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Cool Tech Under $500 - 2015

what's up guys that's ad and welcome back to the cool Tech series here on Tech source this month we're gonna be looking at some really dope tech under the $500 price tag and if you guys are new to the channel feel free to check out my previous cool tech videos I did and I'll go ahead and drop a link to the playlist down below but without wasting any more time let's begin so first on the list we have is coin this thing keeps all your cards in one place you can sync the cards using the app and cycle through the list of cards you have added by pressing the button on the coin it swipes just like a regular credit card which is awesome and the best part about it is that it will send you a notification via bluetooth if you leave it behind additionally you can look up the last location of your coin by using the app this is an absolute must for anyone that uses multiple cards next up we have the very popular balance wheel and these things are becoming extremely popular and it's one of the reasons why the sales of skateboards are decreasing it's because everyone is picking one of these up and after playing around with one for a few hours I can see why it's really easy to learn you just simply step on it one leg at a time and lean forward to go forward and then lean back to well you get the idea to turn you basically tilt one of the pads forward and the other back and vice versa for the other side this thing gets up to ten miles an hour which is incredibly fast by Segway and trust me when I say that it gets pretty dangerous and hard to control at high speeds I've been writing this thing for a few weeks and this is what happens when you max out at 10 miles per hour so yeah I don't recommend going machspeed on this but overall it's an extremely fun way to write around and it's really addicting next up is one of my favorites featured in this video and this is the heated hoodie by rave en they do have other styles available for both men and women and come an optional black and blue colors except for the hoodie which is in gray only so the jackets have heated pads in the front and back and get activated when you press and hold the control button which is located on the inside near the top you can also control the temperature from three settings white for a low blue for medium and red for high depending on the temperature is outside the hoodie can last up to seven hours on low mode on a full charge on the inside you can find several pockets the smaller one near the top is big enough to fit your wallet and a much larger one below is big enough to fit even a nexus 6 there's also another pocket on the opposite side and this is where the USB cable is located which is used to try the jacket speaking of charging you'll get a small patch to carry the Powerbank which is included with your purchase it's a five thousand milliamp hour power bank with a touch-sensitive LED panel on the side that will display how much juice is left if you tap on it you can use this to charge the hoodie or your phone up to six times depending on your phone of course the fire bank can also get a full charge in just 90 minutes regardless of the technology I wouldn't wear anything like it unless it's extremely comfortable and after wearing it for about a week now I can say with 100% confidence that they got that on lockdown all raven apparel our washer friendly and come with a five-year warranty and they are currently on Kickstarter so if you guys want to get 50% off the retail price and make sure to go over and pre-order yours today I'll go and drop a link down below for you this next item isn't out yet but when I came across that while looking for products I knew I had to feature it in my cool tech video this is called wall-e and it's a smart wallet it connects to your smartphone via bluetooth and it will display a notification when you get too far from it the wallet also monitors each pocket and will send you a notification if an item is missing from a specific pocket which is pretty damn impressive this also works the other way around if you manage to lose your phone you can simply double tap the wallet and it will set an alarm on your phone even if it's on silent while he also doesn't require any charging and operates on a cell battery which is easily replaceable the wallet will last you anywhere from four six months on a single battery pre-order starts soon and you are looking at anywhere from 100 to 150 dollars so make sure to visit the website by clicking on the link below and sign up with your email address next up on the list are the August Bluetooth speakers these both have 5 watt drivers and will get you up to 15 hours of battery life which is insanely long for speakers you get a pair of really good-looking and durable speakers which have a matte finish and are extremely light weighing only at 250 grams on the back you will find the micro USB the connection port followed by the power button the left speaker also comes with an extra port to connect to it via 3.5 millimeter cable these speakers work together to provide you with powerful and crisp stereo sound and here's a quick audio sample speaking of speakers this next item is a sound bar from go groove it features two 5y drivers one on each side and a single 12 watt subwoofer in the middle which provides amazing sound most sound bars are expensive so when I