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Cool Tech Under $50 - June 2015

what's up guys aside from tech stores and welcome to another tech deals video I basically do these every month on my channel and I go through Amazon and try and find the best tech deals and share with you guys but in this video I'm actually specifically going to stay on the topic of PC accessories so with that said let's go ahead and start the video first up we have not one but two gaming mouses from a tech city first up we have these scroll alpha laser mouse that features 8 programmable buttons and comes in a symmetrical form factor which can be used for both left and right handed people it has a really cool ergonomic design and you can configure it up to 8200 dpi and 1000 Hertz polling rate the other Gaming Mouse is called this 6e and it's an optical gaming mouse that's designed for right-handed users it features six programmable buttons and you can also adjust the DPI up to 4000 and the polling rate up to 1000 Hertz so the Alpha Gaming Mouse has a very stealthy look to it and it's really comfortable to use I'm happy to report that all buttons are in a convenient location and are really easy to press you can download its dedicated software and program any of the eight buttons to whatever you decide and you can also change the color of the LED to better match your theme which is a huge plus so I spent a few hours gaming on the mouse and after some quick adjustments on the sensitivity I started to really enjoy playing the mouse is pretty large compared to other gaming mouses so I'm not sure if this would suit someone with smaller hands but for my giant hands it definitely feels natural the 60 also has its own dedicated software that you can use to customize the buttons and sensitivity as well as the LED color choice but the main difference between the 6e and the Alpha is that the 60 has a narrower front side than the Alpha and two less programmable buttons it also has a dedicated dpi button which lets you cycle through the pre-configured settings while gaming I definitely noticed a big difference coming from a Productivity Mouse like the MX master these masters are designed specifically for gaming and they will give you a very accurate response time with no lag at all for a very low price in fact I will leave some discount codes in the description section if you are interested in picking one up for number two we have a microUSB cable but not just a regular microUSB cable this one has a built-in lightning cable for Apple products which makes this an awesome choice for people that have both Apple products and devices that use micro USBs simply snap it together to create a lightning cable and snap off the top portion to use it as a micro USB I also didn't notice any changes in charging speeds while using this cable instead of the original cables for number three we have a USB 3.0 card reader from transcend I use this practically every day on the channel for transferring files for my camera and recording equipment it's perfect for those that don't have a built-in SD card reader in their laptop or PC it has a slot for both regular SD card and microSD card as well and simply plug it into your USB port and slide in the SD card and you are ready to go because it's USB 3.0 you get the fastest transfer speeds which is perfect if you have lots of large files to transfer at once at number four we have the Audio Technica headphone hanger this is a pretty cool accessory to clean up your overall desk look and it works on any headphones there is a notch on the hanger that you can adjust depending on a thickness of your desk and a knob where you can tighten up after installation it's really sturdy and can support up to 1,000 grams of weight so it should hold even the most heavy headphones out there the best part about this hanger is that you can rotate it to a full 360 degrees and keep it from sticking out from the side of your desk last but not least we have a foldable wireless keyboard from ICI technology it's a bluetooth pocket-sized keyboard that's compatible with iOS Android and Windows operating systems it's made out of aluminum which contributes to its super light point four pounds weight and it also features a built-in rechargeable battery which will provide more than 60 hours of effective usage time on a single charge the fact that it can be folded makes it the ideal keyboard for traveling as you can see it fits inside my shorts without any problems the keys on the other hand are very comfortable and the distance between each key press is short and responsive it's also really easy to pair up with your device just simply open up the keyboard and press the FN key and then the C key which will then begin the pairing setup then get your Bluetooth capable device and connect to the keyboard via these settings typing on the keyboard is easy and I didn't notice any lag at all however the keys are a lot closer to each other than I prefer it was a bit inconvenient to type on because I have such large hands but after a few minutes I did get used to it although I wouldn't recommend anyone with large hands typing an essay on it as you can get pretty annoying anyways that's it for the video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you want me to continue doing these series then definitely let me know by leaving a like on the video but anyways thanks again for watching this is that from tech Soares I will see you guys in the next video you
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