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Cool Tech Under $50 - February

what's up guys it's that from Texas and welcome to this month's episode of cool tech this time we're going to be looking at tech on their 50 bucks and everything I mentioned in this video will be listed down below in the description section so without wasting our time let's begin so starting up the list is an awesome phone stand that I came across a few days ago there are literally thousands of phone stands out there but the reason why I picked this one up is because not only does it have a cool design we can also sync your phone at the same time you can connect the USB portion into a wall charger or power bank to juice up your phone or plug it straight into your PC and sync your iPhone it's also compatible with older iPhone models because the dock can be swapped out to accommodate the older 30-pin connectors I also like the fact that it can still support my iPhone 6s plus even with a bulky case on and what's even crazier is that it can hold up an iPad air 2 as well although I wouldn't recommend it since it can be easily tipped over let's just say that this is my newest addition to my set up also I'm not sure why it states that the cable is not included when mine actually came with one but I thought I'd mention this to you guys next up we have a pretty sweet headphone hangar from brain waves now this is a really affordable way of cleaning up your desk setup if you have a pair of headphones lying around simply hook it up to the edge of your desk and tighten it up and you are good to go I'm seriously wondering why this goes for so cheap considering it's made out of metal the best part about the sanger is that you can rotate it vertically instead if you want to hook it up on a shelf or something similar the only downside to this is that it won't fit IKEA linman desks since the clamps on these don't extend as much for those of you out there with more than one pair of headphones you should check out the brainwaves trust hanger which can not only hold up two pairs of headphones but also goes under your desk and away from sight next time I'm on my list are these skins that I have on my 80 hm 50 X's these skins are from the brand and believe it or not they do have other skin colors than black and red as well as different materials for consoles and smartphones as well but the reason why featuring the m50x skins in this video is because they are new so if you guys want to pimp out your devices or looking for a great gift for someone then be sure to check out the brands by clicking on the first link below I don't know how many times I've been asked to feature a set of LED strips on the channel so after looking around for now I found a quality set of four pre-cut RGB LED strips for around 20 bucks so it took me about two minutes to set everything up just simply hook up the strip's together and connect one end of the power adapter and you are done you can control the color of the lights using the remote and even give them some effects like flashing pulsating and even fading the downside is that you actually need to point the remote to the receiver it does need to be in line of sight for it to work the total length of the strip's equal 48 inches and as you can see it didn't quite cover the entire back side of my table so I had to order one more set but if your table is around 48 inches wide or smaller then you will be fine I also like how it comes with cable clips making the wire management a breeze I simply attach the clips on the roof of my desk so they are not visible these next set of items are iPhone 6s and 6s plus cases we have the eraser series and shielded series which both come with a screen protector as well as a wide variety of colors the razor series have a tri layer design with the outer shell being constructed of polycarbonate with a soft TPU bumper inside the case for better shock absorption in the event that it drops you do get a much better grip of the phone due to the texture on both sides and you also don't have to worry about scratching the front of your phone if you laid face down since the case does have a two point five millimeter raised bezel in terms of functionality all of the buttons are really easy to press without much effort however the vibrate switch may require a little extra work to reach the cutouts on the bottom are also precise yet large enough for even third-party accessories the shielder series are also very similar but have a different design overall I'm really diggin the quality protection and design from both of these cases and as you can see here I have quite a few extra ones left here in fact I have about ten of these which I will be giving away on my Twitter account within this week so be sure to follow me there if you guys want a chance to win one of these this next item is extremely under priced now these are the earbuds inspire 100 earphones and they go for a little under 20 bucks they don't come with built-in mic or remote control but what you do get for around 20 dollars is a pair of really comfortable and good sounding earphone the cover has made out of rubber which provides a really snug fit and seriously guys you can do a thousand jumping jacks and these will not slide out they are so comfortable that you can even fall asleep with them on sound wise these are actually a little on the base side however it's not overpowering the highs and lows are clearer than I've ever experienced with in-ear headphones around this price tag and it does a pretty good job jamming out noise be warned though these do not have any noise isolation in fact these were created so that the user can hear ambient noises so that they are aware of their surroundings so if you're looking for noise isolation earbuds then these aren't it aside from that the sound actually doesn't leak as much as I expected even at high volumes for my pair of affordable earbuds but overall these are awesome and only for 20 bucks you can't go wrong this next item is pretty self-explanatory it's a six outlet surge protector that can pivot hence the name pivot power it's great for anyone that has a lot of large plugs since you can practically make room for them by pivoting the outlets but that's basically all I got for this last but not least we have the assault G Crusader gaming keyboard now this is a membrane keyboard but with special half mechanical switches aka dome switches they don't give the tactile feedback you would expect from Cherry Blue MX switches but it will feel more like cherry reds instead typing on this keyboard definitely feels a lot nicer than regular membrane switches in fact it was a quick typing sample the top frame cover is old metal and the entire keyboard feels pretty heavy in fact it feels a little heavier than my Corsair strafe RGB keyboard the key caps have nice curvature and the space bar is long and wide the top portion of the keyboard has this orange plastic piece that leads through the back of the keyboard where you will find two rubber pads near the bottom which do a great job preventing slipping old I'm really curious at who would give the okay to design this keyboard aesthetically it doesn't look appealing with that orange and teal color combination at least for me isn't other than that the keyboard does come with a detachable wrist rest which is nice and a volume wheel on the top right with a windows lock key for gaming as far as LEDs are concerned you get only three colors red blue and purple which you can cycle through by tapping on the LED button on the keyboard you can also control the brightness if you wish if you can't quite afford a mechanical gaming keyboard but want to get a similar experience and these are definitely worth taking a look at so that's it for this month's cool tech episode if you guys enjoy these monthly videos make sure to hit that like button to show your support and also before I go I'm gonna give a huge thanks to for making this video possible it's a new year so why not learn something new has thousands of videos shot in HD with very clear instructions whether you want to learn how to mix music design an app or even learn how to use a DSLR to make great videos you got nothing to lose since you could try them out for 10 days for free by visiting rap a link down below for you guys once again thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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