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Cool Tech Under $5 - November

what's up guys is that back again from Texas and welcome to cool tech under five dollars for the month of November if you guys are new to the series feel free to check out my previous cool tech videos I did on a channel you won't regret it but I'll leave a playlist link for you guys down below without wasting any more time let's begin so before I begin I have something really awesome to share with you guys that one of my viewers actually reached out to me and said if I could feature it it's an iPhone app called nice shopping imagine trying out a product before buying it we rely heavily on reading product reviews and even watching videos like these before we buy a product and once it arrives it doesn't meet our expectations then you're stuck with requesting our amazed printing out labels just to send it back and then sometimes the companies don't even offer a refund nice is basically like shopping at a store but online meaning you guys actually get to try the product yourself before you buy it if you decide to keep it you pay for it if not they make the return process seamless by sending you a prepaid label and you guys can send it back with no questions asked it's that easy last week I demoed a hoverboard on my cool tech series and you guys can actually request one using the app and try it out at your home before you buy it you guys can also find other cool stuff like gaming headsets drones AVR and basically anything you can imagine I'd be excited about you can try all of these and even more for free up front at no cost the only thing is nice as an invite-only system and for my subscribers I have a special invite code you guys can find over here on the video and also link it down below for you guys there is a limited amount of signups so make sure you guys get in while you still can there's really nothing to lose it's a free app after all so starting off the list is this folding knife by Sinclair it's basically a knife in the form of a credit card and you can fold it into a working and fully functioning knife which is extremely sharp I would say it's about the size of one and a half credit card so it fits right inside my wallet or if you have a wallet phone case that works just as well the folding knife also comes with a lock option in case it doesn't come loose and end up stabbing you while walking next up is a tablet for a monkey do meet Felix you're dedicated tablet holder the arms stretch up to ten point five inches so it can pretty much hold up any tablet in vertical mode and even some in landscape mode given that the tablet is under 10.5 inches of course it has rubber feet on the back which will help keep the stand from sliding on hard surfaces next up is a plasma ball that just looks cool and will definitely add some spice to any desk setup you can power it using batteries or plug it straight into the wall and it looks especially dope when the lights are it did state that this was 50% off at the time of purchase so I'm not sure how long the deal will last next up on the list is a flexible silicon keyboard for laptops notebooks or anything else with a USB port it's perfect for travel since you can roll it up and pack it away now if you're thinking about typing an essay on this keyboard think again I would definitely not recommend it since the keys are extremely small and too close together this is more of a backup keyboard than anything but it's still cool and it's under five bucks which is why I featured it in this video I had no idea that you can buy a gaming mouse for under five dollars and I immediately questioned the quality when I came across this it turns out that this mouse is a complete ripoff of the have't Mouse I featured on my top five mice under 25 and I can't even tell the difference between the two it features six buttons a dpi switch up top and a 2000 VPI sensor needless to say it works well while gaming gets responsive it slides well don't really have any complaints honestly for only 5 bucks it's really hard to beat and what's a mouse without a mousepad these two are under 5 bucks and strangely represent the msi dragon logo although neither of them are from msi this next item is a two-in-one cable now I featured something like this a few times before but at a higher price tag this one is MFI certified which means that it's made for iPhones you get a micro USB cable once you remove the top and a lightning cable when you put it back on last but not least we have a camera lens mug which looks like a replica of the Canon lens this one is made out of old plastic and honestly I'm not too happy with the quality of it there's a piece on the cup that's peeling off and overall just feels pretty flimsy if you guys have an extra two bucks to spare I would definitely go with a more premium lens mug this one is not only made with better materials but you actually get stainless steel insulation with a twist off cap there's also a lid on the actual cap that you can open and close so that's it for the video if you guys enjoyed it and want me to continue doing these cool tech videos every single month make sure to hit that like button to show your support also don't forget to try out nice the invite code is down below honestly guys it's an awesome app give it a try it's completely free and thanks again for watching I will see you in the next video
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