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Cool Tech Under $50 - December

so it's a new month which means it's time for another episode of cool tech on their fifty and if you guys are new to the series that means you missed out on some really awesome tech in the past few months so I'll go to drop a link to the playlist of all my cool tech videos in case you guys are bored and wanted to catch up but without wasting any more time let's begin so you can find all the products featured in this video down below in the description section in the order that they appear so it's easier for you guys to find them first up on the list we have the ultimate mini tripod from Manfrotto solid construction out of stainless steel with a dedicated button to adjust the ball head to any tilt angle you desire it's perfect for small cameras and even can support DSLRs up to a maximum weight of 2.2 pounds you can even close the tripod and use it as an extension for selfie videos or hard-to-reach shots I actually use this tripod for my vlogs and it works great the locking mechanism is extremely powerful and it's able to hold my Sony mark 4 without any problems you can even add a Joby mount and hook up your smartphone to it this is by far the coolest mini tripod I have ever used and definitely deserves to be on my list next up on the list are rechargeable batteries from EBL now there are a bunch of other brands out there but EBL not only has the lowest cost but the batteries last much longer than other brands if you guys want to save time and money on replacing batteries the EBL charging Bay and rechargeable batteries are what you're looking for I absolutely love these things I use them in my remotes headphones wireless mouse and the most important thing I use every single day my H 5 zoom recorder which eats up my batteries really fast I can't obsess enough about how these make my life so much easier there are many articles out there that actually prove rechargeable batteries last longer than regular alkaline batteries so I set up two - a triple-a batteries will charge fully between three to eight hours or as it takes anywhere from 6 to 15 hours for the double-a batteries after a single recording session using my H 5 I would lose one bar battery with a standard alkaline batteries by using rechargeable batteries I was able to maintain three full bars the LED indicator will display red if it's still charging and green once it's fully charged the only thing is you can't charge single batteries you will need to do them in pairs I honestly don't care about the money I'm saving I'm more happy about the convenience it offers these next few items are from anchor first up we have the Power Core + 10,000 milliamp hour portable charger with Qualcomm certified quick charge 2.0 meaning you get 75% faster charging speeds on quick charge compatible device is like LG g4 galaxy s6 HTC m9 and more it also features power IQ which will provide the fastest possible charge depending on what device you are plugging in there's also the power core plus 20100 milliamp hour for double the juice and the only difference with this one other than the capacity is that it's a USBC power bank with an output of 6 apps which can fully charge a macbook one iPhone and an iPad air 2 on a single charge that's right guys you can use this power bank to charge your new MacBooks they also have a new line of cables called power line these are available for both lightning and microUSB cables and they are made out of Kevlar fiber making it one of the most durable cables in the world the power line version also provides the fastest possible charge via any USB charger plus data transfer just my amazing subscribers the guys at ankor are hosting a giveaway and they're also providing you guys with a discount code for 33% off the Power Core along with a free powerline cable with a purchase of the twenty thousand one hundred million power bank they don't have a lot of units available so make sure to snag one if you're interested but all the details and requirements for the giveaway and discount codes will be linked below if anyone is interested this next item isn't out yet but will soon be on Kickstarter it's called echo and it's the world's first hi-fi and Wi-Fi hub for headphones and speakers the concept is pretty simple connect echo to any sound source and cast hi-fi audio to any headphones or speakers wirelessly echo comes in four sound pucks and each sound puck provides the user with 24-bit stereo audio which is better than CD quality you guys can enjoy your favorite content together from music to movies to video games with the same high quality audio stream up to 10 sets of headphones or speakers simultaneously the smart pucks are simply placed on the base unit to recharge and it's battery life provides up to five hours of active listening from a range of up to 100 feet if you guys are interested in checking this out I'll leave a link below on where you can sign up for notifications because it will be on Kickstarter soon so I talked a lot about the band on the channel but I haven't really gone over the other options they provide they make some badass skins for consoles as well and I'm actually rocking the black and red carbon fiber skins on my ps4 but they have other materials and color options available that look a lot cleaner they obviously have our phone skins as well but they do laptop smartwatches and other devices as well so if you're interested in picking out your devices definitely check out the very first link below these next two items are from new lacks first up is an aluminum stand for smartphones and tablets it's available in silver and champagne and pretty much just holds up your device the stand could be adjusted to practically any angle you want and it's a great addition to any desk setup to keep your tablet or smartphone off of the table or you can just use it to watch videos this next item is my personal favorite out of everything I featured in this video this is the wireless Bluetooth keyboard that comes in a magnetic case you simply open it up fold the back and you have yourself a stand for your tablet I'm using my iPad air 2 in this video but it's compatible with smartphones tablets laptops and virtually everything that has Bluetooth capability I don't know how to express the amazing quality of the keyboard in just under a minute but here it goes it's nice and clicky with great feedback there's zero lag while typing all of the keys are within reach and the keyboard is extremely light and perfect for travel it will get you up to sixty days of standby time and it will go to sleep automatically in 15 minutes if afk the only thing I wish they would have done was to make a keyboard a bit wider and fit more space between the keys since I have large hands I sometimes press other keys by accident but the more I typed on it the more I got used to it combined the keyboard convenience with a touchscreen feature of any tablet and you get the best of both worlds I strongly recommend this to anyone looking for a solid Bluetooth keyboard for their tablet or smartphone next on the list are some Bluetooth earphones from sound pete's quite possibly one of the best Bluetooth earphones anyone can buy under 30 bucks it will ask you up to five hours of music playback with a one to two hours charging time it's perfect for jogging going to the gym or other outdoor activities it does have a built-in mic for accepting calls and comes in a neat little carrying pouch with some extra gels and cable management clips in terms of sound there is definitely a lack of trouble with a nice amount of bass but you will need to use the larger ear gels to get a nice snug fit voices and instrumentals are super crispy and clear and the noise isolation is great even at 50% volume I receive the J board X 2's for review a while back and I gotta say that these are way more comfortable than the X 2's overall if you want a pair of awesome headphones for under 30 bucks these should definitely be on your list next up on the list is a smart screen shield for your iPhone 6 and 6s it's a very thin layer of glass that will not only protect the front of your phone from scratches but it will also give you two invisible buttons that act as a back and confirm button no matter where you are on your iPhone simply tapping on the bottom left of the screen shield will take you back I would say it works 95% of the time you just have to make sure to apply some pressure when pressing it instead of gently tapping it the bottom right of the screen shield is connected to the top right in this case it's actually where the settings is located for Instagram the top left of the screen shield is connected with the bottom left which in most cases is usually the back arrow key it's definitely a cool piece of tech to give you an alternate way of navigating through your iPhone while protecting it at the same time last but not least we have the e box which is a great accessory for cable management if you have a power strip with a bunch of plugs sticking out of it and want to clean up your cables and step up your cable management game then the e box power cable has your name on it it's large enough to fit power strips that are up to 14 inches in length and has plenty of ventilation underneath and on its sides to prevent from overheating so that's it for this episode of cool tech on their 50 if you guys enjoy these series and want me to continue doing them every single month make sure to pimp slap the crap out of that like button make sure to slap the crap out of that like button to show your support and I will continue to do these every single month I actually have a cool tech under-five coming up in a few weeks so make sure you guys are sticking around for that but I don't know that thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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