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Cool Tech Under $30 - October

the asuras dot tech gets updated multiple times a day with variety of tech products so if you guys live in the US UK in Canada and want to save money on your next purchase consider bookmarking dual source tech and checking back at least once a day what's up guys its that from tech source and welcome to another episode of cool tech right here on the channel but guys I'm not gonna lie this time we have some really cool tech to show off and as always you can find all the links down below without wasting more time let's dive right in so starting up depa soda we have something I've been using the past year or so and recently they've actually added some cool features so this is us the first smart car charger that offers a ton of Awesome features first off it has two reversible USB ports one on each side not only can you plug in your USB cable in any direction but it can also charge phones and tablets at two times the speed of average car chargers and that's thanks to its powerful smart chip that's built inside so what this device does is it helps you locate your parked car among other useful features you simply plug it in to your car's lighter socket and download the app on your iPhone or Android smartphone once you park your car and shut off the engine the app will send you a notification stating that the location was either saved successfully or not in my experience parking on the ground or large multi-story parking lots seemed to be hit or miss sometimes since GPS works poorly in concrete structures everywhere else out in the open especially it works 100% of the time it's perfect for theme parks shopping malls stadiums and pretty much any outdoor event additionally after you get the notification it will also give you an option to set a parking timer so let's say you park next to a meter or one of those times parking lots well you can basically set a timer within the app to notify you so that you don't go over and end up paying the ticket the locator is really easy to use and it's fairly accurate from my past year of using the unit it does take quite a few seconds to update the distance as you're walking but once you do get within 30 feet of your car the app will let you know and after that it's a matter of just looking around until you locate your car now if the compass doesn't help you out you can also pull up the last-known location of your vehicle using the map as Plan B something they just added recently was ability to add additional Zeus units for people that have multiple cars some other cool features on the app include a battery monitor which pretty much keeps track of your battery health from the past ninety days and finally there's an option to share your location with your friends or family that also haves us installed from my past year using this I've grown to love it and it has given me a peace of mind it's definitely a must-have if any of you guys on a car this next item is perfect for anyone that's in school or someone who writes a lot this is the wave smart notebook and what this thing does will impress you at first glance it looks like a regular notebook but it's far from it the best feature about this notebook is that you can erase everything in it by throwing it in the microwave let's say you're running out of pages or you simply want to start over with a fresh notebook well all you have to do is fill up a mug with some water put the notebook in the microwave and place the mug on top of the notebook after about a minute take out the notebook flip it on its other side and place the mug back on for another full minute once the wave logo transitions from blue to white that means it's time to take it out as you can see here none of my drawings are on any of the pages and they've all been erased now do keep in mind that although this is very effective you will still get some leftover lines from previous drawings or notes it all depends on how hard you press while writing or how deep it is inside the notebook the deeper it is the more lines will be visible you can also manually erase them with the other end of this pen which comes with a notebook now this isn't a regular eraser guys it's specifically made for this notebook and I believe they use some heat sensitive technology to make this happen it doesn't even stop there you can also scan each page using the app on your smart phone and it will automatically save and send that picture to wherever you want if you pay attention to the bottom of each page you will find a set of icons well basically you can configure each icon to a specific location within the app for example if the rocket logo is checked I want the images to be sent to my Dropbox account and let's say if the diamond icon is checked I want the image sent to my iCloud and so on the scanning isn't always accurate and sometimes it would take me a few minutes to scan a page but when it does work it's awesome the image quality also suffers a bit when being transferred over but that's to be expected it's almost impossible to transfer over the original image and that pretty much goes for anything but it's good enough to see what you have written or drawn on the notebook the wave notebook is far from perfect but for being first of its kind and only around $25 I think it's an excellent item for anyone who goes to school next up we have Felix and it pretty much does an awesome job holding up your tablet it comes in a variety of colors and what I really like about this is the fact that you can adjust the angle by sliding it up or down it's very easy this here is a nine point seven inch iPad air 2 and it's holding up just fine even at landscape mode so I believe this would work with any tablet on there 11 inches if you're going to use them in landscape mode now if you're going to be using a tablet in vertical mode then it can support practically any size one thing to keep in mind is that the hands are not as wide so if you have a tablet that has a very bulky case on it then unfortunately it won't work if you have a very thin bumper or no case at all then it will work just fine if you're looking for an awesome tablet holder for other ten bucks and this is something I highly recommend next up we have a very simple gadget that is very useful to have regardless of who you are this here is a six in one charging cable keychain so there are two micro USBs one Lightning one mini USB one type-c and a regular USB cable this is perfect for anyone who has multiple devices so instead of having to carry around two or three different cables you can substitute them for this the regular USB can be used to either charge your devices or transfer data now let us come with a clip so you can hook it up to your keychain making it the perfect all-in-one travel charging and syncing cable speaking of traveling this next one is now my official travel mouse that I carry around with me as most of you guys know I hate using a trackpad on laptops because of the inconvenience and I also hate carrying around a full size Mouse well this changes today because this miniature optical USB mouse is all I need I'm actually surprised at how well this thing works it's extremely responsive with no lag and it gets job done it literally performs like a full-size Mouse the fact that it's extremely tiny and features a retractable cable is perfect for travel now obviously I wouldn't pull this out and start playing cs:go in tournaments but for around $5 and regular everyday tasks this thing is a lifesaver last but not least we have a smart lab with a built-in speaker I'm just gonna start off by saying the sound quality isn't the best on this it's lacking bass and clarity however it does get pretty loud but the reason I'm featuring this in the video is because it's pretty cool tapping on the speaker will cycle through five different colors and doing a long press will give you the option to select the brightness level other than that there's really nothing else that stands out in the front of the speaker you get the usual media buttons and behind that you can find a micro SD card slot auxilary and charging port here's a quick sound sample in case you're interested but that'll do for this episode as always if you guys enjoy these monthly cool tech videos please hit that like button to show your support let's see if you can get this video up to ten thousand likes that would be amazing as always if you guys are interested in checking out possess smart car charger all the other items mention this video be sure to check out the link below thank you guys so much for watching I love you and I'll see you in the next video
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