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Cool Tech Gifts - 2016

so you need a gift for a birthday anniversary or maybe even a holiday well I got you guys covered on some pretty cool gifts for your friends or family the first portion of this video is sponsored by AT&T and you guys can find all the links to everything mentioned down below starting off we have the Microsoft Surface 3 which is a two-in-one tablet that can replace your laptop it features a 10.8 inch display with a resolution of 1920 by 1200 and comes rockin with an Intel Atom processor and either 2 or 4 gigabyte RAM configurations what I like about the surface 3 is that it comes with a full size USB port SD card reader under the kickstand and a full HD camera for the front and back this is the perfect mixture between a laptop and tablet and because it's extremely compact and light you can practically fit this in any bag making it perfect for school and travel with the surface 3 you are getting a full windows experience you get access to the Windows app store and the ability to run desktop software like the entire Microsoft Office suite the optional keyboard that attaches to the surface 3 magnetically is strongly recommended if you want the full laptop experience not only does it offer protection from scratches but it's a lot easier typing on it than using the touchscreen right now through September 22nd 18th is offering customers an eligible Microsoft Surface 3 type cover keyboard with a purchase of a Microsoft Surface 3 on a two-year agreement if you guys are interested in checking this out be sure to click on the link below and be sure to review the restrictions and fees that apply once again I want to give you huge things to eat in tea for sponsoring this video after all Father's Day is coming up it's over these next three items are great add-ons for keychains let's face it our keys are one of the most important things that we carry around almost every day so why not enhance it this first item is my absolute favorite and I'm sure most of you guys have seen this on a channel so many times but I just can't get over how great this is this is the orbit key and it's basically a wallet for your keys it holds up to 7 keys and not only does it protect you other items from getting scratched if they were grouped together in your pocket but it's also a lot easier to pull out the key that you need plus your keychain looks a lot cleaner have you guys often find yourself without a pen when you really need one well this is the answer your problems the Telepan which is pretty much a telescopic pan for your keyring slide it open when you need to write something important and slide it back when you are done the cap stays on the keyring so the tip never gets dry finally we have the Nomad lightning to USB cable for Apple devices I don't really need to explain this one you can either use this cable to charge your phone with a power bank or connect it to your PC to transfer files speaking of nomads this next gift is perfect for the guys out there this is their bifold charging wallet that's made out of quality Horine leather this particular model is a bit pricey because of the high quality of the leather so I would recommend checking out their other version with the Saffiano leather instead for a third of the price but basically this is a wallet with a power bank built inside 2400 milliamp hour to be exact which will give you iPhone 6 a full charge now obviously 2400 milliamp hour isn't that much the actual purpose of the power bank in this wallet is for emergency reasons but I don't see why you can't charge up your phone when you want to it does come with a lightning cable inside so you don't need to bring extra cables and honestly I'm surprised that health in the wallet is this next item is for my good friends out there with the crappy laptops if you have an older laptop that keeps crashing because it's overheating or maybe just have a laptop that gets really hot then well this may be for you this is a cooler for laptops between 15 to 17 inches it comes in either red or blue fans and actually has really high ratings on Amazon near the back you will find two wheels which are used to turn the fans on or off as well as adjust the speeds if you want to the button on the right activates the LED in the center which is kind of pointless if you ask me since the laptop covers it anyways and finally we have two USB ports one of them is used to power the fans on by connecting one end to the laptop and the other is an extra USB pass-through since you are using up the one on your laptop on the back there are two legs that you can retract to have the laptop at an angle and near the bottom front you can find two pegs that will prevent the laptop from sliding down surprisingly the fans are really quiet and I can't hear them spin but do keep in mind that this will drain your laptop's battery slightly faster since it does need to be connected to it for it to work these last two items are great for gamers we have the Lenovo Y gaming headset and mouse the Y gaming headset is extremely comfortable thanks to its lightweight carbon-fiber texture this thing looks pretty sweet the ear cups are made out of this washable sport cloth material which caught my ear is pretty warm while gaming but nothing too distracting the headset does come with a built-in retractable mic and since it has a 3.5 millimeter audio jack it's compatible with both the ps4 and Xbox one with an adapter these also sound really good you get crispy highs and deep lows which brings the games to life overall a very solid gaming headset and then we have the 4000 dpi gaming mouse with an ergonomic design that's made for right-handed users it has a dedicated three switch dpi button up top and two side buttons that are very easily reached and because of a small form-factor it's really easy to lift in quick reflex games however it's only available in red LEDs and au pulsate which can be a deal-breaker for some but overall it's a very responsive and solid gaming mouse for the money so that will do it for this episode of cool tech gifts if you guys enjoy these videos make sure to leave a like and as always you guys can find everything I mentioned in this video linked below then you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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