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Cool Tech Under $50 - February 2017

a huge thanks to fandom for sponsoring this video fandom is a very fun app that lets you compete to be the number one fan of your favorite celebrities or brands it's kind of like the Mafia Wars of the Millennial Generation you basically use a digital point system and purchase the number one spot of your favorite account it's very addicting they're also kind enough to give away $1,000 in cash to one lucky subscriber more info at the end of this video and I'll drop a link to the app down below also guys is that some text or is that welcome to another episode of cool tech under $50 less begins to kick things off we have the B Sport 3 from new force I may be bending the rules a bit because these are technically a little higher than $50 but it has to make the exception because these are some quality earbuds in fact if you guys put in the code Tech tech as check out the price will drop down to around 60 bucks so in the box you get various ear tips as well as these things whatever they're called that wrap around your ear and give you a more secure fit they also come with a carrying pouch that feels premium so these aren't your typical cheap Bluetooth earphones aluminum and polycarbonate housing gives the B sports a premium feeling and besides that it's also IP 55 certified you won't be able to completely submerge these in water but heavy rain or sweat will be no problem it does have inline controls with the typical buttons for music volume and calls and it also has a pretty decent microphone this is a microphone test of the optimum new flush headphone people were pleased to find that Peter Piper have picked a couple pages for fable fans I usually don't have my phone on me when I'm home so I found the ability to pull up Siri or Google now wirelessly to be very convenient in terms of sound quality if you're not an audiophile you won't be disappointed you can pretty much blast fees in max volume and there will be no distortion and that's not something I can say for most Bluetooth earphones in this price range the bass and treble are well balanced with a kick in the low ends and the vocals also come in very clear once you get the correct ear tips on the sound isolation is surprisingly decent at about 30 percent volume I could block out all ambient noise and around 70% as where you'll have trouble hearing a police siren they are that good and finally the battery life on these will last you around 10 hours on a single charge well $60 is a very solid pair of earbuds ask any video producer and they'll tell you smudges on displays are the ugliest thing that easily gets overlooked the thing is it's not that easy to clean especially to try and wipe away or you leave smudges and that's where microfiber cloths also fail and that's where I roller comes in they claim to be the best solution in this problem I can vouch for them and say it's not only better it takes cleaning your device to another level what I mean by this is that the roller also removes bacteria now I know what you're thinking one of the bacteria on the roller just go on to the next surface you apply - well yes and now clean it with hot water and you are ready to reuse it without any worries in fact you can keep using the product your entire life to test this we use a smudged up iPad and try to clean the surface with a microfiber cloth as you guys can see here it's spread around the smudge rather than removing it with the eye roller here we can see an immediate difference it's practically night and day it works with any display and its compact size make it a great accessory for my camera bag comparatively the eye roller is $20 price tag is a lot more than a microfiber cloth but considering how much better it's performed and its lifetime of use this a clear winner let's switch things up and talk about the velocity our 10 keyless mechanical keyboard its price of $30 makes it one of the cheapest mechanical keyboards available in the market and for its price this actually builds really well there's very little flex to the body you got well-built legs with rubber for anti slip and a no flex and the keys while typing the blue lighting is very subtle but still stands out there's also some lighting effects that come built-in so Zora Brown switchers have little tactile feedback they felt like a crossover between the red and brown switches to be honest I found this to be great when gaming but typing on long documents weren't as enjoyable compared to a keyboard blue switches the keys do feel plasticky but solid as well with good travel you can fool me the controls on the function keys quick access to search calculator and a windows lock e as well if you don't need a number pad you won't find a better led back with mechanical keyboard at $30 the sim peak is a premium Docs made from it's minimalistic and supports USB speed devices I have a silver model here but they also sell one in dark blue and rose gold as well its construction is very solid and has a surprising amount of weight to it it actually feels like something Apple would put out the rubberized feet keeps it from sliding around my desk but I did find myself using both of my hands when disconnected from the dock so I strongly recommend either using some velcro or maybe even 3m tape to secure this on your desk the only negative I found is that instead of using a USB see pass-through cable which is what they should have done they actually included a micro USB cable that attaches to the back instead a few problems come from this one it maxes out at USB 2 speeds and second it doesn't support quick charging he's looking for quicker transfer and charging speeds then look elsewhere otherwise if you're looking for a cool dock to overnight charge your smartphone or keep your phone off the desk on your setup then you're getting a solid product for 16 dollars last and certainly not least in price is the magnetic cable clips from geek pal it's a very simple concept that saves me time and keeps my cables working and organized the buckle has different sized grooves which support cables from 2.7 millimeters to 3.5 millimeter in width I can fit charging cables without a problem and with some force I was even able to put a sticker cable from my Audio Technica m50 X's into the buckle however I do wish they offered a model with support for cycle cables instead of looking around to find cables I have all of my charging cables in one place the magnets are pretty strong I didn't have any problems with cables randomly falling off obviously if something accidentally pulls on it then it won't hold for $8.00 this is a great addition to any desk setup if you guys want to take home one of the products features in this video all you have to do is leave a like and comments down below on which product you guys want to insert a giveaway for announce the winners and a few days on my Twitter account thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video alright so back to the $1000 giveaway from fandom which is a very fun app that lets you compete to be the number one fan of your favorite celebrity or brand to winter for the $1,000 giveaway it's very simple all you guys have to do is battle to be my number one fan if you're in my top 10 fans for the next month then you get a shot at winning $1,000 stat easy the app is free and I'll jump a link to them down below good luck to anyone who participates and I will see you guys in the next video
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