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Cool Tech Under $50 - March

what's up guys it's a chrome tech source and welcome to another cool tech video this month we'll be looking at tech under 50 bucks and everything I mentioned in this video will be listed down below in the description section let's begin first up we have Zeus which is a smart USB car charger and finder this is no ordinary car charger not only do you get two USB ports with a total of four point eight amps of output but once you plug this into your car download the app you can actually track where your car is parked which is perfect for those enormous parking lots at theme parks and malls once you get close to your car the Apple indicate that the car is within sight another awesome feature that comes with this device is that it will ask you if you want to set a timer as soon as you park which is great for places that have timed parking or even meters on the streets this next item isn't the headphone stand the headphone itself or even as skins on it but the actual ear pads I was only got these to replace the stock ear cups on my m50x is because my ears would get fatigued after a few hours of just wearing them these are the memory foam ear cups from brain waves that fit most of the over the ear headphones from AKG - man ath philips and more and they also come in a bunch of different colors with these new ear pads on I can practically where my m50x is all day the difference is night and day coming from these stock ear pads these are also noticeably larger and thicker with that being said if you're an audiophile you will notice the difference in sound quality the larger ear pads increase the distance between the ears and the actual headphones so the sound becomes distant and tinny however the trade-off to me was completely worth it as the comfort level has drastically increased if you're serious about monitoring sound I would not recommend these but for gaming and casual media conception it works like a charm even though the headphone stand is in part of the cool tech on their $50 since it's over by 10 bucks I know you guys are going to ask me about it in the comment section so just go over a little quick so this is the silverstone headphone anchored I recently replaced my Thermaltake headphone hangar it's made out of aluminum it's super heavy and it's overpriced in my opinion I mean don't get me wrong it looks cool but for 60 bucks I expect it to float or something instead of just holding my headphones but I'll drop a link down below if anyone is interested in checking it out this next item is a 4/4 USB hub from anchor but with full USB C compatibility meaning you can connect your USB type-c devices and get maximum charging speeds available for your device the USB hub also features IQ technology that will detect the device you are plugging in and maximize the charge speed up to 2.4 amps per port it does come with a double-sided 3m tape which is great if you guys want to add this under your desk for your own setup and charge your devices this next item is something I came across doing my best tech deals of the week a few weeks ago the original price of these were 100 bucks and they dropped to $12 so immediately I picked up a pair to see if these are in fact even worth $12 I mean sure it's flimsy and light but I think is designed to be like this it stretches pretty wide and so far it hasn't broken on me after using it for about a week on one of the ear cups you'll find the USB port needed to charge the headphones and a wheel to control the volume and skip tracks as well as to power it on and off oh and it also has a built-in mic so you can actually take calls the ear cups are really tiny but somewhat comfortable needless to say these are over the ear type headphones meaning the rest on top of your ear but how does it sound honestly I was blown away with the quality for 12 dollars these sound pretty damn good you don't get much noise isolation or deep bass the mids and highs are above average and the sound is very crisp the volume control and these are insane I seriously had the volume at like 25% and I was going deaf these headphones get extremely loud so I wouldn't recommend it for children actually sounds bad made the exact same headphones for children and they are called the SB t-72s instead of the SB 271 but I gotta leave links to both of them down below honestly for 12 bucks these sound amazing but if we're up to me I'd rather delete my child and wear these in public I mean look how silly these look on my head these last two items are for my PC master-race people's and do I have a treat for you guys first up we have a wireless gaming mouse from habit it features six pre-programmed buttons with a dedicated dpi button up top the back and forward buttons are really easy to reach and the mouse is extremely comfortable due to its ergonomic design seriously that's comfortable as my MX master from Logitech which cost about 100 bucks it's great for palm grippers due to its flat surface but me being a clogged Ripper I honestly didn't have any problems with it what I love about this mouse is that it comes with a slot where you can keep the receiver which is perfect for travel that way you don't end up losing it please take notes logitech when I was gaming with it I didn't notice any lag for a wireless gaming well surround 15 bucks I was surprised at how accurate it was with that being said if you're a pro gamer playing FPS games like Call of Duty or counter-strike I probably would stay away from this mouse and spend a little extra last but not least we have this mechanical keyboard from red dragon if I told you guys you can get a really awesome mechanical gaming keyboard for only 40 bucks you would probably slap the crap outta me in disbelief so the Kemara keyboard has 87 standard keys which are all 100% anti-ghosting you also get a Windows lock key interchangeable WASD and arrow keys obviously because of the budget you don't get german-made cherry switches but it stays that you get switches that are cherry green equivalent just listen at how satisfying the clicks are the keyboard is constructed out of aluminum and abs and feels really premium the only downside to this keyboard is that you only get red backlighting which you can turn off but you don't get any other color options also it doesn't come with a wrist rest but honestly for only 40 dollars I believe this is the best mechanical gaming keyboard you can buy in the market I don't know why I didn't include this in my top 5 mechanical gaming keyboards under $50 so that's it for the video if you guys enjoyed it leaving a like really does help me out and I can continue doing these every single month for you guys thanks again for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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