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Cool Tech Under $50 - October

what's up guys is that back again from Texas and welcome to cool tech under 50 for the month of October I basically do these every single month and if you guys are new to the series and somehow miss my previous episodes I'll go and drop a link to the playlist down below so if you guys have time definitely check them out because I went over some pretty cool tech items in the past few months but but all that said let's start the show all right so starting things off are these titanium lightning cables from fuse chicken there's a smaller version called the Titan loop which is meant to be used with your keys and a much larger option called a Titan which is meant for in-home use it's basically what the name implies a lightning cable made out of titanium that you can carry around with you by hooking it to your keys you don't ever have to buy new lightning cables anymore because this is practically indestructible and it's always attached to your keys so you won't lose them the tine is much longer a 39 inch or 1 meter lightning cable that's virtually indestructible my dog snow always ends up chewing our cables at home if you guys have pets then you probably feel the same way I do when that happens the Titan is the solution to all of our problems since we're on the topic of keys I have some really cool stuff to share with you guys these next set of items work with your keys now let's face it we all have them but most of us disregard one of the most important things we carry around all day this first item is called the orbit key and it holds all of your keys neatly inside it carries anywhere from 2 to 7 keys and this is a really great way to organize them and keep them hidden inside when they are not in use which means that they won't end up scratching your phone or other devices if you put them together inside your pocket your purse or even backpack I just slide one of the keys out when I need to use it and slide them back in when I'm done they also have additional add-ons that you can purchase separately like a bottle opener or an 8 gigabyte flash drive which are both compatible with the orbit key this is a really nice way to clean up your entire key set this last item is a really simple one but it's really cool most regular key rings are difficult to pry open well with the freaky all you have to do is press down on one end and it basically opens up and you're ready to slide in your keys the freaky also comes with three smaller rings as a bonus next up is a portable on-the-go micro USB flash drive for the Android devices if you guys find yourself running out of space on your smartphone or Android devices and find it really inconvenient to keep swapping the tiny micro SD cards in and out then this is the solution you're looking for you can hook it up to your keychain and pop it out anytime you need to transfer music movies photos or other files to your Android device or vice versa on one side is the USB 3.0 that connects to your PC so you can transfer files and the other side it has the micro USB connection it's really convenient in the sense that you don't have to remove any back plates for most Android phones I mentioned the brand many times on the channel before but I've never actually featured their skins and my cool tech videos as one of the items which is why I'm officially including them not only does the brand offer the best looking skins you can get anywhere but they also offer the most precise fitted skins in the planet their skins for smartwatches consoles laptops and more with a variety of skin types to choose from so if you guys want to pimp out your devices and make them stand out then you definitely need to check them out I'll go to leave a link down below for anyone that's interested this next item is a very interesting one this is called ditto and it's compatible with both Android and iOS the idea behind this little guy is to simplify your life we are so consumed by media that we are oblivious of our surroundings most of the time that's where ditto comes in its purpose is to free you from worrying about your smartphone so you can focus on other things there are no button switches or cables just this you can clip it on your shirt put it in your pocket or use the included wrist strap when you get a notification it vibrates you can use the app and customize the notifications that matter to you so that data will vibrate when someone you have added to your favorites list is trying to reach you that goes for text calls and emails you can also customize the vibrations to your liking by setting the vibrate patterns for phone calls texts and other notifications what's awesome about ditto is that it works with third-party apps as well like Facebook Instagram snapchat and more additionally data will vibrate letting you know if you left your smartphone behind which I find is an awesome feature it comes in white black and a clear option and the fact that it will notify me if I leave my phone behind is amazing enough that I have this clipped on to my wallet at all times this next item is quite possibly the best pair of Bluetooth earphones that you can currently buy on the thirty dollars these are the Empire Swift Bluetooth 4.0 earphones the a sweat proof and are perfect for fitness junkies and great for travel as well they'll get you up to 5 hours of talking or playing time and 185 hours of standby so I've used these earphones when