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Custom Gaming PC Bundle Giveaway!

so on my Twitter account I posted a tweet stating that if the post reaches over a hundred retweets or a hundred favorites that I'll go ahead and giveaway or e on my $500 gaming PC that I built for July I was so confident that the tweet was not going to make it but somehow magically it did happen so congratulations you guys seriously though I am a man of my word and I will be doing the PC giveaway not only am I going to be giving away the PC but I'm also going to be throwing in some pretty cool stuff the giveaway will also come with a red dragon keyboard mouse and mousepad bundle along with a scent a gaming headset to match the overall theme of this setup I'm also gonna toss in some free games that will come with a PC like GTA 5 battlefield 4 Crysis 3 and a few others but keep in mind that those games are only available offline you can't play those online unfortunately I want to quickly mention that this giveaway is sponsored by the unlocking and I've mentioned it so many times in my past videos but they are the channels main sponsors without them I won't be able to do PC build videos or even the cool tech videos that you guys see on my channel let alone actual PC giveaways they are doing this for you guys because the feedback on the locking videos have been amazing those videos are specifically designed for people that search on how to unlock a specific phone they're not meant for my subscribers so that's why you guys don't have to watch them if you don't but the fact that you do you wash them and you leave comments and likes and stuff like that that really does help them out and helps the channel out immensely and this is kind of their way of showing their appreciation to you guys for being so cool with the unlocking videos so thank you guys so much for that so if the awesome feedback on the locking videos continues like this you guys will definitely see a lot more PC build videos like this in fact we've been talking about doing one for the month of October so there's only keep that up all right so let's move on to the requirements to enter the giveaway so I went ahead and teamed up with the guys at unroll me for this giveaway if you guys receive a bunch of spam and junk emails like I do then you've definitely gotta love this it basically checks your email and displays all of your subscription and gives you options to unsubscribe from them additionally you can move subscriptions that you still want to receive to a roll-up and you will get one single compressed email with all of these subscriptions instead of getting them individually so to enter the giveaway all you guys have to do is sign up using the link down below it's completely free to you guys and it takes less than a minute to sign up and this is a really good way for me to actually keep track on who enters the giveaway also write down in the comments section when one-sentence why you deserve Ori on the gaming PC build and I will be announcing the winner on August 20th on my Twitter and Instagram account so make sure you guys are following there if you want to know who wins that's basically I thank you guys so much for your support because of any questions you guys can reach me on Twitter best of luck to everyone that enters this is at some tech stores I will see you in the next video
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