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Cool Tech Under $50 - June 2015

what's up guys attack from Texas and welcome to cool tech on their 50 bucks where I basically scoured through Amazon and find some really cool tech products and share them with you guys now actually done some in the past and it's actually very popular series that you guys enjoy watching and in case you missed some of the episodes I'll go ahead and link the playlist down below in the description section you'd be surprised in the kind of stuff you guys see in these episodes so if you guys have some time definitely go check them out but anyways with that said let's go ahead and start the video all right so the first three products on a list are from kuch ear and first up we have a portable water resistant power bank with a 7500 million per hour battery capacity its compact with aluminum plates for the front and back wrapped in silicone it is essentially a waterproof dustproof and shockproof power bank made for the outside it features two high speed USB charging ports with different outputs depending on the device you are charging one port is used for smart phones wireless headphones or smaller items whereas the other port is used for larger devices like tablets and you can even charge both at the same time you can also activate its built-in flashlight by holding down the power button and by pressing a button once it will activate the LED which will then display how much juice is left on the power bank the next item from kuch ear doesn't have one or two or three four five six seven eight or even nine but 10 USB ports got-damn the first seven are USB 3.0 ports whereas the last three i specifically made for charging with two one amp outputs and a single 2.1 amp output for larger devices like tablets so if you are ever in need of 10 USB ports then this product has your name written all over it one side connects to your PC via USB 3 and the other connects to the power outlet this is a perfect alternative to USB hubs and chargers in one the next product which is my personal favorite from all the products mentioned in this video is this led desk lamp with a touch sensitive control panel this is from Kuchar as well and it's no order desk lamp it's the most flexible lamp that I have ever seen and you can rotate the entire lamp 180 degrees raise the head up 240 degrees rotate the light head 180 degrees and even tilt the entire neck up to 40 degrees I mean this thing is qualified for the Olympics but that's not even my favorite part the reason why I love this lamp so much is the fact that I can control the light all on this touch-sensitive panel it has four different modes and a 60-minute option which automatically turns off the lamp after well 60 minutes this thing even has a built-in USB port on the side I mean how much more awesome can this lab get you can also adjust the brightness level by tapping the arrows so this is in a pitch-black room with maximum brightness and you can dim it down four notches for the modes we have reading studying relaxing and sleeping which are all pre-configured already inside the lamp the lamp is also energy-saving it costs eighty percent less energy than traditional incandescent lamps but offering the same level of brightness but yeah overall a very solid LED lamp and it doesn't even take up much space on my desk since I can fold it when not in use next up on the list is the aluminum bluetooth selfie stick from Levin now once again this is no ordinary selfie stick and you will see soon enough what I'm talking about so the stick is super compact and you can extend it up to 2.72 feet it's also really durable and sturdy as you can see it features a really simple locking mechanism twisting it counterclockwise will unlock it and once you extend it as much as you want just simply twist the pole clockwise to lock it in place the phone mount can fit most smartphones even ones with bulky cases since you can stretch it out and the stick also comes with this button which you can pair via bluetooth to your smartphone and take pictures remotely it also comes with a strap that you can attach to the pole for convenience now I'm not really a selfie kind of guy but I did have fun using a stick for other things you now if you're not into selfies then you can turn this into a really nice tripod for shooting videos just screw in the included tripod accessory and you are good to go now because you can extend the neck piece up to two point seven two feet you can really get some nice footage of places you never could before next up we have a multi angle stand for tablets or smartphones from Ankur I personally prefer the black one instead of the silver and I do have a few of these to hold my smartphones up and I think it really adds an overall nice look to this setup it can old tablets as well and you can adjust the angle to any degree you desire by pressing down the button on the side another cool product that can help you guys out with cable management are these cable drops I picked up from blue lounge I stuck them behind the table and routed the microUSB cables through them to clean up the overall look of the desk when they are not in use if you guys are wondering where I got those awesome carbon fiber skins then I'll leave it a link in the description section on where you can pick up some D brand skins for yourselves I also use cable drops to route cables underneath the desk for this setup I attached the battery charger for my gh4 underneath the desk using 3m tape and routed the cable using cable drops I'll also link the 3m tape I use down below for those of you that are interested next up we have a waterproof case for the iPhone 6 plus and the iPhone 6 from easy life rated ip68 this case will keep your iPhone dry up to 6.6 feet underwater so with this case you get a lanyard a microfiber cloth and a headphone extension cable along with the installation guide the design of the case is very similar to other waterproof cases but a fraction of the price the buttons are easy to press which is a huge plus however the vibrate switch may take some getting used to as it does require a little more force to use the port's I've just big enough for regional accessories unfortunately they won't be compatible with most third-party cables however they did offer an extension cable for the headphone jack here's a quick waterproof test of the case now I did submerge it for about five minutes in cold water and as you can see the phone is still on you can't really use the phone under water which is expected but once you pull it out you shouldn't have any problems once you dry the screen also here is a sound test for those of you wondering how the speakers sound with the case on and with out little surprise for you son no no no no oh you got it King yeah I am you're not getting a Porsche let me tell you sometime a driver don't pick the cars hmm cause the driver some mystical bond between man and machine speaking of waterproof the last product is waterproof earphones from jab ease it comes in a bunch of colors and a full charge will get you up to six hours of music you have the charging port and power button on one side of the earphones and on the other you will find the media controls along with a button to accept and end calls the earphones do have a built-in microphone so you can make calls with it if you choose to now the comfort level is a 7 out of 10 if I had to rate it since I'm not really used to these types of earbuds it's not as soft as I would have liked the sound quality on the other hand is not bad at all you get really crispy sound with decent bass now I didn't go swimming in a pool with these on but I did take a shower with them and no water got into my ears and I was able to enjoy the music without any problems it also comes in this neat little carrying case anyways that's it for the video I will leave links to the products I mentioned in the video down below in the description section if you guys enjoy watching these types of videos and let me know by leaving a like on the video so I know to keep doing them I also done some in the past like I said if you somehow missed it then I'll leave a playlist to those videos down below for my other cool tech videos chances are you guys will find something that you're interested in so if you guys have a chance that for me check them out but anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech source I will see you guys in the next video you
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