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Cool Tech Under $50 - August

what's up guys it's ad from tech source and welcome to another cool tech episode this time we are looking at tech under $50 and actually you guys can try out a few the products mentioned in this video by using the app called nice not only can you browse through your favorite youtubers and watch video straight from the app but you also get to try the products featured in the videos for free so if you guys want to check out the app make sure to download it by using the link down below it's also available for both iOS and Android so I talked a lot about headphone stands on the channel especially on set up Wars so I think it's time to give earphone some love this here is an earbud stand or holder that's compatible with most earphones if you constantly use earbuds and don't have a dedicated place for them then this might be something you'll be interested in now obviously it's not as convenient to hang your earbuds compared to actual headphones but it will really clean up your desk or set up if you decide to use them simply wrap the cable around three of your fingers until they are nice and compact and then you can toss them inside the compartment in the back and slide over the door then you can bring them up and rest them on the holders tell me that doesn't look clean next up we have a simple yet cool charging cable for both Apple and micro USB devices now let's set this cable apart from the rest is that they have magnetic tips there's a microUSB and lightning version you simply connect one of the tips to your devices and then bring the cable over close enough until they snap together the purpose of this is to charge your devices a lot easier so instead of plugging them in you can now just snap them in I guess well technically the lightning cable goes in either side so it's pretty easy to plug that in it's actually the microUSB cable that sometimes frustrating to plug in since there's only one correct way but with the magnetic tip you don't have to worry about which way you are connecting the devices also the cable allows for faster charging with an input of 2 point 4 amps maximum so doesn't matter which tip you use because you will get filled up faster actually this is the product you can try out for free by using the app nice that I talked about earlier so if you guys are interested in trying this out for free be sure to download the app by visiting the link below now this next item is something you guys might enjoy this is the Doberman security hanging alarm you stick it between your door and once someone opens it up they hear this it's seriously the coolest little security device I have in my home it's simple cheap but very effective the way it works is this it's actually very simple once the two aluminium pieces separate from each other the alarm activates and you hear this extremely loud and annoying alarm my entire apartment complex can hear this thing go off which is great because if a thief tries to break in while we're not home he's gonna bolt out of there as soon as possible not because he's afraid of getting cut because this thing is very loud and annoying it doesn't even have to be a door you can be creative and hide this in between objects let's say you have a stack of GPUs that you want to protect from thieves well simply slide the alarm between one of the boxes and when someone tries to take one boom Boston so yeah this thing pretty much works in any crevice or crack if you know what I mean last but not least we have this pretty dope desk lamp from taotronics not only is a touchscreen but it's more flexible than Breann I mean you can pretty much twist the head raise the neck bend the entire body down or up and even rotate the entire thing it's very very flexible alright alright I'm done that's that's the last one on her promise there's also five different lighting types that you can set depending on the situation whether you're reading a book on your PC or getting in the mood for a little something something in all seriousness though this is a very good-looking and high tech desk lamp perfect for pretty much any bedroom office or a desk set up oh and it also has a USB charging port in the back as always you guys can find all the products linked down below in case you want to check them out and we should leave a like if you enjoy watching these monthly cool tech videos I always want to give huge thanks to for sponsoring this episode of cool tech and for those of you guys who haven't heard of they're an audiobook website with over 180,000 audio titles to choose from let's face it guys it's 2016 nobody reads books anymore we listen to them what we listen to people reading them right now if you guys visit slash tech stores you get a free audiobook with a 30-day trial I would recommend grabbing a night of the Seven Kingdoms if you're a Game of Thrones fan like me this actually takes place 10 years before the actual game of Thrones series you can grab this one or many more like it you can also download them on your smartphone tablet or mp3 player so it's always with you wherever you go sue see guys I don't know what you're still doing here go to slash tech stores and get your free audiobook and 30-day free trial I'll drop a link to it down below in case you guys are interested that's basically I think you guys so much for watching as always I will see you in the next video
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