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Cool Tech Under $25 - April 2017

what's up guys it's a from tech source and welcome to another episode of cool tech this time we're gonna look at tech under $25 and just like last month's episode I'm gonna be giving away everything you see in this video and all you have to do is leave a like and comment down below which product you guys want to take home by the way congratulations to these winners from last episode but with that said let's dive right in and by the way all the products featured in this video will be linked down below as always so let's jump right in and starting off the show we got the Power Core fusion from Ankur it's rated at 5000 million hour and it comes in at $25 right on a dot now you guys might be wondering why is it this big with only 5,000 milliamp hour there are plenty of other power banks with more juice well what makes this product unique is that it's a two and one this doubles as a wall charger and if you're not charging your phone it will charge the built-in battery automatically it's got LEDs to indicate the power level as well as a microUSB port to charge up the power brick if you don't have access to a wall outlet I actually just started using this a lot more than my previous power banks because of how easy it is to charge I don't need to use any cables just slap it into a wall outlet and I'm good next we've got the logo keyring headphone splitter now for me this one isn't actually going to be used every day but its small enough to hang on your keychain and forget about it until it's time to use it it's pretty straightforward it splits audio from a 3.5 millimeter headphone port into two headphone jacks it comes with this robust wire keyring and it's actually encased in a heavy-duty impact resistant plastic material the only complaint I have with the design is the cover for the headphone jack which can be lost easily if the Lagos is watching I suggest that they somehow attach this to the splitter itself so that way it doesn't get lost easily if you find yourself sitting next to your buddy on a long road trip or flights off then then this is definitely a great solution it only cost nine dollars and it comes in four colors the in over a mobile CPU stand at first didn't really make the cut to be in the video because well it's not really tech but I thought about it for a bit and a lot of you guys actually have pcs or into PC content so I thought that this would be pretty interesting for my viewers this is especially perfect for my viewers out there that have their pcs on the floor I know how much of a pain it can be reaching behind your PC and plugging and unplugging cables it definitely is a pain in the ass it's made completely from metal and feels very sturdy the wheels also lock to keep your computer in place until you are ready to move it again and it also comes with rubber strips that install on the inside to protect your case from getting scratched the opening is adjustable and supports cases about 6 to 11 inches and widths it costs only 16 dollars and if you require access to the back of your computer often or just want to keep your computer off the ground to prevent dust from entering from the bottom of the case then you should definitely check this out also why the hell is it called a CPU stand don't they know what a CPU stands for children called a power or a case stand instead moving on we got this amazing laptop bag that I recently picked up for my lg gram 15 for only $13 this bag is amazing not only is the water resistant but also has soft lining and padding inside to protect your laptop from scratches this particular model can fit a laptop between fifteen and fifteen and a half inches however they do have a version that fits eleven to twelve and a half inches as well and I'll drop a link to both of them down below I love everything about this bag the design how light it is the build quality and most importantly it has a handle near the top which makes it very convenient carrying it around it also has a side pocket where you can store some accessories like a power bank charging cable or even another tablet and finally we got the Black Horse gaming headset stand it comes in at 13 dollars and is a simple solution to clearing up your desk from headphones and accompanying wires the stand is made from high quality light weight acrylic material and has a spots to place the smartphone as well it was easy to put together and even comes with a screw driver for assembly which is a nice touch the arms on the back made cable management very easy especially with long cables but my only criticism would be that its height is not tall enough my m50x is cover my phone screen when they are both on the stand something else I want to note is that you can't charge your phone when it's docked here which would have been a very nice solution but I guess the point of this was that it would fit any type of smartphone but then again you can actually moderate by drilling a hole on the bottom and fitting through your charging cable dollarz honestly you won't find a sleeker looking to and one headphone stand that is it for this episode as always if you want to win something let me know in the comments section which product you want to take home and also leave a like if you enjoy the video thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next one
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