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Cool Tech Under $50 - April

what's up guys it's ad from tech stores and welcome to April's cool tech episode this time I'm going to be looking at tech under 50 so without wasting any more time let's begin so starting up the video is the TMP charging station for the ps4 controllers this is a really great way to charge both of your controllers by using only one of the USB ports on the ps4 just simply hook up the micro USB cable which was provided in the back of the charging station and plug the USB portion into your ps4 and you are set to go it stated that you will get a full charge within two hours when charging a single controller or four hours when charging both at the same time there are also LEDs which will indicate the charge status blue for when it's fully charged and red when it's still charging if you guys want to pick up some awesome carbon fiber skins for your ps4 or Xbox one like I've done in the video then be sure to check out the first link below next up on the list is a beanie with Bluetooth speakers built-in for 12 bucks not only do you get a very comfortable beanie to keep your head warm when it's called out but you can also listen to music with it did I mention it's only 12 bucks pairing it with your phone is super easy just press and hold on the play button until the LED starts flashing and then open up your Bluetooth settings on your phone and connect to it what's cool about this beanie is that it also comes they built-in mic which means that you are able to take calls with it it states that it will give you up to 5 hours of music playback 8 hours of talktime and 60 hours of standby charging is done via the micro USB port located under the controls however finding the actual port may require you to move it around a bit as far as the sound quality is concerned I'm actually really surprised that it doesn't suck I mean 4 speakers that are built in a beanie for only 12 bucks these sound pretty damn good the bass is pretty weak and you don't get much noise isolation but the mids and highs are good enough to enjoy whatever it is that you are listening to for 12 bucks this is a piece of really cool tech that's perfect for snowboarding skiing and places where cold weather is present speaking of sound this next item is called a sound box and it's a Bluetooth speaker with two 4 watt drivers a connection range of up to 33 feet and 12 hours of music played on box is a solid Bluetooth speaker the top of the speaker has all the necessary media controls like pausing or skipping tracks while the back has the our button line in micro SD card and the charging port the quality of the sound however is great you get a clear sound and a good amount of bass slow turning faster nice paper it will turn in this would say okay overall this is a pretty good Bluetooth speaker compared to others in the same price range this next item is pretty cool this is the smart turtle an intelligent holder for smartphones and tablets the way it works is pretty cool there is this adhesive gel pad that sticks to practically any surface whether it's a tablet smartphone or even an actual pocket-sized camera you can use it as a regular phone stand for your setup or even use it as a tripod to hold your phone or small camera for recording video the adhesive is actually strong enough to even hold up a tablet and I feature this in my cool tech video mainly because of what it can do giving it's super compact and portable form factor want to watch a movie on your tablet while laying down on your bed no problem just slap the tablet on the smart turtle and you are good to go the adhesive can also be washed and still maintain its stickiness which is pretty awesome next up we have some noise canceling wireless Bluetooth earphones from mpow actually featured a few empower wireless earbuds before on the channel but this is a different model called the antelope it's a little bit more than the previous models and that's because it features noise cancellation 6.0 which reduces outside noises and outputs clear audio from the built-in microphone however that really wasn't the case when I tested them out I actually made a call with these on at my local Walmart and the mic was just too sensitive and it picked up the sounds around me and the person on the other end had trouble hearing me on one of the earpieces you can find the media controls and on the other is the microUSB port needed to charge the earphones it stated to give the user up to eight hours of music played it's sweat-proof which is perfect for joggers or people that hit the gym hard overall the sound is good the bass is decent and at high volume the music doesn't get distorted which is great if you're into fitness I would recommend trying these out last not least we have which is now my main pair of earbuds that I use the NRG 2.0 earbuds these are actually made out of genuine wood and the earbuds do come with a built in mic and a neat carrying bag with a set of replaceable earbuds and different sizes the wood housing on these earbuds provide better bass response and acoustic performance at least that's what they are claiming my experience with these earbuds these past few weeks have been nothing but great I love love the sound I mean it's even comparable to some high-end earbuds that I've used in the past that costs over a hundred bucks the bass is an overpowering but clean and the highs are also very clear honestly for the price point you guys won't find a better sounding pair of earphones and you guys can quote me on that I just love how snug these are inside my ear which also provide excellent nose isolation I mean these guys nailed every single aspect of these ear buds finally before I go I wanted to share a really cool tech deal with you guys from mass drop which is a group buying website the AKG K 7 xx is limited edition is now available for the lowest price ever they are basically the original case of an xx's but with red accents on the ear cups and around the headband please note that this is a limited drop with only 425 units so if you guys do want one be sure to check out the first link below the open-back headphones feature large memory foam pads with velour covering and genuine leather headband if you're knotting a file you probably own one of these already but for anyone else that's interested be sure to check them out and the rest of the awesome products on their website I will leave a link below for you so that will do for this episode of cool tech on their 50 as always if you guys enjoy these monthly series make sure to leave a like to show your support and I'll see you guys in the next video
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