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Cougar Gaming Gear | Overview

what's up guys it's mtech source and in this video we're gonna be taking a look at some gaming gear from cougar we've got the revenger a premium gaming mouse the bunker a mouse bungee which is actually the first I've used with a suction cup and finally the e mersa a pair of budget headphones so let's kick things off with the Revengers and yes it looks just as badass as it sounds it's light at about 111 grams and here's a quick tour of the mouse it has an ergonomic design for comfortable stretches of use there's two buttons on the left side dpi indicators at the front lights on the back textured rubber for a solid grip and a cable coming off of the left side in total there are four buttons two on the side the DPI control as well as the scroll wheel button the mouse does have a slight hump near the back which is comfortable for palm grippers but this mouse design accommodates four claw and finger tight grip players as well let's move on to the 3360 optical sensors so we have a twelve thousand dpi 1,000 Hertz polling rate and a maximum tracking speed of 250 IPS so what this all translates to is an accurate gaming experience the tracking is smooth and there is no noticeable jitter when panning in game the on-the-fly dpi control was also a nice touch it allowed me to switch the speed in a game depending on character selection so for example if I was using a character that required more precision such as a sniper I would tone the dpi down for a more accurate aim and vice versa moving on to the buttons usually listen on the click sound left and right we have Imran switches and they provide good audible feedback and they're all so tight the other buttons are all so tight so there is no accidental clicks here there is no extra sound when tapping it and no rattle when shaking the mouse around either and overall it just feels very well made on the base there are three large mouse feed which glide really smoothly across any mouse pad in the Cougar software you get a few controls you can change the performance from one hundred to twelve thousand dpi you can reroute the buttons with basic commands record macros and of course change the RGB color a slight detail I noticed here was the gradient it would go through before switching colors this is the first time I've seen this and it's pretty badass overall it's a solid gaming mouse especially at sixty dollars so I use the Revengers with the bunker from cougar as well and before all of this I used to think that mouse bungees were an overhyped gaming accessory but with my time spent with this it's actually pretty useful it's nice not having to worry about the cables being kinked or caught while gaming so what makes the bunker special as the suction cup and unlike other ones this won't move around your desk at all looking around the bunker we see this lever here which controls the suction cup the top is flexible and the bottom is solid plastic it's about 10 centimeters tall and six centimeters wide with no height adjustment but almost all Mouse cables will be compatible with this in conclusion is really nice using the mouse bungee and it might have a place on my main desk I can be moving my mouse around a lot and there will be no issues with cables getting snagged which is really important when it comes to FPS games it's around $20 on Amazon so a bit steep for a mouse bungee but it is a long term investment nevertheless and finally the last product we have from cougar is the immerser their budget headset solution so right after bad I must say that these aren't going to compete with higher priced headsets in terms of audio quality but with a 40 millimeter driver and a noise cancelling microphone the $54 package you get overall is impressive there double microphone is flexible and it's 11 centimeters in length and holds its shape really well here's a quick unedited audio sample the microphone number sir the audios untouched and ordered through audacity I've also tried according to my phone and the sound quality carries over as you can hear there's very little background noise picked up from the microphone as you can hear it's pretty good with very low background noise pick up and this is all achieved without a driver filtering the noise so this quality carries over to when you plug it into your smartphone for example the sound quality of the headset lacks punch in the bass the mids are a bit mushy and the highs aren't there quite either but when I stopped analyzing the sound and just enjoy the experience of gaming and listening to music I didn't notice its shortcoming after all I'm no audio file it's one size fits all with its leather like headband that adjusts when you put it on I use the immerses for long stretches of editing and gaming and there wasn't any discomfort at all the ear cups are well padded for comfort the cable is braided and about two meters long with a main volume control and mute toggle here's a quick audio test on the amount of sound bleed one with the headsets on my head and one with them off so in conclusion these are all solid gaming peripherals for the price if you guys are looking to pick up your next Mouse or headset or even Mouse bungee check these guys out I'll drop a link to them down below but that's pretty much it for the video thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next video
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