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Cool Tech Under $5 - April

what's up guys it's ad from tech stores and welcome back to another cool tag video this time I'm going to be looking at tech under five dollars and as always most of the products you see in this video will be available to try for free on the app called nice I'm also happy to announce that all the products from the nice app are now available to over 49 countries with free shipping so hopefully that will cover my international audience as well I know you guys I've already talked about it a few times in my previous videos but nice is more than just an app where you can try products out before you buy them you see it's kind of an extension of my YouTube channel where you guys can find products that are featured on my channel on the app as well there's even a special category just for products I featured in my videos so if you haven't already downloaded the app I'll drop a link down below so you guys can check out without wasting any more time let's begin so starting up the video is this 2.4 gigahertz Wireless Gaming Mouse from fan tech it features two red buttons on the side for back and forward along with a dedicated dpi button up top to adjust the sensitivity on the fly it's extremely tiny making it perfect for travel but people with really large hands may find it uncomfortable to use otherwise for regular or even small hands this mouse is perfect and because it has asymmetrical design both left and right-handed people can use it no problem I do love the fact that it comes with a slot under the mouse to store the receiver and it does take to triple-a batteries it's not too bad for gaming to be honest I'm actually pretty surprised how accurate it is considering its a four-dollar wireless mouse you won't get the same level of precision compared to be more expensive Mouse that's for sure but for casual gaming it really didn't bother me as much as I thought it would now if you're hardcore FPS gamer I probably wouldn't buy this mouse as you can definitely notice the difference in real time but for laptop use or people that travel constantly this is a nice little mouse that will get the job done next up we have a USB 2.0 SD card reader so you guys record video or audio on an SD card and want a super affordable way of transferring files to your PC then this is something you should definitely check out and as a slot for regular full sized SD card and microSD card on the bottom the only downside that it is the USB 2.0 so if you have large files to transfer it will definitely take a while compared to USB 3.0 this next item is pretty cool it's a lightning cable disguised as a bracelet snap it open and start charging or syncing your iPhone in style I guess the purpose of it is to be portable and easy to access since it's always wrapped around your wrist it doesn't work with iPhone 6s or 6s Plus unfortunately I think it's only compatible with older versions of the iPhone there's also a microUSB version as well which I'll link below we can approaching this next item is a power bank that you can hook up to your keys so you always have a backup in case of emergencies this gives you twenty six hundred billion hours of juice and it's compatible with practically anything that has a USB port you do need to carry the cable around with you though since it doesn't come with one but for only four bucks this is a pretty cool tech to have next up is a pretty simple item but since it's under five dollars I had to include it in this video so this is a four port USB 2.0 hub so if you guys need extra USB ports on your PC or laptop and picking up something like this will definitely do the job finishing off the episode are these headphones I picked up from cos at first glance they look like headphones used to wear back in the day with cassette and CD players but looking at it closely you will find that it's pretty much the same type of headphones actually super light super flimsy the sound is pretty bad and tinny you get no noise isolation and the sound leak is terrible I mean your neighbor can practically hear what you're listening to then I mentioned it's flimsy but for the price of $4.99 I really can't complain I mean it produces sound what more can you ask for so that will do it for the video if you guys enjoy my monthly cool tech series make sure to smack the crap out of that like button and everything I mention in this video will be linked below along with the app I was mentioning earlier in the video for my international viewers out there you guys get free shipping on all the products from the app so be sure to check that out thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video yeah is that supposed to happen haha
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