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Cool Tech Under $1 - January

ever since I started the cool tech series you guys have been asking me to do a cool tech on the right dollar and after many months of procrastinating I finally gave in let's just get this over with starting off the list is this retractable smartphone bracket that can hold up any device up to three inches in width it's big enough to even hold the Galaxy Note series it features rubber mounts on the top and bottom which will prevent the phone from being scratched and honestly for only 72 cents this is a really great way to shoot videos if you are in a very small budget just hook it up to a tripod of your choice and you are good to go by the way these skins shown in the video are from the brand and they actually released iPad air 2 skins as well you have the most precise fit in the world and offer a bunch of other high quality skin materials so if you guys want to pimp out your smartphone iPad or even consoles make sure to check them out by clicking on the link below next up on this list is the silicone case for the iPhone 6s plus or on our dollar you get a protective case that will do its job just like most other simple clear silicone based cases the cutouts are precise for the most part except for the speakers but the buttons are really easy to press and honestly for the price I'm not complaining at all next up is a portable speaker that you can connect via 3.5 millimeter jack and that's basically it here's a quick demo of how it sounds at 50% and 100% who knew you can buy a pair of earphones for just under $8 these look a lot like the B's earphones and have a really snug fit but the sound quality isn't really the best there is also be more trouble and no bass at all the sound is also really muffled which you can especially tell when listening to vocals but I would pay $1 for these earphones any day of the week some of the things I found is a lightning cable which is set to be certified and a lightning adapter which you can connect to a micro USB cable and convert it into a lightning cable this next item is a power bank at least I thought it was until I received an empty shell apparently you need to put in a battery of some sort in order to power this thing on and then you can hook it up to your devices and charge it kind of pointless if you ask me last but not least we have a travel Mouse which is great for travel super tiny and lightweight makes this an excellent addition for anyone who hates using the trackpad on laptops or in some cases tablets the mouse is really responsive and I experienced no lag from the time I spent with it I'm actually surprised that this thing is going for only $1 2015 is over and 2016 is already here which means it's time for new year's resolution and what a better time that to start learning something new Linna comm will help you with an online learning platform with thousands of video courses to help you learn whatever it is that you want I've been using the website for this past few months to get better at video editing and color grading and the tutorial guides are shot in HD and are very easy to understand you guys can use the website to improve your own skills whether that's learning new tricks on editing videos mixing music or even improving your photography and shooting video you have absolutely nothing to lose it's a free 10-day trial so definitely check them out you guys can visit slash tech stores and sign up for free I'll go and drop a link down below if anyone is interested I want to give huge things to Linda for making this video possible and as always thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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