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Cool Tech Under $75 - March

what's up guys is that from tech source and welcome to another cool tech episode but this time I'm going to be doing something a little different for the first time ever on the channel you guys get to try out the products I feature in this video for free using this invite-only app called nice and I'll drop a link to it down below and you guys can get your own invite code so most of you guys already know this app is because I featured in my previous videos but for my new subscribers out there nice is basically an app that lets you try out products for free before you buy them and it's really easy how it works you basically log on the app and you scroll through the list of products you find on that you think is pretty cool and you request it they send it to you you try it for five days if you like it you pay for it if not you send it back for free so all the products I mentioned in this video are available through the app nice and you guys can try them out for free for five days so without wasting overtime let's begin so starting up the video we have this really cool Bluetooth game controller from I pega which looks a lot like the Xbox controller you got your colorful XY ba buttons off to the right side the two joysticks and trigger buttons on the bottom you also get some media controls near the right side which you can use to play pause or skip tracks if you listening to music on your device after popping up the middle portion you are greeted by the microUSB port needed to charge the device a power switch along with LED indicators for both the battery life and the game mode that you are using the controller with the telescopic stand can stretch out to even fit the largest of devices up to six inches as far as the sensitivity I gotta say I was impressed with how responsive it is while playing racing games like asphalt 8 I mean there is a little lag present but not enough to take away from enjoying the game it is compatible with both iOS and Android devices but it won't be compatible with every single game as far as first-person shooters you can really notice the lag but again it's not that bad to take away from the experience of the game you just need to get used to it I mean after all you're playing on a smartphone and it's much better than touching the screen with your fingers this next item is probably the coolest power bank out there so not only is it an extremely thin 4000 milliamp hour power bank that fits in your wallet but also comes with a micro USB cable so you don't need to everyone with you it doesn't even stop they're popping off the cable you can find a regular USB port and a lightning adapter to charge Apple devices so this is essentially an all-in-one power bank that's super portable this next item is an interesting case for the iPhone 6 or 6s so comes in two pieces the first part is made out of silicon that protects the phone from inside and the outer piece is a hard shell to protect the phone from drops the buttons are super easy to press and there is nothing blocking the ports and speakers on the bottom but the interesting part is the slider in the back of the case that changes the game it basically acts as a mirror reflection for the camera allowing you to take incognito pictures or video you can pretty much aim your phone at whatever you want to take pictures with while it's flat I can only think of one way that's actually useful and that's if you don't want to be obvious that you're taking pictures or video because of the reflection the image appears upside down which isn't really a big deal since you can always edit and post and flip the image or video over there's also no difference in image quality but I thought I'd included since it's a pretty cool device this next item is a bulb that's it it's it's it's just the ball that lights up and plays freakin music so - all night all jokes aside the sound quality is not bad considering it's coming out of a freaking lightbulb and in terms of how bright it is well let's just say that it's as bright as my regular IKEA bulbs that I have in my storage also you get much cooler temperatures but here's a quick difference between the two bulbs last but not least we have another Bluetooth speaker that lights up it's great to have for bonfires blackouts and even for camping in the front there is a flap which hides the microUSB port needed for charging a microSD card slot and an audio jack in case you don't want to use bluetooth it's an extremely well-built speaker that you can easily take anywhere you want but how does it sound turning face nervously Ernie whiskers it's got a really deep base and gets pretty loud but the best part about trying out speakers before you buy them is that you can actually hear them in person before deciding I mean watching a video and it really doesn't do it justice because of what I'm using to record the sound and also the headphones you guys are using to hear the sound and this is where the app nice shines in so as I said before all of the products featured in this video are available to try out for free for 5 days using the app so make sure you guys click on the link below get your invite code and check them out it's only available for iOS and they actually you have Android coming out really soon that's basically it thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video
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