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Cool Tech Under $50 - Episode 1

today's video was sponsored by privacy comm and they having a pretty cool special where you're going to be rewarding 50 random users that sign up $50 towards their account and they can buy whatever they want but more info on that later in this video what's up guys is mtech source and welcome back to another episode of cool tech under 50 I know it's been a while but we are back and to kick things off we are going to check out this awesome travel water bottle it may seem like an ordinary odd shaped water bottle but what makes it cool is that you can make it collapse by pushing down on it from the top it becomes way more compact and can easily fit inside your pocket or bag and doesn't take up any extra space compared to a full-size water bottle when the lid is closed that prevents the air inside the bottle to escape making it impossible to collapse but once you lift the lid up you can easily collapse it it's perfect for on-the-go and it's 100% bpa free and taste and odor free as well it comes in a 21 or 12 ounce capacity and it's available in a variety of colors also guys I do want to emphasize that none of these products were sponsored I bought every single one of these with my own money and if there is a product sponsored I'll let you guys know always in the video as well as the description section but anyways moving on next up is quite possibly the coolest card wallet out there now I realize these first two items aren't really tech but they are cool enough to feature in this episode so this is called the tribe card wallet and it's made out of two Tex ilium plates that are aluminum weaved and three k12 patterns that kind of gives off this cool carbon fiber look and silencing everything together is these two stainless steel plates if you're like me and hate carrying full-size wallets then this might be something you're interested in it's definitely one of the coolest card wallets I've used so on the website it says that it can hold up to ten cards but I found that anything more than eight becomes very cramped how it works is very simple just slide your cards inside and when you need to pull one out you simply hold the wallet with two fingers on its sides and push all the cards out from the bottom once all the cards are pushed out you can pinch the bottom portion of the wallet in order to fan out all the cards then you can simply pull out the one you want to use once you are done with the card you can squeeze it back inside the normal way or use the same fan method which is easier as a bonus it can also hold cash you can either keep it inside between the cards or slide it behind this field belt it starts at $49.99 on their website and goes up depending on what material and color you go with if you're looking for a cool minimalistic card wallet then this is definitely something I recommend a check out next up is the jelly 5 port charging station now what sets this one apart from other charging hubs is mainly the design I couldn't help but realize that this looks very similar to my luma a cliff speakers from my setup so it has four regular three amp USB ports and the bottom red one supports Qualcomm 3.0 quick charge meaning it will charge Qualcomm compatible devices like the HTC 10 LG g6 from 0 to 80 percent in just 35 minutes do keep in mind that this is only a charging up so you can't connect this to your PC for data transfers for only $13 I think this is an awesome USB charging station that fits well with any desk setup speaking of desk setups this next one is a great way to manage your earbuds so these are both from brainwaves and they basically give you a place to hang your earbuds and manage its cable so the first one goes behind your monitor like this and the hook part sticks out from the side the benefit of this is that you can conveniently access your earbuds whenever you want however with this approach the earbuds and its cables are visible from the front something I'm obviously not a fan of the second option is using your we're mounting version where you would stick the hanger right behind your display and hang your earbuds that way the benefit of this however is that the earbuds and its cables are hidden but it's less convenient to access them because you have to reach over your monitor to get them all so you don't have to use the monitor to mount these you can pretty much use anything you want you can even hook it up to your wall on the side of your desk or even on your PC it's only nine dollars and you guys do get both of the hangers which is a pretty cool deal last but not least we got the kylo Ren 3d wall decal this is a really cool piece of tech that you can hook up against your wall for decoration purposes the eyes light up in red which looks really cool at night and installation is very easy once you set the level of the poster peel off the sticker and place it against the wall and then apply pressure so that the vinyl sticks against the wall then you can start pulling it off and okay it doesn't work with my wall but it's supposed to look something like this basically after you speak the vinyl against the wall you'll just need to drill two screws and hang the mask on it honestly if you guys have a Star Wars being set up then this would fit perfectly in it I think they have also Darth Vader r2d2 and a few other Star Wars characters just make sure if you guys are interested in buying it that you have a flat wall to install this on otherwise if you have a wall like mine which has bumps on it it's not going to work as always you guys can find all the products mentioned in this video links down below but before I end this episode I will tell you how you can enter to win one of these products and that's by signing up for a free account at privacy comm slash tech stores they will randomly select 50 users that sign up and award them $50 credit towards their account and you guys can use that $50 towards whatever you want you can either buy anything on Amazon or you can buy anything that's featured in this video so for those of you that haven't heard about privacy calm then you're missing out because one of the best ways to protect yourself from online fraud so one of the features I like about the privacy app is the fact that it can stop free trial subscriptions without having to worry about manually cancelling it yourself and I'll show you guys an example so I'll go to and sign up for a free 30-day trial and I'll show you guys how exactly the privacy extension helps you in terms of remembering when to cancel so I click on try audible for free I'm going to sign up and create a new account okay so now I have to put in my credit card number and here's what the privacy app shines so you'll see a privacy icon right over here next to your credit card number so once I click on it I have the option to use any of the cards I created on the account again just to remind you guys that all these cards use a made-up account number and also a made-up billing address so if the car does get confiscated or if you can't detect the person that hacks your account does not get your actual information so I'm going to click on the subscription card that I created and messy $1.00 total limit so click on this make sure all the information is correct on here and then I'm going to click on use card so automatically includes in a fake number on here and then a facility west of information all right so I'm gonna click on start a free trial I can then go to the privacy home and check out my cards as you can see here audible already shows up on my card okay and here's how you automatically cancel a subscription without having to manually do it so I'm just going to put $1.00 so obviously the subscription of audible is around fifteen or sixteen dollars so if it tries to charge this account it's obviously going to get rejected so once it gets rejected it's going to automatically cancel the subscription alternatively I can always go back on the card and manually delete it as well by clicking on this trashcan icon very easy anyways guys is an awesome extension if you don't already have it I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to add an extra layer of protection unfortunately online fraud happens when you least expect it so it's really nice to have that extra layer of protection I mean it is free to sign up and you guys got nothing to lose as I mentioned before fifty new users that sign up will get a chance to win a fifty dollar credit towards their account and they can use that 50 dollars and buy whatever they want but anyways make sure you guys visit privacy comm slash tech stores and protect yourself starting today thank you so much for watching I'll see you in the next one
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