around for one now's the time to snag it lastly let's take a look at some really great deals on tvs first up is the sony 55 inch 4k smart TV which is around nine hundred dollars off with a price tag of 1298 with free shipping we have another 55 inch 4k smart TV from Samsung for around the same price and a curved version for a hundred dollars less which is odd because curved TVs are a bit more pricey last but not least you can buy a 120 inch full array LED smart TV by Vizio for a measly 130 thousand dollars but if you sign up to the newsletter you guys can say five percent which means that you can save 6,500 bucks on this team B sell your house if you have to and buy this TV you can show it off to your friends your family oh I guess you won't have a home to put it in so there's a for this week's episode of cool tech deals of the week you guys enjoyed these make sure hit that like button and as always I will see you in the next video
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