found out that this was only 70 bucks I had to test it out for myself and I was not disappointed not only can you hook this up to your TV gaming console or PC but you can pair it with any Bluetooth device and turn it into a miniature home theater try to create a suit of armor around the world but I hate something terrible artificial intelligence it's called the Ultron program you can either rest it on your TV stand or mounted on the wall with the included screws in the back you will find the RCA ports optical in and DC end to power the speaker on the side you will find the controls that includes the power or source button which will allow you to switch from bluetooth to other connection types along with the menu and media controls you can also connect to the speaker via 3.5 millimeter Jack near the bottom the speaker also comes with a remote which also has a few extra options like adjusting the bass the treble and even three equalizer settings like music movie and voice depending on the content you are watching if you're in the market for an amazing and affordable sound bar the go groove should definitely be on your list to check out this next item is a portable monitor that you can take with you when you travel it's a 13.3 inch 1080p IPS monitor with a bunch of input options that include HDMI VGA and even mini display ports it connects to Macs laptops smartphones cameras and even gaming consoles it basically acts as an external monitor but its small form factor and lightweight makes it awesome for travel by the way the reason my ps4 looks boss as hell is because of the carbon fiber skins I have on them and if anyone is interested in where I got them from I'll go and drop a link down below for you it's actually a bunch of different materials and colors you can choose from as well it also has an adjustable stand in the back to give you the best viewing angle possible next up we have the Jaybirds x2 which are notorious for being one of the best premium Bluetooth earphones anyone can buy they come in a variety of colors and will get you up to eight hours of music and call time it comes in a pretty sweet carrying case and two sets of ear tips either a memory foam or silicone depending on your preference additionally they come with a flat charging cable three different sized ear fins for a comfortable and snug fit along with three cable management clips on the right earbud you can pop the cover off and gain access to the microUSB port needed to charge the earphones and it features a via mode with a built that mic so you can accept calls and control your music with it these are by far the best Bluetooth earphones I've used and they offer amazing noise isolation due to the precise and snug fits the sound quality is also really great they are much more louder and crisper than last year's model the X tombs also have noticeably more bass and more detail for the highs I strongly recommend these to anyone who is into fitness or just wants a pair of really high-quality earphones this next item really doesn't need any duction dxracer chairs are notorious for being one of the best gaming chairs anyone can buy this one here is one of the hero series and they also have a bunch of other awesome designs and color options available aside from it looking dope as hell the chair is extremely comfortable it features an adjustable pillow for lumbar support and one more up top for the neck or head I'm six-two so it's kind of hard for me to find a chair that works so well with tall people just about everything is adjustable on the chair you can adjust the tilt angle adjust the padded armrest in all four directions and even rotate them 15 degrees left or right the chair even comes with a rocking option which can be locked it's wrapped in carbon look Vanille and PU leather and features a strong aluminum base with awesome covers to go with the overall theme of the chair overall a really solid chair for gaming or productivity my only regret is not picking one up earlier next on the list is the Amazon echo now if a Bluetooth speaker made love to Siri this is what the outcome would be meet Alexa the extremely intelligent bluetooth speaker it plugs straight into the wall so you don't have to worry about charging it and it's always listening so it's ready for your command Alexa what's the weather like today right now in Chatsworth it's 66 degrees with clear skies tonight's forecast has just a few clouds in the sky and a low of 57 degrees you can practically ask her anything you want and Amazon is always adding new features every time which gets updated automatically but one of the more cooler features I think is the fact that you can use echo to control your smart home products like LEDs from philippi o or the lights and switches from Wemo and a few others echo has seven microphones tucked under the light ring which will hear you from any direction and features 360 degrees of immersive sound to deliver crisp vocals with dynamic bass response here's a quick sample of the audio these last items are a treat for my gamers out there especially if you're a hardcore gamer first up we have the creative soundblaster x7 amplifier to explain it as simple as possible disconnect all of your audio sources into an all-in-one high-quality component and place them back however you want the x7 can connect to your game consoles passive speakers mics and even USB and Bluetooth sources if you guys want your