going to the gym the past few weeks and experienced no disconnect or lag the wireless signal is rock-solid and these earphones fit really snug into my ears blocking majority of the outside noise additionally you can pull out the ear hooks if you choose to and use them as regular earbuds if the comfort level just isn't there for you otherwise you may need to wear them a few times just to adjust to them if you are new to the sport style ear hook design earphones the sound quality is also really great for the price regardless of the type of music you are listening to you can expect very clear and crisp sound the bass is pretty flat but then again these earphones are just under 30 bucks and the I damn well worth it so on one side you have the volume controls along with the microphone and on the other earbud you can find the micro USB port needed to charge the earphones it doesn't come with an earphone bag but you do get two sizes of ear buds and ear hooks but I also go to leave a link down below to some pretty cool earphone cases if anyone is interested this next item is called a gatekeeper and it's basically a lock for your PC simply insert the USB key into your Windows PC or Mac and then download the program onto your computer now every time you walk away from your computer it will automatically lock itself and if you return it will automatically unlock this is perfect for students or anyone that works in an office and wants to protect their privacy and information on their computers you can also adjust the lock distance for the gatekeeper depending on how far you want to be before the PC actually locks itself these next few items are pretty straightforward first up is this two-in-one lightning and micro USB cable now I feature something similar on my desk tour in case you guys missed it but you can use it as a lightning cable and then pop the cover up when you need a micro USB cable next up is this hard cover case for Western Digital my passport hard drives it's from a company called kanka and they have a bunch of other really cool cases to protect your external drives I personally store my assess these in here that I use for my Thomas Shogun but it also has dedicated slots for standard and micro SD cards as well which i think is pretty cool the first pair of headphones are featuring this video are from soundbot the company that makes awesome bluetooth speakers these are the SB 270 blue headphones with a built-in mic it will get you up to 12 hours of talk time and music playback these are extremely lightweight and flexible headphones making it perfect for traveling on the right ear cup you'll find the power button microUSB port audio jack microphone and volume controls and additionally these are touch sensitive as well depending on the direction running your finger down or across the surface of the ear cup will either adjust the volume or skip the track you're listening to their cups are extremely soft but since they are designed to rest on your ear the sound leakage is noticeable and noise isolation will be very minimal as always these last set of items are for my gamers so first up you have the red dragon keyboard and mouse combo this is the s102 gaming keyboard now although it looks mechanical it actually has membrane key switches its features splash proof keys along with interchangeable WASD and arrow keys along with an option to disable the Windows key for gaming it also features five programmable macro keys along with a dedicated button for recording gameplay so you guys don't have to sacrifice your other keys the XL gaming keyboard comes with seven backlight LED options that you can cycle through with a dedicated led button it also comes with anti-ghosting for up to 26 keys it's actually required to type on very comparable due to the amazing support at the wrist rest which is also removable the gaming mouse on the other hand features seven programmable buttons and seven LED color options along with four dpi settings up to 3000 dpi the mouse has an ergonomic symmetrical design which is great for left-handed users as well and it's especially great for gaming the mouse is really easy to slide on mouse pads and it's very responsive which makes it a great choice for FPS games an awesome mousepad I recently picked up for my setup is this extended one from reflex labs my last mousepad had too many texts and logos on it whereas this one is so much cleaner it has red borders and a subtle logo on the top left which works so well with any black and red theme last item on the list is his gaming headset from dark iron this is the ovine gaming headset and it's compatible with pcs and consoles since it connects via a 3.5 millimeter jack it's great for gaming and music because of the clear sound and deep bass it offers it features a rotating mic and it's extremely light and flexible if you guys are looking for an awesome gaming headset under 25 bucks you can't go wrong with these they also have a bunch of other color options as well if read like isn't your cup of tea so that's it for the video if you guys enjoyed it I want me to continue doing these cool tech videos every single month you guys know what to do make sure to slap the crap out of that like button to show your support and make sure to check out the playlist link down below for my previous cool tech videos if you guys have time but anyways thank you guys so much for watching I will see you in the next video
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