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Cool Tech Under $1 - May

what's up guys it's ad from tech stories and welcome to this month's cool tech episode this time we are looking at tech under a dollar for the third and final time on this channel and everything I mentioned in this video will be linked below so that wasting any more time let's dive right in starting up the episode is this pair of earbuds that features a zipper closing mechanism yep these are earbuds with a zipper and I think that's pretty cool the zipper actually works really well surprisingly it helps keep the earbuds from being tangled up it also features a remote with a built-in mic so you can actually accept calls with it but as far as sound quality these are probably the worst sounding earphones I have ever heard the low end is flatter than Natalie Portman's personality and the mids and highs are very muddy it's kind of like listening to music in a jar I mean sure it looks cool with a zipper feature but I wouldn't spend anything over a dollar for these next up we have something that I actually use to unbox my stuff this year is a credit card shaped knife it has the same thickness of 2 and 1/2 credit cards it can basically be folded into a fully functioning knife this thing is no joke it's pretty damn sharp there is a locking mechanism that lets you lock the blade in place so it doesn't accidentally pop out while it's in your pocket and end up stabbing you if you have a wallet phone case like I do then this should fit in there with no problems this next item is pretty straightforward it's a 4 port USB hub and I featuring it in this video since it's under $8 if you make youtube videos or use a camera then this handy tool may be of use to you it's basically a lens cleaning kit and one on one end is a brush that lets you clean off any dust from the lens and on the other end is a microfiber tip that helps clean more aggressive smudges or dirt without damaging the lens the same kit goes for around $7 everywhere else so I thought it was pretty cool that you can buy one for less than a dollar and finally we have a lens add-on for your smartphone it comes with a keychain so you can hook it up to your keys and basically gives your camera a wider fish-eye look once you slap it on your phone part of the lens still shows up which is pretty annoying but I mean it's only 77 cents speaking of budget I want to introduce you guys to tink which is a carrier that offers much cheaper rates on your monthly phone bill on average people who use ting pay 23 bucks a month per device and there's even a calculator on their website that will tell you how much money you'll be saving each month I decided to have fun with it and put in my info and I found that that I could be saving over 40 bucks a month if I make the switch team will also cover 25% of your cancellation fee up to $75 if you're stuck in a contract and they also have coverage on to nationwide networks both CDMA and GSM networks you guys can check out the coverage map by visiting the link below so before you guys do anything make sure to visit Texas teen comm and mess around with the savings calculator just to see how much money you could be potentially saving each month if you guys do end up signing up you can get $25 and teen credit or towards the device of your choice but I'll leave a link down below if anyone is interested in checking it out that's basically a thing guys so much for watching if you enjoy my monthly cool tech deals make sure to leave a like and I'll see you in the next video
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