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Cool Tech Under $50 - May

what's up guys aside from tech stories and welcome to cool tech under 50 for the month of May the support on my videos these past few weeks have been insane and I just want to thank those of you I've been slapping a crap out of that like button but without wasting a number time let's begin the video so starting off the video we have a monitor stand from Satechi the cool part about this is that it features four USB 3.0 ports along with an audio jack for your headphone and microphone this means that you don't have to have an extra USB hub or extension since you have one built in the monitor stand itself which is super convenient you do have to connect the provided USB and audio cables to the monitor stand and hook up the other end to your PC the actual stand can support up to 22 pounds and 24 inches in size but as you guys can see here it can clearly support my 27-inch Asus monitor with the size sticking out of it the surface is made out of plastic however the legs are made out of aluminum and you also have the option of lowering the entire height by an inch if this is too tall for you overall a very solid monitor stand with useful features next up on the list is the Satechi aluminum headphone hanger not only does it look really cool but it also features three USB 3.0 pass throughs and a headphone jack allowing you to hook up your phone USB flash drive or even headphones straight into the hanger on top of all that it comes with a dedicated cable management area in the back so if you have wired headphones you can basically wrap them around to clean up your overall setup this is truly the olan one headphone hangar and it cost under 50 bucks I highly recommend it you guys probably saw this coming a mile away but if you're new to the channel and haven't heard of the brand yet and really liked the appearance of my headphones and be sure to check out the brand's they make the best quality skins with the most precise fit in the world for practically any device but I'll drop a link down below for you guys to check out this next item is personally one of my favorites and in fact I've been using this on my iPhone 6s plus and screaming with it on periscope this is an eight millimeter fisheye lens from a pixel and it comes in this little container to keep the lens from getting damaged it comes with this clip which the lens needs to be screwed on and then the pinches on the smartphone right on top of the camera you can do this for either the front or even a rear facing camera it doesn't really matter so check this out guys this is what it looks like without the lens and this is what it looks like with the lens on definitely a huge difference here are a few more examples for both video and pictures now I did notice a small difference in quality when putting a lens on but honestly it's not a deal-breaker and it's barely noticeable these next two items are from Native Union first up you have to jump cable which is a super compact and portable battery booster it features an 800 million power battery making this the perfect backup charger in case of emergencies one of the things I really love about the jump cable is the build quality and design it also has built-in cable management which makes it extremely easy to carry around in your pocket charging the jump cable once it's out of juice is really easy just simply plug the USB portion into a power source and plug the lightning cable into your iPhone or iPad and you are set it also features auto charge technology which basically charges your phone to 100% then charges the jump cables internal battery so if you use this as your everyday charging cable then you will always have your backup battery charged and ready to go also for native Union is the key cable a very simple but awesome lightning cable that allows you to charge or sync your devices in style it comes with a tiny keyring that's meant to be hooked up to your keys so not only does it add some style to your keychain but you always have a charging cable wherever you go native Union is also giving all for their awesome charging cables away and if you guys are interested in participating then make sure to sign up to the giveaway which I will link below speaking of style if you guys carry a bunch of keys around then the orbit key is definitely something you should look into it's basically a wallet for your keys that helps keep everything organized last but not least we have the Satechi 5 port USB charging dock it's pretty self-explanatory it's a dock with five ports that allows you to charge your smartphones tab for even flat powerbanks one of the ports actually features Qualcomm quick charge technology which allows you to charge select devices up to 75% faster it's pretty much perfect for anyone that has multiple devices that need charging simultaneously but I'll do it for this month's episode of cool tech as always if you guys enjoy these series make sure to slap the crap out of that like button to show your support and I will see you guys in the next video you you
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