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Cool Tech Under $50 - November

what's up guys is that from Texas and welcome to another cool tech episode as always you guys can find the links to everything mentioned in the video down below so first up we have a very solid condenser microphone that's going for under $50 and it does come in a variety of colors which is great if you want something to match your setup it also comes with this pretty cool tripod which can fold up making it easy to pack for travel and you can also use the knob on the tripod to adjust the angle as well as rotate the mic in any direction to get that perfect position for voiceovers the best part about this mic is that you don't need an audio interface it's a plug and play USB microphone and here is what it sounds like alright so this is what it sounds like talking directly at the Cadieux 37 microphone the distance between the mic and my mouth is about 1 feet I would say and I'm talking directly at it and this is without any editing guys so the background noise is still present so I'm going to stay quiet for a bit and you guys can hear what the microphone picks up from the background and this is what it sounds like talking directly at the mic again the same distance between the microphone and my mouth but this time the background noise is removed and I'm going to stay quiet for a bit and you guys can hear that as well I'm actually going to be to this mic in my upcoming top 5 budget mics on their $50.00 episode 2 so if you guys are interested be sure to hit that subscribe button if you are new to my channel these next set of headphones are actually really cool and the only reason I'm featuring them in this episode is because of their main feature they're calling it the share me headphones and aside from being a very comfortable and great sounding pair of headphones these can also connect with other Cheramie headphones so let's say you want to watch a movie or a video with someone else well if they have a pair of these headphones then you can synchronize them together and listen to the same thing which is perfect for long road trips or flights it does have a built-in mic and comes with an aux cable and even though they state it lasts up to 20 hours of continued use it only lasted about nine hours for me which is still pretty good for a pair of headphones the mic on these headphones isn't the best so if you guys use that feature on your headphones a lot then I wouldn't recommend these but other than that the build quality is decent and the noise isolation is good enough to block out most of the noise however you still can hear your surroundings now if you guys want a more premium feeling headset for just $10 more then you should check out either the share me pro or the share me 5 which is their latest versions of these headphones also if you guys won 50% off these headphones I'll drop the discount code down below if you guys are interested speaking of headphones this next one is quite possibly the best gaming headset that you can buy under $50 this is the new HyperX cloud stinger which is compatible with PC Xbox one and ps4 design wise there's not a whole lot going on you get a matte black finish on these which is something I prefer compared to a glossy finish the only buttons you will find on these are located on the bottom of the headset and it's pretty much just a volume slider the ear cups are large enough to fit over my ears and I'm honestly surprised at how light and comfortable these are if you guys have long gaming sessions then you'll be pleased to find that these won't cause any fatigue the ear cups also rotate 90 degrees which is great since I can leave them hanging around my neck without it bothering me the headphones do come with a short 4 foot 3.5 millimeter cable which is fine if you're plugging it into a controller or something nearby let's say a ps4 controller for example but if you need to route this in the back of your PC or through another device that's pretty far from you then you need to use the extension cable that they provided the mic also doesn't sound that bad I mean I wouldn't do any voiceovers with it but it's good enough so that people can understand what you're saying and in fact here is a quick sample what's up guys is that from tech source and this is what the mic sounds like using the cloud stinger headset and this is without any editing or without any audio tampering tampering tampering and finally the sound quality for costing only 50 bucks these sound pretty damn good there's more emphasis on the bass so explosions and gunshots will give you a more immersive experience and the highs are fine-tuned for the casual music listening or watching videos if you guys have 50 bucks in your pocket and are shopping around for your next gaming headset then you should definitely check out the cloud stingers next up we have the grand Vela 325 $30 gaming mouse with seven programmable buttons and a 3,000 VPI sensor unfortunately it's only created for right-handed users but it's very comfortable for palm grippers however I didn't find any discomfort from being a claw gripper myself there are two side buttons which are very easy to reach and near the top you'll find two additional buttons one of which is a dpi key to cycle between a customized DPI settings that you can configure in the software the color theme of the mouse may be a turn-off for most people since black and yellow isn't really that popular however they do have two other color options available but yellow is still present in both of them if you can get past the colors this is a very responsive and comfortable Gaming Mouse which by the way is also compatible with Mac the only downside to this mouse is that it doesn't have any rubber feet so if you guys don't have a mousepad this will scratch the surface of your desk and make it difficult to slide across the table so do keep that in mind if you decide to buy it last but not least we have the e element RGB mechanical keyboard with blue switches the keyboard features a t1 anti-ghosting keys full and key rollover and of course RGB lighting not only can you select a solid color from the keyboard but you also get a bunch of cool color effects from Ramah mode to a wave effect and eight more color modes the keyboard is also very small so it's great for those minimalistic setups and the best part is that it comes with a detachable cable which is perfect for cable management just drill a hole in your desk and route the cable through for a clean look this episode was sponsored by Dollar Shave Club and boy do they have a deal for you guys Dollar Shave Club delivers amazing razors straight to your door for a third of the price for what you would normally pay for overpriced razors from the store if you guys visit slash tech stores or click in the link down below you get your first month of razor subscription for free just pay shipping and after that is just a few bucks a month you also get to pick which blade you want to use on your own face personally I like their executive blade and combining this with their shea butter gives me the smoothest shave ever and they don't only have razors guys they have a bunch of other stuff including a daily face cleanser body cleanser and even one wipe Charlies which by the way smell amazing so good seriously guys stop overpaying for razors check them out at slash Texas and get your first subscription of razors for free all you have to do is pay for shipping and after that it's only a few bucks a month I'll drop a link them down below but as always thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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