audio experience greatly enhanced then look no further the x7 provides extremely clear audio and immersion you can listen to music the way they were recorded originally in the front you will find a volume knob up top followed by the Bluetooth pair and power button and an SV X button on the right which enables advanced processing to provide a cleaner and more realistic sounds on the bottom row we have the microphone in and two different sized headphone jacks on the back we have a wide array of connection sources that you can hook up to from passive speakers to game consoles mobile devices and even your PC there's also an optional headphone hangar they can attach to the unit although it isn't a sturdiest it definitely gets the job done the x7 also comes with built-in NFC so you can just tap any capable Android device to pair automatically now here's where the x7 really shines it's almost cheating using this in games because you can hear the enemies so clearly it's ridiculous especially when playing csgo I can hear the enemy about a mile away before he is even visible it's even more enjoyable playing single-player games like Metro last light or even half-life 2 it really does suck you in the game and feels so immersive the sounds are so clear that you can hear background and ambient noises that you can never hear before with your headphones it feels like you are in the game yourself combine this audio experience with an ultra wide curve monitor and you have yourself an incredible immersive experience you can forget about virtual reality because this is on another level these last three items are from g.skill apparently rap sticks aren't the only thing they are good at they make some really badass gaming gear as well first up we have the rip draws km 780 RGB keyboard the construction of the mechanical keyboard is really sturdy with a brushed aluminum top plate and 100% German Cherry MX switches with matte coating just like most mechanical keyboards you get fully programmable keys anti-ghosting full and key rollover and even backlighting options for each individual key using the software you get your G keys off to the side along with a set of macro keys on top and usual media controls as well on the right side you will find the windows lock key LED toggle and timer key and right next to that is the volume wheel one of the features I really like about the keyboard is the USB pass-through located in the back along with a microphone and headphone jack extension port the km 780 also comes with a few extra interchangeable keys which you can attach to the rail of the keyboard so you don't end up losing it you also get a detachable wrist rest which is rubberized and here's a quick typing demo DMX 780 RGB Mouse is next up on the list with 8 programmable buttons and 8200 dpi laser sensor and interchangeable side grips the MX 780 is easily a contender for the top gaming mice out there the side grips are interchangeable as I mentioned before which is great for both left and right-handed users the mouse also comes with adjustable weights one on each side it's an extremely comfortable and responsive Mouse and I love gaming on it needless to say it works well with my setup after all it is an RGB Mouse and you can change the color of the LEDs to match your own theme last but not least we have the RIP drawers SR 910 gaming headset it features real 7.1 surround sound and an inline / channel volume box that gives you instant and accurate control over each audio channel with ease it also features a retractable mic which you can hide when not in use the construction of the headset itself is really solid the headband is retractable and the ear cushions have really soft leather like material that goes over your ear the ear cups also have a 180 degrees swivel for a more comfortable and precise fit not to mention it's extremely flexible the overall design of the headset is badass and I especially like the see-through glass on the side of the ear cups it definitely stands out especially when gaming at night so that's it for the video if you guys enjoyed it and want me to continue doing these cool tech videos every month make sure to beat the crap out of that like button to show your support as always I'll go to leave my playlist linked to my previous cool tech videos down below if you guys want to check that out I was want to give a huge thanks to for making this video possible and I get asked so many times in the comments section what gear I use to fill my videos and what editing software I use to edit my videos and to be honest I learned them all by myself through online programs and that's where linen calm comes in I learned a lot about editing color grading and even how to use my DSLR from we have a bunch of amazing tutorial videos that can literally teach you anything so if you guys visit slash tech stores you guys can try them out for an entire 10 days and get a limited access to training on hundreds of topics and over 100,000 tutorials you can learn how to edit on practically any software you want get taught on how to create a game or even learn about creating music you name it and they have it honestly though you guys have nothing to lose so definitely check them out at slash tech stores to start your free trial today that's ly ND slash tech source thank you guys so much for watching and i'll see you in the next video
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