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Cool Tech Under $50 - July

what's up guys is that back again from tech source and welcome to cool tech under 50 for the month of July if you guys somehow miss my previous episodes I'll go ahead and leave a link to the playlist down below so you guys have time definitely check them out chances are you will find something that you will like but anyways with that said let's go ahead and start the video alright so starting off the list is the awesome headphones it is a few bucks more than the $50 mark but I figured I'd let it slide this time so this is a pair of bluetooth headphones that can also be hooked up via cable if you don't want to go wireless it will get you up to 250 hours of standby time up to 20 hours of talk time and music playback yep I did say talk time it features a built-in microphone allowing you to make calls using your phone on one side you have your power button and volume controls along with the optional headphone jack and on the other you have the USB port for charging the headphones and the media controls such as skipping pausing and playing since these are over ear headphones they do provide excellent noise isolation and I would say that they are even more comfortable than my ath m50x is that again they are much lighter to begin with however there is a noticeable difference in noise isolation between the two I can definitely hear more outside noise with the Alstom headphones compared to the m50 s the sound quality is actually pretty good you get clear vocals great lows and highs with a really strong bass the headphones have artificial protein leather for the headband and cushions to provide comfort for long hours of use and majority of the headphone is made out of plastic material with the exception of the aluminum slider the ear cups also rotate a full 180 degrees and it's actually surprisingly flexible so if you're looking for a great pair of wireless headphones around 50 bucks with a built-in mic feature then the owls dumb headphones are for you next we have a very stylish acrylic headphone stand from a movi there is a transparent option available as well but I did pick up the black one instead since it matches my desk setup better I think that it really cleans up my setup and it's a great way to keep your headphones off the table it's mainly designed to work well with wireless headphones but I don't see why you can't use it with wired headphones as well the next item was highly requested a lot of you guys wanted to know how I make my products spin in place well it's no secret I use a rotating turntable so there are a bunch of these out there that start from 100 bucks and go higher but the one I've been using on the channel for the past two years is actually under the $50 price tag I mean you guys have seen my previous video so you know how smooth this thing rotates it features a built-in L the light that you can switch on and off and you can even switch the direction it rotates the manufacturer states that it can load up to seven pounds but I've actually put heavier objects on it like a 20 pound PC and it works just fine this thing is responsible for most of my amazing shots and my videos you can practically turn anything into a cinematic video just by using this thing the next three items are from Co tech starting off as the 60-watt six port USB charger it features intelligent Auto detect technology which will detect your device and deliver the fastest charge but what's so special about this wall charger compared to the other ones I featured in my previous videos is that this has two additional quick charge ports which are colored blue it features Qualcomm quick charge 2.0 technology which will charge your device up to 75% faster than regular charging port it's very similar to the Galaxy lineup smartphones that come with fast charging technology next item is similar to the six port wall charger however this one is meant for your car and it has only one quick charge port highlighted in blue the third item from ko tech is an interesting one as I've not seen anything like this before but it features two power outlets with surge protection and five smart USB charging ports which will once again detect your device and deliver the fastest charging speeds by the way I should mention that all three of these products come with their one year warranty with the exception of the car charger which has an extended 18 month warranty so the next item is a 3.5 millimeter jack splitter it's pretty straightforward actually you can connect up to two headphones using this adapter and plug this straight into a phone or laptop and share a movie or music with a buddy of yours this is a great accessory for travelling and you can even connect speakers if you need an extra 3.5 millimeter jack the sound quality isn't affected and I had this for over a year now so it's pretty damn durable this next item has appeared many times throughout my videos but I haven't actually featured it in my cool tech series which is why I'm officially including it now so there's a reason why this is by far my most favorite power bank that I use every single day first off there is no other power bank out there with twenty two thousand four hundred milliamps or more within this price range this is by far the best bang for your buck when it comes to power second it features three USB ports dedicated for specific devices you can charge them all at the same time by the way if you're wondering why I got these awesome carbon fiber skins from then I'll leave a link right below to where you guys can pick some up for yourself I also love the fact that it comes in my favorite color combination black and red but also comes in several other color themes as well it features a built-in flashlights that can be turned on by double tapping the power button and by pressing it once it will turn on the LEDs which will display how much juice is left in the power bank this next power bank is from Chi Rho and it's a much smaller one in size and power as well this is a six thousand milliamp power bank that comes in a compact thin size which makes it great for travel it comes with a micro USB tucked in the side here which is great because you don't need to carry additional cables however the downside is that it won't work with iPhones so only works with micro USB compatible devices next up we have the gorilla pod stand and this is an affordable way to film videos using your smartphone the mount is very durable with steel internal structure which is designed to survive the wear and tear of everyday use on the go it's super flexible as you can tell here which makes this a very versatile stand in fact you can get pretty creative with it if you use your imagination there is a locking mechanism that lets you eject the head and install the grip tight mount which is sold separately now there are two different sizes one is for smaller phones like the HTC One m9 and the other for larger devices like the Nexus 6 it definitely has a tight grip but it has rubber mounts on the sides so it doesn't end up damaging your phone you can even install the mount on your own tripod and just use it that way and film completely with a smartphone there is another secret that I have not yet shared with anyone and it has to do with keeping my objects upright without any back support well I use this material called BlueTEC and I basically add some underneath the products and it keeps them upright it's reusable and it doesn't leave any residue once you peel it off the best way I can explain it is that it's basically a very sticky play-doh do not underestimate the strength of the blue tag this thing can practically hold up anything I mean it could even support a tablet for God's sake now this last item isn't really a tech product and instead I just wanted to feature it because I think it's pretty cool but these are the Game of Thrones coasters that I've been using in my office this past year and I kind of wanted to represent my favorite TV show of all time when I have guests over and I think that this adds a very nice touch by the way I do represent House Targaryen but let me know what house you guys represent by dropping a comment down below actually there is one more product I do want to mention in this video and it's called mic flip it's basically a reversible USB to micro-usb cable and it's currently not out yet but what makes it so cool is that both of the ends are reversible the USB portion and the microUSB portion I actually reserved two of them for myself and depending on when you're watching this video I'll either go ahead and leave the link to the IndieGoGo campaign down below so you guys can reserve them for yourself as well or the actual link to the product so you guys can purchase them if you're interested but anyways that's it for the video thank you guys so much for watching if you guys want me to continue doing cool tech every single month let me know by leaving a like on the video and it was a specific type of products you guys want me to cover next whether it be the top 5 gaming keyboards or the best budget Bluetooth speakers they let me know by dropping a comment down below and I'll go ahead and add that to my list once again if you missed my previous episodes of cool tech you can find the playlist down below you guys definitely have to check it out if you have time you won't regret it but anyways I'm gonna stop talking thank you guys for watching I will see you in the next video you you
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